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Everything is black and white until you meet/touch your soulmate AU
  • ‘I’m too distracted by the bright blue sky to notice who just bumped into me’ AU 
  • ‘The florist showed me some red roses and wow is red really so pretty?” AU
  • ‘This taxi driver just opened the door of his taxi for me and wow its a pink car’ AU
  • ‘I’m so sorry I bumped into you but whoa your eyes are a beautiful color, whoa I can see colours now?’ AU
  • ‘Someone sat across from me in the library and suddenly my book has a green cover’ AU
  • ‘The new student at college just handed me a red pencil’ AU
  • ‘My work colleague is telling me what colours look like because I can’t see then but then you just walked in and now I get why they’re describing them like that’ AU
  • ‘Oh great you’ve brought colour into my life. No offence but I don’t want a soulmate’ AU
Cool, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous singer who covers a Hamilton song at one of her concerts.

Words: 1203

Author’s Note: What? Another fic? Amazing. BTW I wrote literally all of this at work. Somebody stop me.

Warnings: Cursing. I just can’t stop myself.

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For you, the impromptu little concerts were always your favorite to perform in. While the thrill of singing to a gigantic, sold out crowd was irreplaceable, there was just something special about an intimate little venue.

You always made this well aware to your publicist, and she did her best to squeeze in these little performances whenever she could. That’s how you found yourself at Joe’s Pub at the Public.

Halfway through your set, to a crowded bar of no more than one hundred people, you took a seat on the provided stool.

“It’s very hard to be here in the room where it happens-” This was met with a thunderous applause.

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Cisco’s lab part one

“ Hey bear what‘s up?” Barry had called iris to ask her about her project she was doing for her new assignment at work.

“ Hey, babe, I miss you”

Iris frowned. “ I miss you too… is everything alright?”

“Yeah, meet me at star labs asap”

Iris was about to ask more question when the phone hung up. Soon she rushed to star labs.


“hey babe!” Barry cheerfully kisses iris as he grinned. 

“What’s going on?” Iris asked. 

Barry smiled, then quickly ran all around star labs, and came back. 

“For once, we have this whole place to our self!” he said. 

“ Oh, that’s wonderful, and what are you saying, Mr. Allen?”

“I have always wanted to do somethings in here with just you, without HR, or cisco, or anyone else interrupting us, you know?”

“Yeah, I know” iris walked closer, to him and placed her arms around him. 

“ And I have always wanted to do some very naughty things to you here” barry said as his hands slid down to her waist. 

“ Oh really?” iris said breathlessly. 

“ Yeah, I wanna make you scream my name so loud iris” barry said as he kissed her neck. 

“ Oh..” iris began to blush. 

“ Iris, I want to do something very hot with you”

Iris smiled, and kissed him. “ what other things are you gonna do?”

“First, I am going to make you shake to your knees” he said, as he began to softly vibrate his length pressing it towards her hips. 

“what else?” iris said, already feeling the effects of Barry Allen. 

“ then, I am gonna take us somewhere dark. and fuck you so good” Barry said as he kissed her neck more deeply. 

“W-what else?”

“Then, I am going to make you cum for me so many times you will forget what it was like to not cum” he said lifting her legs up as he sped them to some random dark corner he found. 

“Shit barry” iris said, as she was surprised how fast he was in her. 

“ How good do you feel iris?”

“ you feel, I feel, oh god”

Barry stopped, as he slowed his pace in her, “ tell me now”.

“ fuck barry, you feel amazing”

“ good girl” he said as he went faster. 

“Barry” she moaned. barry took that as a queue to vibrate, causing a quick moan from her. 

“ Oh fuck iris”


Cisco’s ‘  intruder alert’ went OFF THE CHARTs. Since defeating savy, he made sure to add lots of security to star labs. 

“What the hell?” he said. “ there is no one in there, oh shit, invisible man!” 

Cisco called Julian and wally, to help him. Wally tagged joe along just in case. 


“ Ahhhhh!” iris moaned. her o face making him shiver. 

“fuck iris, your a bit of a screamer” barry teased. Iris somehow managed to slap his arm, as they laughed and moaned. 

“ Barry I am so close”

“Me, fuck…too”


“so you said there is a invisible man in your lab cisco?” joe asked.

“Yes, and speedster that is invisible!”

“That sounds like something off the game halo…” wally added. 

“ so what are we gonna do?” Julian asked. 

“Go in!” cisco looked at the door of his lab, and slowly walked in. 

