There’s this wonderful fanfiction by Lownly and Johanna with her perfect drawn art and and both put together and this just kinda happened.
Thank you for feeding us with OTP-feels.
Blush is edited, the whole face-stuff was hardcore acting. 8'B

Photographer - Pu
Marco Bodt [Like A Drum] (SnK) - Void
Jean Kirschtein [Like A Drum] (SnK) - myself


Happy 11th Anniversary!
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is responsible for some of the greatest moments in my life together with some of my most precious friends - so yeah… thanks a lot. <3

Sakura - Bezi
Shaolan - pu, Mero, Shusei
Kurogane - Neji, Shugo
Subaru - Fye
Kamui - Shusei
Fuuma - RenTao
Seishirou - Void
Chi - RenTao
Freya - Shusei
Photographer - pu, Shugo, Maultaschenprinz, Halbkind, Neji, Literat

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