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top 10 of the second interim result of a popularity vote “The Best Anime 100” on NHK (2017 February)

2017 is the 100th anniversary of Japanese animation.
for the celebration, NHK (public broadcasting station in Japan) will air many special TV and radio programs this year.
for the program, Japanese fans have chosen three from over 10,000 titles of anime produced between the 1910s and the 2010s, and have voted at the website.
the final result will be announced in the TV program on May 3.

1. Tiger & Bunny (➡️ last month: 1)
2. 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Puella Magi Madoka Magica (⬆️ last month: 4)
3. おそ松さん Osomatsusan (➡️ last month: 3)
4. カードキャプターさくら Cardcapter Sakura (⬇️ last month: 2)
5. コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion (➡️ last month: 5)
6. ラブライブ!(第1期) Love Live! the 1st season (➡️ last month: 6)
7. 銀魂 Gintama (⬆️ last month: 10)
8. ジョーカー・ゲーム Joker Game (➡️ last month: 8)
9. ラブライブ!(第2期) Love Live! the 2nd season (➡️ last month: 9)
10.劇場版 Tiger & Bunny the Rising Movie (⬆️ last month: 38)

see top 50 of the first interim result in January #nhk best anime 100

since the last interim result has been announced, many fandams have taken part in the vote.
the final result in May might become completely different from this.

Dean the Action Hero

aka Dean’s Back Against the Wall

aka ranking the season finales by how many times Dean gets thrown into walls (and other shit)


For Week 2 of The Great Meta Scavenger Hunt

Years and years (and years) ago, I realized that Dean gets thrown into walls. A lot. I dubbed this the “Obligatory Dean Wall Slam.” Sam gets choked, and Dean gets tossed. It’s just how the show works.

An alarming percentage of the Dean throws wind up looking like this:

He tends to land either against the wall (or other object) in this position, or he slides to the floor in this position. We shall call this the “traditional” position, because this is the traditional Dean Wall Slam.

But how often does this happen in the season finales, and how severe are the finale throws?

I have put together this HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC scale in order to find out.

Obligatory Dean Wall Slam Scale:

- ACTION: 5 points for the throw itself

- IS IT A WALL: 5 points if it’s an actual wall

- IS IT A TABLE: 3 points if it’s into a table

- POSITION: 5 points if he lands in the traditional semi-fetal position (from our perspective, upper body to the left, lower body to the right)

- DESTRUCTION: 5 points if whatever he’s thrown into breaks

- METHOD: 5 points if he’s thrown telekinetically, and 10 points if he’s thrown physically (or at least appears to have been physically thrown) because a physical throw is a much more rare breed of Dean toss

- LENGTH OF AFTERMATH: 10 points if he stays put after being thrown for longer than 7 seconds

- WHO DUN IT: 15 points if he’s thrown by a family member (current OR future family, possessed or not)

- Additional points awarded on a case by case basis as I see fit because when it comes to Dean getting thrown into shit I am Chuck.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

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Anime Wishlist [Winter 2017]

Here’s my wishlist this season .. 

1. Masamune-kun no Revenge

This is number one pick of this season .. I read some episodes from manga. And it was worth to wait. Just only first episode made me watch it again.

2.  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (KonoSuba Season 2)

3.  Rewrite 2nd Season: Moon-hen / Terra-hen

Originally posted by k-ui

4. Akiba’s Trip The Animation

Originally posted by giftcam

After I watched 1st episode.. and Yes! I want it more !!

5.  Demi-chan wa Kataritai

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6.  Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

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anonymous asked:

Could you recommend some really good post-1st movie episodes? I love the old stuff up to the movie but I stopped watching a long time ago because of the decline in quality after Hillenburg stopping playing such a big role. But I LOVED Sponge Out of Water and want to get back into the show again. What's your fave newer eps?

Thats actually a hard question for me lol. Season 6 as a whole is pretty great imo. Friend or Foe, Atlantis Squarepantis, Banned in Bikini Bottom, Pest of the West, The 2 Faces of Squidward from Season 5. Greasy Buffoons, Kracked Krabs, The Last Stand, One Coarse Meal, Grammas Secret Recipe, Rodeo Daze, The Great Patty Caper, Krusty Dogs, from Season 7. Drive-Thru, Sentimental Sponge, Frozen Face-Off, Walking the Plankton, Plankton’s Good Eye, Bubble Buddy Returns, Restraining Spongebob, Home Sweet Rubble, Face Freeze, Treats, Chum Fricassee from Season 8. Season 9 and 10 are all pretty great as well.

Something that bothers me when people hate on brandon for being jealous of the the relationship between mike and aj is that people need to realize the show has never really showed how broken the relationship between brandon and mike is.

