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How To set your Light Meter for Concert Photography (by JaredPolin)


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Nikon DSLR vs. Canon DSLR

Some time over this summer or next summer, I might step up from my FujiFilm S3200 superzoom (bridge) camera to a DSLR. I’m not too big a fan of Sony or Olympus products, So I’ve narrowed it down to Nikon or Canon.

Accessories-wise, I don’t mind the options that either brand has. Both make good lenses, and offer similar additional add-ons.

So far I’ve looked at: (Kit lens = 18-55mm lens most likely)

Nikon D3100 with kit lens

Canon Rebel XS/1000D w/kit lens 

Canon Rebel T2i w/kit lens

Canon Rebel T3i w/kit lens (this one is a bit too pricey in my opinion, I don’t really need a swivel lcd screen)

A few things, which i’m assuming but will double-check that most of these will come with:

Bulb mode (ability to work with remote cable/wireless release)
Ability to shoot RAW instead of just JPEG format
Ability to use a variety of lenses/lens filters/battery grip, if needed 

Any other Nikon or Canon suggestions are welcome also, those are just ones I am referencing.

Which one would you recommend I look to get?