So rikku and I were helping the landlord clear out old junk from the neighbor that had been evicted

And they left a filthy fish tank with this poor fucker.  His water was two thirds gone and erryone thought he was dead. I happened to nudge it to check and I was hella pleased to see him flail. The place had been abandoned fer a week. It’s amazing that he’s alive and I’m keeping him.

But Mah naming skills are not up to par. If he doesn’t get some intervention he’s just gunna get named fucking fish.

Anybody wanna give him a name intervention?

Margaret Atwood

The sore trees cast their leaves
too early. Each twig pinching
shut like a jabbed clam.
Soon there will be a hot gauze of snow
searing the roots.

Booze in the spring runoff,
pure antifreeze;
the stream worms drunk and burning.
Tadpoles wrecked in the puddles.

Here comes an eel with a dead eye
grown from its cheek.
Would you cook it?
You would if.

The people eat sick fish
because there are no others.
Then they get born wrong.

This is not sport, sir.
This is not good weather.
This is not blue and green.

This is home.
Travel anywhere in a year, five years,
and you’ll end up here.

albert wesker has a frog shrine full of small carved stone and wood frogs and some fake plants tucked away in one of the drawers of the desk in his office.

the drawer is locked at all times and the key is hidden inside of his boot. 

good luck getting into the frog shrine while he still lives you frogless heathens.