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Bob Morley Set Interview Rundown!
  • Bob shared that Bellamy will carry those demons from the culling and so forth, for a while
  • Bob said his and Kane’s relationship will grow!!! they’re like father and son in real life
  • Bob doesn’t think Bellamy is upset that pike was killed by O
  • He also said that he’s “on the fence” about whether or not Pike was a bad influence on Bellamy
  • Bellamy is concerned for O, not mad, about the murder of pike
  • Bob said, “the obvious person who has lead us for so long, outside of the whole uh whatever you- whatever position bestowed upon of you, is Clarke in a way”
  • He said that Bellamy is an interesting character this season and “he bounces back and forth everyday” on the spectrum of wanting to live and wanting to make a “bucket list”
  • Bellamy is like a metronome which is “fun, but challenging”
  • Bob also said Bellamy and Roan are very similar!!
  • Zack and Bob are actually good friends in real life he shared
  • “Not all clans get along”
  • Everyone “pleads the chip” when Bob mentions they did something wrong
  • He chuckled and said that he “wished Bellamy was on the chip, so I could get away with everything”
  • You’ll see the emotional toll that ALIE left on people
  • Bellamy and Clarke teaming up at the end of season 3, is “indicative” of where Season 4 picks up
  • Bob said, “They’ll go on their own journeys, they have their own issues they have to deal with. And demons they have to fight.”
  • Everything is “short lived on the show”
  • Bob thinks it’s great that fans are “passionate” about the show
  • He also said that no one pushes “a romantic” dynamic on him and Eliza
  • Him and Eliza have no say in what their characters say/do - it’s up to Jason and the writers
  • “If people want to “ship” it, they’re passionate about it - that’s great.” 
  • Bellamy’s relationship with Luna is a “work in progress”
  • Bob loves working with Richard
  • Bellamy and Murphy will cross paths, but won’t “bury the hatchet”
  • Bellamy’s M.O. is different from Murphy’s
  • Bob would like to see Bellamy and O’s relationship develop, doesn’t like their back and forth dynamic
  • Bellamy realized that O doesn’t need Bellamy’s advice anymore
  • But their relationship will grow and heal, just take time
  • Some clans we will get a good look at, not all are bad
  • Bob said that “everyone dies” when he has a love life with them
  • Also shared that Bellamy will maybe go away from a love life
  • “Love life? I don’t really know. Is it really worth starting a love life with 6 months to go?”
  • Bob feels sorry for Bellamy, because he know he needs love
  • Bellamy is “full of angst and sadness”
  • For Bellamy to “even open up to other people is hard”
  • Bellamy “struggles to open up to his sister”
  • But Bellamy’s relationship with Clarke is one “where he can be open with her and be vulnerable which doesn’t - he - there’s not many people he was like that with”
  • “There’s a side of Bellamy that she brings out, that doesn’t really come out with anyone else”

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How would the boys react if they accidentally hurt/hit their s/o while in battle ?

Oh jesus more feels okay here we goooo

Noctis - Holy shit the poor baby he would kinda black out for a couple seconds as soon as it happened, because DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN??? The minute he realizes what’s going on, forget whatever he was fighting because he’ll make a bee line for his s/o with a million and one questions as well as apologies. Then he’ll scoop them up and carry them away to Ignis to make sure they’re okay. Afterwards, he’d make sure his s/o stays in bed and gets plenty of rest. His s/o will have to expect millions of kisses and hugs (even in front of the guys ahhh my heart) so they’d know just how bad he felt. He’d probably want his s/o to step back from fighting for a while, which they’d understand 100%.

Prompto - Oh lord my heart our little sunshine chocobo would start crying because he just hurt the person he loves the most in this world. He’d sprint over to his s/o, and look them over to make sure they’re okay. Like Noct, he’d take them to Ignis immediately just to make sure. Later he’d write his s/o a card saying how sorry he is and that he loves them very, very much oww my heart. He’d be much more protective of them than usual, and would rarely let them out of his sight. Every chance he’d get he’d say “I love you” as well, just to remind them. When his s/o got well enough to fight again, he’d be a little reluctant but he’d understand that things like that happen.