Barry slowly kissed her breast. “ Fuck you are amazing” 

“ oh bear, I…oh shit” Iris slowly looked out the closet door as barry reentered her. 

“ Barry! BARRY!”

“ what? want me to go faster babe?”


“ oh shit”

“ Who the hell is there? and what the fuck is that smell?” Cisco said. 

Cisco’s mind went to the worst thoughts when he said underwear. 

“ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” he yelled. causing the others to barge in. 

“ Fuck!” iris said. 

Cisco began to freak out as he left the room. “ I am so done, you guys are cleaning your mess, with bleach, what the hell man? you know what? I… damn, I am out of here, I shall make a gun that detects unreal invisible speedsters, bye yall!” 

“ who the hell is there?” 

Barry quickly dressed him and iris up, and opened the door, when he noticed his speed was not working. 

“ shit” the two said. 

“ GUYS I POWERED THE GUN THAT STOPS SPEEDSTERS!-” wally stopped running and  talking as he noticed the scene in front of him. 

“so that’s why I cant speed us out…” Barry said. 

“ Hi.. dad”

“ I think you two need  a long overdue talk” joe said…

London’s Calling

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Chapter Four: Time Difference

Word Count: 1623

☏ ☏ ☏ ☏

“Wake up, Riley,” Cory gently shakes his daughter. 

“But it’s so early,” Riley groans, pulling the blanket over her face. 

“It’s the afternoon, honey,” Cory chuckles, “You have to get up or this jet lag will last longer than it has to." 

Riley throws her blanket down in shock, "The afternoon?!" 

“It’s just after two,” Cory is amused at his confused daughter. 

“How could you let me sleep so long?” Riley gasps frantically reaching for her phone. 

“Riley, you were exhausted,” Cory frowns but Riley’s already too distracted with the dozens of messages from her friends she received during her slumber. Cory sighs heavily and stands up from where he sat at her hip. "Don’t be too long, Riley. Get changed so we can go sightseeing." 

Riley nods and quickly gets ready, as lousy as being ripped away from her friends was, she was quietly excited to see London. Riley exits the room in which she sleeps and goes out into the living space of the hotel. Cory and Auggie are sitting on the floral sofa waiting for Riley. 

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divadonadance1  asked:

68, 71, 89 and 91!! I saw these asks and was curious to ask! :)

(68) What Shampoo And Conditioner Are You Using Right Now?
It’s shampoo from Syoss. It keep changing though. I usually don’t stick to one brand. I’m not using conditioner.
(71)  Whats The Next Movie You Want To See In Theaters?
I honestly don’t know.
(89) Tell Me About A Dream That You Had And When It Happened.
Every dream that i had lately is about the toilet. I’m either using it and somebody coming in, looking for it, waiting in a long queue or finding dirty one. Last one i had a week ago. I was dreaming about something last night but i don’t remember what it was. Probably toilet :D
(91) What Sounds Are Your Favourite?
I love the sound of a thunder, rain, purring cat, electric guitar, drums, violin, birds, crickets, frogs. There’s probably more but nothing coming to my head right now.

Thank you for asking ❤️



“What?” You nearly whispered.
“I’m in love with you, every single thing about you, y/n” Newt repeated.
You shifted in your cot and moaned with pain. Newt helped you and fluffed your pillows.
“You’re being awfully quite after someone just confessed their un-dividing love and affection for you,” he tried to make light heart of the awkward moment.
“Newt, I like you I really do….”
“Like?……I understand,” he started to get up.
“No, it’s not like that!” You grabbed his hand with all the strength you could muster and ushered him to sit back down. “Newt, I’m sick-”
“But you’re going to get better,” he added.
“Well yes, but I’m going through the changing, I’m not going to be the same.”
“That doesn’t matter to me, I’ll learn to love the new parts of you.”
“No, Newt. I just don’t want you to get h-” you jerked. It was happening again. Pain coursed through every vein and suddenly submerged you in. You let out a blood curdling scream as the horrible memories of an eerie lab and distant cries of kids came rushing across your mind like your own personal horror movie. Newt stumbled out of the room, only to run into the help he was trying to find.
“MAKE IT STOOOOPPPP!” You cried feverishly.
“Someone sedate her!” A fuzzy voice barked. The last thing you saw was Newt coming at you with a needle, and then everything went black.