The show has always showed mike making effort with Brandon but people need to realize in the fosters world it’s only been about 6 months (if I remembered that correctly since Callie came)

Making an effort in 6 months doesn’t not make up for 16 years of abandonment and resentfulness of choosing a bottle over choosing his son. Mikes struggles with alcohol plays a big role in their broken relationship but people seem to forget about that because mike overcame it in season 1 which to fans seems like such a long time go BUT ITS REALLY ONLY BEEN 6 MONTHS. Mikes efforts are a stepping stone but it has not solved the whole issue

And yes mike has supported brandon many times especially for a his love of piano but mike literally never gives Brandon that time of day. In the 1st season it was alcoholism in the 2nd it was Dani and Ana and now it’s aj. I don’t support Brandon’s actions in tonight’s episodes but I do understand the need to protect his dad from more damaging situations.

I’m not hating on mike. I’m a huge fan of his character and I love him with both aj and Brandon. But he should have checked in with Brandon when he decided to foster aj. Mike really should be focused on fixing that broken relationship instead of throwing himself into a new one with considering his sons feelings.

People may think I have no clue what I’m talking about but as someone who is 17 with divorced parents I completely relate to Brandon’s struggles. So people really need to chill with the hate on him.


Just to put last night into perspective.

1. Steph Curry tied the record for most 3 pointers in a game, and is now tied for 1st with Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall.

2. He has also scored 40+ points 3 times since returning from the All Star break (6 games). 2 of those games actually being 50+ games.

3. He also broke his own record for most 3 pointers in a season last night with 288..and there is still 24 games left in the season. NOT TO FORGET, this his 3rd time beating his own record.

4. And last but not least, the game winner he beat OKC with last night was measured at just under 40 ft. And they had a time out to call to advance the ball. That is just ridiculous.

I guess the moral of the story is. We are all waching God’s created player in 2K. Straight other world type stuff right here.

#stephcurry #stephcurrywiththeshot #goldenstate #warriors #greatness #history #trophies #history #records #nba #basketball #ballislife #game #winner #ball

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lolwaitwutsrsly  asked:

Hello friend, i am new to your page and i saw your post about your hatred of misha. I am curious as to why you hate him, and why you find Castiel pointless? Long or short answer is fine! Whichever your preference is!

Hello friend.  The post you saw has been updated.

As for why I find Cas pointless, that started in season 6.  In the beginning I actually liked Cas, until he released Sam from the panic room.  Still, he wasn’t pointless and he served a purpose.  In season 5 Cas never owned his part of knowingly starting the Apocalypse (Dean was tortured into breaking the 1st seal and Sam was manipulated his entire life to break the last seal, neither one knew Lilith was the last seal) while blaming the brothers in season 5 for the Apocalypse.  But Castiel did his best to help the Winchester brothers so I was okay with the character until he beat Dean in the alley way (made 1000x worse when destiel shippers romanticized that scene).  Dean was at his lowest and he was literally nearly kicked to death when he was down.  Then season 6 happened and it’s been downhill since.  

Season 6.  Cas never told Dean for 1 year that Sam was hunting with Gramps to capture Alphas for him and Crowley.  When Dean asked in 6.03 who got Sam out of the Cage, Cas lied and said he didn’t know.  Cas did know that something was wrong with Sam but never followed up because he was making deals with Crowley to find purgatory.  By Family Matters, Cas knew that Sam was still trapped in the Cage and still never fessed up that soulless Sam was his doing.  In Caged Heat, Cas discouraged Dean from attempting to rescue Sam from Hell by saying he could go crazy and die……because that’s worse than ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL?  Sam has God’s special pass to go to heaven whenever he died topside so worse case scenario, Sam goes to heaven which is, I dunno, BETTER THAN ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL!  

I asked/begged whole bunch of Cas fans to explain Cas’ actions inCaged Heat and every single one of them said a variation of “writer negligence”.  I don’t want “shitty writing” excuse, I want reasons to why Cas thought Eternal Torture was the better option. Heck, just say he’s the dumbest angel in the garrison or something, which will be brought up later.  

In Man Who Would Be King, Cas patted himself on the back for stopping the Apocalypse, no dumbass, that was the Winchester brothers who did most of the work and suffered 180 years of Hell torture for it.  Cas referred to himself as the Winchester guardians even though he advised Dean to leave Sam in hell for ETERNAL TORTURE.  Obviously I can’t let go of Caged Heat debacle.  And then those warning he gave to Dean about Sam going crazy/dying topside (which again, according to Cas is worse than ETERNAL TORTURE IN HELL) he callously attacked Sam and destroyed the only protection between him and Hell.