Gladio - Surprisingly, I feel like Gladdy would tear up as soon as he saw his s/o hit the ground. He wouldn’t cry like Prompto, but his eyes would definitely be glassy. Then he’d pick them up and run to someplace safe to see just how hurt they were. Honestly I feel like he’d be a rambling mess, but only because he’s the one who injured his s/o. He’d feel really guilty for awhile, like he should’ve been more careful or this wouldn’t have happened. Ignis would have to remind him over and over that his s/o would be okay but it wouldn’t be until his s/o gained enough strength to get out of bed and hug him that he’d feel better. He’d kiss them gently and tell them how sorry he is, but his s/o would just hush him and hold onto him for awhile. As far as going back into battle goes, Gladio would be a lot more careful from then on and make sure he knows exactly where his s/o is before he strikes.

Ignis - Out of the 4 of them, he’d be the most collected and level-headed about the whole situation. Of course he’d still feel really bad, but him and his s/o would both know something like this was bound to happen. That’s just how battle is. When he sees his s/o is hurt, he’ll quickly run them to the Regalia and lay them in the backseat. He’ll lean over and kiss them on the forehead, whispering “I’m so sorry, love.” On the way back to camp, Ignis would tell Noct to drive while he held his s/o tightly and ran his hand through their hair. Like Prompto, he’d keep an especially close eye on them afterwards, more so when they’re supposed to be resting. You best believe he’d make his s/o all their favorite food too, he’d spoil them rotten. He’d be okay with his s/o going back into battle once they’re healthy again, but he’d be a bit worried about having another accident.

Ahhhh this took around a half hour to write, I hope you guys like it :) -Admin Mary

Remember when you made fun of that kid in grade school for wetting the bed? You probably shouldn’t have done that. I would apologize, change your name or leave the country. The reason is, psychologists suggest something called the Macdonald triangle, that there are three main characteristics of people who grow up to become killers: arson, cruelty to animals and bed-wetting. If you’ve got two or more, (in Jeff Foxworthy’s voice) chances are you might be a serial killer.

THIS WEEK: For another round of creepy solved and unsolved murders, we’ve invited back to the podcast America’s foremost experts on the subject, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark from ‘My Favorite Murder’. They join Jack O'Brien and Daniel O'Brien to talk about Daniel’s two hometown serial killers with a strange connection, two district attorneys who suffered mysterious ends, the unsolved murder of three girl scouts, and the murderer who buried his “kill kits” in the woods.

Telltale Signs You Might Be A Murderer​

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So I'm working on a cosplay based on your deadlock Mccree and I just wanted to know if you think his current gun is different from his old one

Oh dude that’s awesome! Sorry if this is a late reply btw - I’m terrible at answering things :O

As for his gun, that’s up to interpretation really– In my opinion it’d prolly be the same one but I know a lot of people like the idea that he got his peacekeeper in Overwatch. I’d say go with whatever you prefer :D

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The boys s/o was in combat with them, Noctis was about to get hit from behind but so was the their s/o. The boys decide to protect Noctis first since he is the prince. S/o was injured but not badly. How do the boys react and make it up to their s/o?

This might not be what you wanted, but I always try to write them as realistically as possible and this is how I see it going down. I haven’t been very active lately so sorry about that. Hopefully I can update a bit more this week.

Noctis: The moment he realizes one of the other boys helped him instead of their s/o He’d feel terrible and would only see his status as the Prince even more burdening than he already does. After the incident he’d pull the guy aside and tell them he appreciated it but if it happens again to help their s/o because they should be their main concern. He would understand that because he’s the Prince stuff like this would happen, but this is one thing he’d hate and would pay even more attention during battle to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Prompto: I honestly can’t see him doing something like this, Noct is his closest friend but he also knows two other people are looking out for him, the only way he’d do this is if someone was close enough to help his s/o or if Noct was literally about to get a blow big enough to kill him and his s/o was only going to get a small blow. If the latter did happen he’d pamper the fuck out of his lover and apologize over and over, and make sure they’re given medical attention as soon as possible. He would probably cry about it because he would feel so guilty, but his lover would know that if he didn’t do what he did Noct would have been dead, and they’d remind him of that to calm him down and show they weren’t angry.

