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Story Time: Attack of the Pepes

So about sometime last school year, I drew a pepe in the class

and this kid from another period liked to draw over it and as each day passed, he kept drawing on it and i kept trying to draw it back to how it was, but then it sort of progressed to where we would sent messages to each other

I didnt document the first ones

He asked for an army AND OH BOY DID I BRING HIM ONE

The teacher had let me print a bunch of pepes and we built our “army”

Then I put them literally everywhere in the classroom (including the books bc the teacher let us know what page they were going to work on)

The main focus was the table where the guy sat in. We spent all period attaching pepes on doors, windows, walls, stools, tables books, everything

This kid had the class for first period while i had it for sixth so the teacher told me he was going to tell me the reaction at the end of the day. HOWEVER, I got the reaction sooner than I thought because as i was passing to second period I saw this


We later on met and honestly, this whole thing will be the highlight of my life and I hope to be remembered for this.

Favourite Female Characters/People #3 (Movie Edition)

Furiosa from Mad Max-Fury Road

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Mulan from (you guessed it!) Mulan

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Michelle from Spiderman-Homecoming

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Miss Peregrine from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Evelyn Salt from Salt

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Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

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Black Widow from The Avengers

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Anastasia from Anastasia (since we’re talking Russians)

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Rey from Star Wars

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Jyn Erso from Rogue One (Star Wars)

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Elena Montero from Zorro

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Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

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Minerva Mcgonagall from Harry Potter

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Tina and Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts

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Dory from Finding Nemo (I know she’s a fish, you love her too so shut up)

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Wanda Maximoff from The Avengers (one more Russian Queen)

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Jane Foster from Thor

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Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

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Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle (this movie messed me up so bad)

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Chihiro from Spirited Away (this movie also messed me up)

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Evey from V for Vendetta

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Ruffnut from How to Train Your Dragon

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Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy from Hidden Figures (yes I know they are real people as well-not technically characters.)

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