So Crit Role came up with CriticalCostumes and even though I wanted Artagan to be my No1 critical costume I ended up going for this hilarious guy instead. The fact I was able to contribute something to one of my favourite shows means a lot to me! Also doing research on the way Matt depicts his facial expressions and trying to get as close as possible to that was a lot of fun (and it made poor Bezi cringe quite a few times haha).

Victor the Black Powder Merchant (Critical Role)

Photographer - Bezi


I finally managed to finish my last four challenges (yeah Zou made sure I had two more to do and a tabu to break - never again)!
It’s the snk-edition this time, all done at one evening. Freckles are fun (and so is being Ymir, I liked that result most), but I’ll never ever cosplay Marco again. I’ll stay at the Jean-side of the OTP for now. <’D
Anyway, this was a lot of fun, thanks for suggesting quite a few and particularly interesting and challenging characters, guys! <3


Well my lovely followers!
Since I’ll be taking a vacation leaving tomorrow and coming back at  31th of December there won’t be that many posts (‘cause I never queue any stuff) until I return.
Tho I really wanted to thank you for supporting my work, following my blog and all! It means so much to me and keeps me motivated to improve and share my stuff with you!

Happy Holidays, guys!