Gladio: He would be very tormented after choosing because he knows his job as the prince’s shield is exactly as it sounds, to shield the Prince so as he moves to save the Prince only to see as his lover get hit, releasing a pained scream he would feel dread spread through his body. Prompto and iggy would be the ones to run to them first to give medical attention before Gladio runs after them. Falling to his knees he’d apologize while cursing the gods for the position he was put in and for a while after he might even curse his destiny as the royal shield. While it might take time for his lover to forgive him they wouldn’t hate him because they knew his job was to protect Noct and that it would always be that. Iggy: it wouldn’t happen because his job is literally to observe and react, he’s been groomed for this sort of situation. The moment he sees both Noct and his lover about to get hit he either yells at Gladio and Prompto to cover Noct while he covers his s/o or yells at someone close to his lover to cover them while he helps the Prince. If neither is possible then he’d throw a spell out in the direction of Noct to shock the enemy and allow him time to escape while he protected his lover. Iggy is simply too prepared and quick on his feet because he was raised to be exactly that.

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So, what do you think the 2P Allies (and 2p Canada maybe?) Wouldn't of their usually sweet and quiet S/O starters going OFF on somebody because they made fun of the 2P?

2p America: First is super shocked, but like not even a second like he’s smiling with this shitty smug look on his face. He’s so proud, probably just fell even more head over heals for them.
2p Canada: Probably didn’t even know that someone was talking about him until he heard his s/o just start going off. He wouldn’t know what to do but would feel really appreciated.
2p France: He’s just standing behind them staring at whoever was talking shit jus smirking like a big shot. He’d be just a little taken back from his quiet s/o just literally dragging this person through the ground without hesitation.
2p England: Might even be a little embarrassed by their outburst, but feels really appreciative about them instantly getting so ticked off about someone taking about himself. It honestly flatters him dearly.
2p Russia: Like Oliver is a little embarrassed about the outburst, but still knows it comes from their heart. His eyes might be size of dinner plates from them going from shy to just so outgoing. Honestly baffled from the sudden change.
2p China: Is probably going off with them. Then would probably call it a romantic couple moment screaming at someone. Before the screaming, he’d take a moment to just appreciate that when that situation would come they wouldn’t just be all silent and listen to everything someone says. Hell, he’ll love them way more. He’s smitten

Mamo Blog - 2017.01.23 (Eng. Translation)

Handshaking Bonus♪

Held in Nagoya and Osaka,

Bonus photos from the time at the handshaking event☆


Please prepare yourself…

It was magnificent…

What appears from here…

It will be completely of food(lol)

During break time at the Nagoya venue prepared for me was,

These delicious looking, onigiri with shrimp tempura filling-chan (o^^o)

I ate it together with Koitsu-chan☆(lol)

This, is cute isn’t it!!!(>_<)☆(lol)

And, on that day,

After finishing the handshaking meeting safely,

Travelled to Osaka, and stayed the night♪

That night’s dinner…

In Osaka…

Mamo-chan, obtained volumes, of delicious meat(*≧∀≦*)☆☆☆


So marvelous that it may be the last time that something seems so seriously delicioussーーーーーー!!!!!!

Burn iーーーt!!!

Burn burn burn iーーーt!!!!!!(>_<)☆

And then,

You’ll become musculaーーーーーr!!!!!!!(>_<)(lol)

It was a wonderful night in Osaka♪

On the next day,

During break time at the Osaka venue prepared for me was,

Very stylish,

Subdivisions of takoyaki☆

Light and rich,

There were a variety of things I was able to enjoy, I was happyy~~~☆


Osaka’s handshaking event ended safely…

On the way back…while waiting…

Gathered a large quantity of Osaka souvenirs☆(lol)


I was so fulll~~~☆

It was deliciouss~~~☆

And with all that said…,

Today’s blog being full of magnificent food,

For today, please excuse me(^^;;(lol)

Missing one story from Slow Days volume.

Thanks to Lint for telling me about it.

Seems like the Slow Days volume isn’t fully scanlated yet. We did our part and there are others done by other groups but there’s still one more story that hasn’t been scanlated yet. I checked my copy of the book and this unscanlated one-shot is called, “Ano Hakoniwa.” I think it’s about two highschool guys smoking in the school veranda o-o

Welp, I’ll scan the chapter when my computer is alive and well. Right now, it’s unavailable for me to use it. Apparently the problem is with my SSD drive =\ It couldn’t be detected anymore #feelsbadman #toomuchusagehaha

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Could I have headcanons of being with Otabek and Yuri in a polyamorous relationship and their s/o is really cuddly and much taller than them? Btw, I really love your blog~!

