I had a great time at the NYU Game Center site for the 2014 Global Game Jam this weekend. Some friends and I made a prototype for a tactical roguelike we’re calling “Froglike." 

It’s a bit rough and lacking many of the elements we wanted to add, but it could be the start of something interesting. 

You can play it here and try to beat my high score, which is currently 53.

See all the games made at the NYU site this year here. 

Anemone dude

Another pixel mutant, randomly generated using Bogleech’s Mutant Generator.

  • Fishlike saucer-eyes, lidless
  • No pupils or corneas
  • Circular ring of teeth or lamprey-like sucker
  • (limbs) Boneless, kind of tentacle-like
  • (extremities) Webbed, froglike or fused into one suction pad 
  • Elongated, bony torso
  • (mouth) On the end of a fleshy trunk or proboscis 

I took some liberties with the mutations, so its some kind of lamprey-anemone dude. I’m reasonably happy with most of it. Could probably tinker with it some more, but detailing all those tentacles killed me. Cosmic retribution for that time I bullied Sid Henderson into detailing hundreds of tiny chains on a five-color etching he was working on.


edgar meyer. how does he do those slides?! gahhh insanity