Questions I'd ask the companions
  • Cait: where the fook did yar accent cohm frohm?
  • Codsworth: why r u shaped like a metal friend?
  • Curie: Does this mole look weird to you?
  • Danse: why ya wanna look like a metal garbage can all the time?
  • Deacon: why u always lyinnn
  • Dogmeat: WHO'S A GOOD BOY
  • Hancock: why do you just wanna fucking cosplay all the time? Don't you get bored???
  • MacCready: how the fuck dare you call someone someone a mungo??????!?!?!
  • Nick: if ur such a good detective, how many fingers am I holding up behind my back??
  • Piper: where you get all these sweet treats?
  • Preston: will there ever be an end to these missions. ... asking for a friend.
  • Strong: big guy, what u see up there???
  • X6-88: so, like, are you Into fancy lads snack cakes?

The Castle of Lions is quiet except for the mechanical hum of the engines and the soft padding of feet on the deck.

Keith makes his way across the entrance hall of the Castle, blanket whispering along the floor. Stopping to admire the memorial the team had erected only that day.

Ten foot holograms the five previous paladins stand proud above their pedestals. Frohm'Oris in the center, tall and regal in his armor with spear in hand. Haken on his right and Maisha on his left. The green paladin ever aloof staring off into space wistfully, they made there was a window in their sight line so that Maisha could always watch the stars. A more relaxed posture than their leader, but, still with a grace of his own, Gault smiles the brightest of all of them, warmth seeming to glow off of him. The siblings stand together with their matching sniper rifles.

Keith takes a deep breath and looks over at the Red and Blue Paladins. Holding hands and standing the closest together of the paladins, Keith’s parents gaze proudly at the main doors of the Castle. Gazes almost expectant. Sinclair and Haken, Altean and Galran. Two warring races joined in love and duty.

Leaving the entrance hall behind, the young paladin heads to what he has come to consider his mother and father’s true resting places.

The Lion Chamber.

More specifically, the Red and Blue Lions themselves.

Eschewing the combat entrance, he takes the side entrance that opens up right between his and Lance’s Lions. Looking between them he contemplates what it means to be a second generation paladin. He has inherited his father’s Lion, his father’s spirit flies with him every moment he is connected to Red. He can even hear him sometimes, whispering little tips and tricks through Red. Just like he used to do when he was little and they would go flying together.

But Lance has his mother’s Lion, has a connection with her spirit that Keith will never have. The only way he’ll ever get to hear her voice again is in his memories and those are sketchy at best. He’s all but forgotten what it was like to hear her laugh.

Before he really realized that he’s moved, his feet have carried him towards Blue. Climbing inside, he is filled with that same sense of loss. The feeling he has finally come to know as the memory of the day they landed on Earth and his mother slowly bled out on the sand. Pushing past that, he finds the moments of peace as his mother would sing to him or tell him jokes so she could kiss his dimples. Moments of joy when they would go flying together and it was just them and the sky. According to his father he had been born in this Lion, right on the pilot’s chair. Oh Lance would love that.

Settling into chair, he remembers the last time he had actual sat here. It was the last time his family had all gone flying together. Or tried to at least. He had run in ahead of his mom and hopped into the pilot’s seat, declaring that he would fly today. His mom had just laughed and lifted him into her lap. But then they had gotten the call that Frohm'Oris went off to fight Zarkon alone. Without his Lion. Everything had happened so quickly after that. Within hours only mom’s Lion had returned and she had been seriously hurt. She was told to take the Lion and hide it. As far away as possible. Keith wasn’t supposed to have gone with her but he didn’t want to leave his mom alone. Dad was gone and she needed him now. He was supposed to have gone into the cryopods with Auntie Allura and Coran. But his mom needed him.

Keith curls into himself, resting his chin on his knees and wrapping his arms around himself. “I miss you, Mom. Dad says hi and he loves you. I don’t if you know this but I have his Lion now. You always said that I’d be the next Red Paladin, just like Dad. Guess you were right. You’ve probably met the doofus who inherited your Lion. He’s a terrible pilot and a complete moron but he’s okay. You probably like him already.” It’s only several long minutes that he realizes that he’s crying.

Remembering what his mom said about being sad sometimes, he lets the tears come. Long and hot, enough to give him hiccups and stain the blanket he’s wrapped himself in. He cries until he’s too tired to keep his eyes open and as he falls asleep, he could swear he heard singing.

The other paladins find him there the next morning, curled up like a kitten in the wrong Lion. Shiro carries him to bed and as he lays him down, he can hear mumbled “night, mom.” His heart aches for his young friend, knowing why he was in there. It’s heard missing your family. Even harder when you’ve only just remembered them. Tucking the covers around his thin frame, Shiro ruffles Keith’s hair gently before leaving to let him get some more sleep.

Maybe he’ll dream of better days.


I’ve never loved a sim like I love this one. Ofelia Frohm. She’s a scientist and as you can see from the screens (crappy as they may be), she’s going to use her powers for evil. Or crazy shit, at least. Quite the loose cannon :)