-The cuddly times are full of blushing

-Both from Otabek and Yuri

-Otabek’s blush is more of a happy blush

-Yuri’s is just plain embarrassment

-Honestly, it’s not so weird s/o’s taller than both of them

-Yuri’s still salty about it, though

-Beka just finds it fascinating

-The relationship is built on mutual support and trust

-And on Yuri’s eyes of a soldier

-Honestly, s/o’s pretty much the only reason why they even have cuddles in the first place

I kind of just got asked out by a sweet girl from school to grab a coffee some day. She’s tiny and nerdy and writes really thrilling stories and she looks hella cute and is waaaaaay out of my league. She’s the “business fitness” type of girl. We talk during class and she’s really nice.

I got biology and english class with her and she’s super talented and funny. What the hell does she want from me o.o

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Hi, senpai me again lol would you pleeeeeease take my request of a scenario of Sekizan, zanba, Sumiaki, and Ebumi playing tag with their s/o?

Sure! No problem!


Their S/O laughed as they bobbed and weaved through the playground dodging Sekizan’s attempts to catch them. Sekizan was smiling, happy to see his S/O having so much fun. Also this wasn’t that bad of a work out for him. But Sekizan was not one to be defeated so easily, he cut off his S/O from the way they were running and pulled them into an embrace. “Heh, your faster than you look..” Sekizan panted lightly as he pecked his S/O’s cheek and held there hand.


Zanba smirked as he watched his S/O in amusement as they squeaked in surprise and run the opposite direction from him. “You really think you can get away from me babe?” He chuckled as he ran up behind them and picked them up. They gasped in surprise before pouting at him, Zanba only smiled in amusement at them. As he held them close he kisses them deeply, when he pulled away he mused in their ear “Your can’t run away anymore.”

“A-Ah! Are you alright?!” Sumiaki called out to his S/O who sat on a tree branch high up. For some reason they decided that this would be the only place out of Sumiaki’s reach and therefore the best place to avoid being tagged. Oh but how wrong they were, they didn’t know how to get down. “C-Catch you?! Um okay, but be careful!” Sumiaki was unsure about their suggestion but decided to go with it. He held his arms and they jumped down causing them to both topple over. “O-Ow, are you oka-” Sumiaki froze when he realized that his S/O was currently straddling him and just a few inches from his face. Poor Sumiaki was as red as a Tomato and this made their S/O chuckle. Slowly they closed the gap between them leading him into a deep kiss. As Sumiaki closed his eyes and began to kiss back their S/O jumped up and started running away laughing. Sumiaki who’s face was flushed got up and ran after them “H-Hey! That was cheating!”


“Alright I’ll give you a ten second head start” Ebumi smirked as he watched his S/O run away. ‘Too easy..’ he thought to himself as the ten seconds ran passed. As they were running their S/O felt as though they were being hunted by a predator. Then they realized they were as they heard the sound of feet rapidly stomping draw closer. “Your too slow!” Ebumi laughed as he jumped and tackled them. Ebumi straddled his S/O with his hands on each side of their head, pinning them to the ground. “So, what’s my prize?” Ebumi smirked as he pulled his S/O in for a kiss.

~Mod Mochi

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Hi again I'm the anon who asked for a scenario of chuya singing to his s/o and I didn't refresh your blog so I didn't read that thing about the scenarios.. I didn't know xD if you don't mind to write some hc... I'd be so happy I live for singer!chuya

*any linked songs are from his VA Taniyama-kun ♥

Singer!Chuuya Nakahara

  • His voice is so passionate, it make you melt instantly. When you’re feeling down, his singing voice will cheer you up
  • when his s/o asks him to sing for them that they can sleep, he will sing something like this
  • he always puts much effort to express his feelings when he singing, so his voice is powerful aswell as the melody of the song itself
  • Chuuya also can voice confessions with his songs. For example his passion for you or that he will make you his
  • he loves to sing, but he dislikes audience actually.
  • actually he would love if his s/o can sing aswell to have duets and listen to their voice