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would you say that you identify as memekin?

I study an ancient celtic martial art called Greenoch. It was 
used by a secret society called the Greenoch during midevel 
times for assasinations and espionage.The group were for the nost 
part employed secretly by the royal courts of midevil Europe.

The art has been secretly handed down from master to student 
since the 12th century and although there has been no recorded 
activity of the Geenoch society in several hundred years, 
I can vouch for the authenticity of my teacher Master Field Marshall 
Jim Weiss, the first non celtic Greenoch master in history.

I believe Greenoch is very useful on the streets. If someone came up 
to me to mug me I would use Greenoch moves and then some Judo moves 
and then some more Greenoch moves. If there were two of them I 
would also use some Ninjutsu and TKD moves.

As far as sport goes, Greenoch is NOT a sport and I know if 
a TKD guy tries anything on a Greenoch guy or a Ninjutsu 
guy it would be over in a flash.

This is because these arts were used secretly for espionage 
in the middle ages and posess deadly knowledge. This enables the 
Greenoch or Ninjutsu practitioner to easily overpower any 
fighter of superior strength and atheletic ablility. Strategic 
psychological experience also matters little; its all in the 
moves you learn. The secret death blows and castle entry 
techniquies are especially potent.

Master Field Marshall Weiss must be able to trace his lineage 
back to the ancient Greenoch society, although I have never 
ask him. He teaches in L.A. now.

I was wondering if there are any Greenoch schools in the SF 
Bay area. I have been studying it for almost a year now and 
would hate to quit now. However, I would also like to try 
mixing Greenoch, Ninjutsu and either Aikido or TKD. 
Would this work?

The Green Druid

hi billy maes here with another fantastic new tumblr awards
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  • skeleton monarch (best overall)

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