Sam has only been kind to Cas (while Cas called him an Abomination even though it was not his fault he was infected with demon blood, just like he called the innocent Nephillian an Abomination) and just to distract Dean, he committed a malicious, violent attack that creates a slow and cruel death on somebody he calls a friend and said he was a guardian of.

Then Cas drank all those purgatory souls, refused to heal Sam because he’s pissed at Dean (once again Sam has nothing to do with Cas’ hissy fit, it was all about Cas being mad at Dean) and go on to murder thousands of humans and angels because he didn’t like their opinions.  Heh, that sounds like our SPN fandom doesn’t it?  You have a different opinion and opposing fans send you anons hate.

Now if Cas properly made amends, maybe I could forgive him.  But Cas didn’t  apologize to Sam, he apologized to Dean.  WTF?  Then he melted into black goo and the next time he reappeared a blank slate, Dean had to use deception because knowing Cas he would run away from the consequence of his actions, which he tried to he realized Sam was dying in a mental institution.  That’s the common theme with Castiel, his sheer lack of accountability.  He knew Lilith was the last seal but blamed the Winchester brothers for the Apocalypse.  He knew something was wrong with soulless Sam and ignored it.  Lied to Dean’s face about who took Sam out of the Cage and then advised him to leave Sam in the Cage.  Threw the Winchester brothers into an alternate world without weapons or knowledge of the new world to be bait for Virgil so Cas can steal the heaven weapons.  Yeah yeah, Cas finally apologized to Sam in Born Again Identity (though Sam was crazy and didn’t hear him) and said he should never have broken his wall.  No shit Sherlock!

Now this is where we’re getting into the pointless territory.

When season 7 Cas took on Sam’s Hell damage to himself, I thought I would be okay with Cas except I wasn’t.  If Cas was still Cas, I would probably move on and either grow to like him again or be indifferent.  But Cas changed dramatically since season 4, he went from being a badass, sassy, didn’t take shit from anyone, powerful, and *gasp* smart to…..a comic relief ….. to the most socially inept angel when every single other angel characters were culturally aware and easily move through human society.  Cas’ cluelessness is exaggerated so much that most of the time he’s on screen, he’s 100% “HOW DO HUMAN WORK”, and I just cringe and groan and get mad again all over again.

Season 8.  If I wasn’t convinced before that Cas is way past his expiration date, I am now.  Castiel attacks one of the Winchester brothers, it must be Tuesday, or Friday, or Wednesday.  Castiel makes a bad decision, again.  Castiel is fooled, again, Castiel believes he is right, again.  The world is in danger of being destroyed/overrun by supernatural beings, again because Castiel fucked up.  And the Winchester brothers will be cleaning up his mess, again.  Sam and Dean may have escaped Mystery Spot, but apparently Castiel hasn’t and we have to suffer through the rerun of Castiel’s non-greatest hits.

Season 9.  Same.  Rinse.  Repeat

Season 10.  The dreaded Claire arc.  

Mini rant time: When Cas blackmailed Jimmy Novak in season 4 into taking him back by threatening to use his daughter for eternity instead, he promised Jimmy that the angels would look after Claire and her mother for the rest of their lives. He then switches sides, rebelling against the angels, which left Claire and her mother to fend for themselves.  And in all the years since he has never once showed one iota of concern for them. Not a sentence that once he took over heaven he set up a protection detail. Not a word about how with tons of angels stuck on earth blaming him for getting evicted that maybe, just maybe those angels might want to go after the Novaks and end their ability to carry a vessel line.  Nothing.  

So anyways, yeah, Claire was brought back in season 10 to give Cas something to do and be honest, does anybody remember what happened?  Does anybody actually care about Claire besides the destihellers?

Season 11.  lol!Casifer.


I know a lot of you already watched the new epsiodes (The Tournament Of Elements Season aka Season 5) on youtube but this seems important. They’re starting to show repeats of the Nindriod Season (season 4) on cartoon network this Sunday, febuary 1st, two epsiodes at 9/8c am, another two at 12/11c, another two at 2/1c pm, another two at 4:30/3:30c pm and a final time at 7/6c pm. Plus the new epsiodes up until episode 44 is on demand. SO IM PRETTY FRICKEN SURE THAT THEY’RE GOING TO SHOW SEASON 5 EPISODES PRETTY SOON AND MAYBE EVEN SEASON 6 (if there is one from the assumption that at the end of ep 44 theres this guy and he’s going to be the new villan) SO YEAH GET EXCITED.