“Good morning beautiful,” Newt slowly came into view holding a tray of pancakes before you.
“What- what happened last night?” You sat up groggily.
“Never mind that, eat up!” He fed you a piece of the soft, warm treat.
“Newt,” you sighed after a swallow, you scanned the room. It looked different since last time. It exuded an eerie vibe that sent shiver down your spine.
“Cold love? Here you go,” Newt tucked a blanket around you, not helping at all. The drapes were shut and the light was dim. The air was stale and made it tougher to breath.
“What’s going on?” You turned to see a small vase exploding with a variety of flowers, mainly roses.
“I came and brought you one for everyday you were out,” he placed the eating utensil down and sighed, knowing you deserved answers.
“What?! There has to be forty roses in there!!”
“I know, calm down, it’s going to be alright,” he soothed you, noticing your terrified expression. “You didn’t react correctly to the serum, and…and you went into a coma.”
“I what?!”
“Y/N, calm down. They said you should be fine now, they switched your dosages and mixed in some other medications. But we honestly don’t know how this will over all affect you…”
“What do you mean ‘over all affect me’? Am I going to go crazy, become confined to this bed, die?! What is it?!”
“W-we don’t know, I’m not going to sugar coat it. You deserve to know.”
There was an awkward silence. “Y/N, whatever happens, I want you to know I’m going to be here, with you, every step of the way.”
“Newt, you…”
“No, I’m not doing this to win you over or prove myself or any of that stuff. I want to make you’re better again. So I can daydream as I see you working across the Glade, so I can see that gorgeous, stunning smile of yours that shuck, I can’t get enough of, so there’s a fire in those lovely eyes again, so my y/n is back.”
“Newt, I kept having dreams. I don’t know, you were in a lot of them…and you were suffering. I can’t tell you how excruciating it was to endure it, hearing your pleas for mercy. And you know before, I used to be scared about the future, but now it’s the past that haunts me. I realize now that I’ve been passing up so many opportunities because I’ve been running from the wrong things. What I’m trying to say is basically that, I love you too, you shuck face!” He beamed and leaned down to give you a peck on the forehead.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been dying to hear that for, love.”

the soul tattoo - four

pairing: Luke/Reader (Y/N)
rating: PG (there’s some swearing)
requested: nah

word count: idfk I wrote this on my phone

summary: If one day you woke up with a random tattoo on your body, you were destined to meet your soulmate soon. When (Y/N) finally gets her soul tattoo, she’s in for a shock when she finds out who her soulmate is. 

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(Luke’s POV)

Everything about her was perfect. The second my eyes laid upon her, I knew she was beautiful. She was just standing there on the doorstep, looking so.. perfect. She was gorgeous with her small smile and twinkling green eyes. She was just the perfect height for me too. Not too short, and not too tall either. You could say she was kinda hot.

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Preference #369: Home

Niall: Once upon a time you and Niall were almost everything to each other. You were moments away from falling head over heels. Everything felt right to you, but Niall had his doubts. Little things got into his mind, and before you could fall any further, he told you goodbye. “You know what I never understood,” Louis told him one day, as the two of them sat waiting for a photoshoot to begin. Liam and Harry were still getting ready. “What?” “Why you and [Y/N] didn’t work. Weren’t you crazy about her?” Niall did not expect those words to fall from Louis’ mouth. He was completely stunned. He thought of you too often though, to not have a full reply prepared, “So many nights I thought it over. Told myself I kind of liked her, but there was something missing in her eyes. Or that’s what i told myself back then.” “Something missing?” Louis was the one to feel confusion now, “What does that even mean? [Y/N] was so in love with you. Whatever you think you saw, or didn’t see, she was devastated when you dumped her.” Niall did not want to hear that. Not now, after all this time had passed. “It doesn’t really matter now, does it?” “With [Y/N]? I think it could. You should call her, if you really were just worried about her feelings towards you.” Niall shook his head, “I can’t. What am I supposed to do, just call her up and say ‘I miss you. I wanna wake up and see your face, and remember how good it was.’ I messed up, and she won’t take me back.” Niall was convinced of that, but Louis refused to believe it, “No, you’re wrong. Be honest with her, and I think you’d be surprised.”

