Next project: Taigong Wang (Dynasty Warriors) I prefer to call him Tschingtschangtschong or Mr. Wang 8D

Already did the bases for the cloud-thingies and ironed them, durrently drawing the white patterns and I hate it. D8 There’s no sequenze to follow, just random marks.
Anyway, doing a really fast progress right now which makes me happy (also due to the fact that I have only four days left to finish this one and my training-jacket for Phobos (Starfighter) 8D Gogogo!) The big and awesome group I’ll be part of motivates me. `___´


Well my lovely followers!
Since I’ll be taking a vacation leaving tomorrow and coming back at  31th of December there won’t be that many posts (‘cause I never queue any stuff) until I return.
Tho I really wanted to thank you for supporting my work, following my blog and all! It means so much to me and keeps me motivated to improve and share my stuff with you!

Happy Holidays, guys!

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh, I've always had this huge crush on you and your cosplays, but now that you've done even Harry Potter I'm. I've fallen in love with you oh my gggod

First of all - ARGH, thanks for your cute message! (´///꒳ ////`)
Funny thing is (to be completely fair here); I never really planned to cosplay HP, it just kind of happened and most of the pictures we took… weren’t that serious either. <D Anyway, I’m still happy you liked them!


Why won’t you take off those Anon-sunglasses and show me your cute face. (。◝‿◜。)
I’m pretty sure I know who you are.

I do read tags, you know. ♥ and yours are so cute hföadsfh

anonymous asked:

I was wondering, what kind of binder do you use for crossplay?

Hi there!
To be honest - I mostly don’t have to use one ‘cause I already have a really flat chest.
If I have to (because of tight cloths or something) though I use one of those chest binders. —> [link] They’re really easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Furthermore I’m able take them off without shuffeling off my whole costume first and that’s superhandy in my opinion. c:
If I’m doing open-chest costumes like Rin or Kurobara I’m using really strong duct tape (it’s called ‘Panzertape’ in German) because other tapes tend to come off really fast thanks to my skin. It’s not a solution I’d recommend, depending on your skin it can be really dangerous. It works for me because of my skin, but in general it’s way more reasonable to use a more skin-friendly tape.

I really hope I was able to help you a little, dear Anon! C:

Day 12
What does your family think of you cosplaying?

My parents are okay with it although they probably think I’m a little bit of a nerd. My mum helped me with my first costumes and my dad sometimes asks for pictures (he liked the chess cosplay, that made me proud <3 he also seems to like me with a beard), but I don’t think he gets the whole idea. My sister just thinks I’m a weird freak but so is she - and the rest of my family simply has to deal with my hobby. In this case I actually don’t care that much about the opinion people have about me doing cosplay.

Day 8
Which cosplay was the most challenging?

In terms of making definitively Seto Kaiba. His coat was such a pain in the ass.

But if we’re talking about depiction it would be Nico Robin. She still causes trouble, actually. Depicting her is really hard in my opinion and I’m not really sadisfied with the job I’ve done until now. Guess I’ll have to keep trying. `__´/