ALSO REBLOG TO LET OTHER NINJAGAINS (or however you pronouce the name of the people in our fandom are) KNOW BY REBLOGGING


  • DAY 1: favourite female character.
  • DAY 2: favourite female friendship/dynamic.
  • DAY 3: favourite friendship group (i.e. Brooke, Haley, Peyton in season 4; Brooke, Haley, Quinn, Alex in season 8 etc).
  • DAY 4: greatest bamf moment(s).
  • DAY 5: favourite female career moment(s).
  • DAY 6: favourite mother/daughter moment(s).
  • DAY 7: free choice.

So much love has been shown for so many of the OTH ladies recently so I thought it would be great to do an appreciation week for them! You can gif, make graphics, text posts, anything you like. Use the tag #othladiesaw and I will be reblogging all the posts from it! It will take place from 26th January - 1st February 2015. Have fun!


To celebrate the return of the second half of season 11 of Bones, we at BonesCenter have decided to come up with the 2016 Bones Challenge to get everyone ready and excited for the premiere on Thursday, April 14th, at 8/7c. This challenge will therefore run the week before the premiere, commencing from Friday, April 1st and concluding on Thursday, April 7th. Days of this challenge are as follows:

  • Day 1 (Friday): Why you love and appreciate Bones
  • Day 2 (Saturday): Favourite character
  • Day 3 (Sunday): First episode you watched, and when
  • Day 4 (Monday): OTP
  • Day 5 (Tuesday): Favourite season(s)
  • Day 6 (Wednesday): Favourite friendship(s)
  • Day 7 (Thursday): Favourite cast moment(s)

In addition to this, there is also a special and optional free day that you can participate in on the 8th Day (Friday, April 8th) where you can then post anything you want!

We would like everyone to participate in this challenge - so all forms of creative outlet are welcome. Gifs, graphics, edits, images, fan fiction (posted on AO3 and/or on or even just text posts - anything goes. There are no rules, all we ask is that you have fun with this challenge and let your imaginations run wild!

The official tag for this week will be #bonesweek2016. Be sure to tag us in your posts if you want us to see them. We sincerely hope that you can participate in this challenge and please spread the word!

I Promise It's Relevant.

Remember a few days ago I said that what Arrow did with Oliver and Felicity in the finale was a really common move by shows?  I was talking with friends this weekend (totally unrelated show) and I suddenly realized it was the perfect example.

If you’ve ever seen The Mentalist, you’ll totally know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, here goes.  These are not spoilers as the events I’m about to talk about were Season 4 (Mentalist just wrapped up Season 6 last night, but I’ll get to that later). 

These are really quick clips, maybe 1 minute a piece, but they come from Season 4, episode 24.  I think you’ll see what I’m getting at.

Watch 1st: Jane & Lisbon - Good Luck, Teresa

Watch 2nd: Jane & Lisbon - What Did You Mean?

Seriously, right?  Now that was Season 4’s finale (2012).  They didn’t bring that up at all again that I remember in the rest of the seasons, but that “awareness” was always there for them and for the audience, who still had that “What did he mean?” question burning a hole in the back of their brain from there on out.

Okay now we’re getting spoileryIf you haven’t seen last night’s Mentalist Season 6 finale and don’t want to get spoiled?  Turn back now and come read the rest after you’re done watching it.

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Since the new year is just around the corner, what way to start it than with a fantastic Spoby fanclub activity! We are bringing to you the first official activity of 2014, THE SPOBY APPRECIATION WEEK 2014, which will start on the 1st of January and lead up to the 7th, which is when our beloved couple will be back on screen. ;)

So lets not waste time and get to the details :D

Day 1 [1st January] : Best Spoby moment from season 1

Day 2 [2nd January] : Best Spoby moment from season 2

Day 3 [3rd January] : Best Spoby moment from season 3

Day 4 [4th January] : Best Spoby moment from season 4

Day 5 [5th January] : Best Spoby moment which you love for Toby

Day 6 [6th January] : Best Spoby moment which you love for Spencer

Day 7 [7th January] : Free Choice

The official tag is staw2014. Everything posted on that tag will be reblogged onto this blog.

lana-del-queer  asked:

The black AHS logo with the red 6 and the question mark was released on June. June is 6th month of the year. This season is number 6. So 6-6-6. The devil... Satan. Ryan confirmed that the clue for the 6th season was in the 1st season. In the 1st, Vivian had that devil baby. At the end of the season, the kid was smiling and had blood on his face from killing the nanny and that's how it ended as I'm sure you remember. Ryan confirmed that the 6th season has children. BOOM. Connections

😏 Yes all those connections are true and I’ve been thinking that that we’d see things associated with the devil this season.