Harry: Love was never something that came easily to you. You felt like every time it was right within your reach, something messed it up. Just when you thought that maybe this time it was right, it would fall apart. You never expected to fall for a man who had suffered the same pain. You never imagined the person whom your heart would finally be filled with joy over, would be someone who had also never experienced love in the way others described it. Every word he spoke, about his search for someone special before you, felt like words you yourself would say. “I was stumbling, looking in the dark with an empty heart, but you say you feel the same. You completely understand the lost feeling I had before, and how different it feels like. I never thought one person could change everything, but here you are.” Harry paused his speech for a moment, to look into your eyes. The eyes you could not take off of him, as he said all of these beautiful words. Half a minute passed before he began speaking once more,  “And now that I have you, I realize I don’t need more than just one person. I don’t have to wonder if we could be enough. We could be enough. I know we’re enough. You’re what I’ve been searching for, and I feel comfort in knowing you feel the same for me.” “I do,” you replied, finally feeling it was okay to talk over him. You had not wanted to interrupt his speech before now. “I feel exactly the same. I’d give my own speech, but it would just yours repeated right back to you.”

Louis: You did not want Louis to know of your feelings for him. He was not the type of guy you could truly picture yourself with, so what was the point in letting him know he’d gotten to you? You turned away before a blush covered your face anytime he spoke. You kept your eyes off of him as often as you could, in hopes to not allow any part of his mind to know of your feelings. As hard as you tried to hide it though, Louis noticed the little things. “You know you can try to turn your head every time I speak, but it doesn’t do well to hide your face. I see the smile as it starts to creep in.” As if on queue a smile began to take over your face, and in an instant you looked away from him. “I just saw it again. It was there. I saw it in your eyes, even before your lips began to form into a smile. Why do you feel the need to hide it from me?” Your immediate reaction was to lie. To tell him he was seeing things. You opened your mouth to do so, and realized it was pointless now. He could see through your act. Why put more effort into keeping it up. “Because this is not what I planned for. I did not plan to fall for someone who will have to leave for months at a time, or to have these stupid feelings for a popstar.” There was no denying being with Louis was not what most girls would truly want, despite what millions dreamed of. “I know it’s not ideal, but why fight it? Does it really make things better?” “No, it doesn’t. You just have to know I’m still going to have a guard up, even if i let you in a little.” Louis saw nothing wrong with that, “That’s fine. One day I’ll win your trust enough for that wall to come crashing down.”

Liam: Moving from one country to another was the biggest leap of faith you had ever taken. You trusted Liam enough to do so, but that did not mean it was an easy task for you. Your heart ached, as you thought of the home you left behind. You missed everything about the place you felt you most belonged. “What if I never quite get accustomed to being here?” You wondered aloud, as Liam placed the last box of your belongings down in the home you now shared. “You will with time.” “And if I don’t? What I miss home, and everyone there too much? I’m afraid to feel lonely in this big city,” you admitted, needing to hear some sort of comforting words from your boyfriend. Something to make you feel more secure in your choice to be here with only him. “I promise you’ll never feel like you’re alone. I’ll make this feel like home. You won’t think of back there as home anymore, but here will be that from now on.” You longed for that day. You truly did. You wanted to feel like moving here was the right choice, and that you would not look back on today and regret every single decision you made. Liam saw the worry still obvious in your eyes, and grabbed your hands, “[Y/N], I promise you I will do everything I can to make sure you know how much you belong here. No matter what we’ll have each other, and if you’re ever feeling lost, I’ll find the way and I’ll be your light. Just like you’ve always been mine.”

character letter - akashi seijuuro

in which things were not meant to be

My Dearest (f/n),

Just so you know, I still love you.

Remember that day when we planned our whole future together? Whenever I think about it now, I couldn’t help but smile. It really seemed like we were so sure of ourselves. Everything sounded so flawless, so perfect. Until now I’m still asking what made things go wrong.

But all good things in our lives have to end, I guess. Our relationship just snapped like a twig the moment I realize how much pressure I was providing to you. I’m sorry for making you adjust to every single thing my father has planned for me. It was so selfish of me to let you do that. I’m sorry if you had to go to the university my father told me to attend just because I was stubborn about having you by my side. I realized how much freedom you were deprived from, how much sacrifice you did just to be with me. I am deeply sorry for putting everything to waste. I will forever carry the burden of feeling guilty about taking you for granted.

Forget about those stupid plans. I love you and I want you to be free. Do whatever you want and I’ll happily watch you from afar. Maybe we’re not meant to be today…or at least not yet. Believe me when I tell you that I’ll do everything to get you back as long as I have the chance to. And when I do, I promise to correct all my stupid mistakes. But as for now, I’m letting you go. Do those crazy adventures you’ve always wanted to. Be free, my dear.

Again, I love you.


Akashi Seijuuro