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How would the members of Sohoku react if they had a crush on another member's girlfriend? Bonus if you include which member

(poor bbies!!!)

Makishima wouldn’t know how to feel, falling for one of his teammates’ girlfriend; he’d feel terrible, mainly, as he never knew he’d fall for Teshima’s girlfriend. He never thought that he and Teshima were quite alike in the first place, so it’d come as a surprise to him that he found out their tastes in women were alike. Makishima wouldn’t tell Teshima that he had a crush on the latter’s girlfriend, as he wouldn’t want to form conflict and he knew he wouldn’t be able to have a chance in the first place; he knew it was better to let the crush pass over than try and compete with the man she’s already dating.

Tadokoro wouldn’t be surprised that he had fallen for the same type of girl that Naruko had, but he would feel flabbergasted for falling for the same girl that the smaller boy was dating. He would know to steer clear of the couple, as one he wasn’t going to stand a chance in the first place, and two it was wrong for him to go after a girl who was already taken. He would tend to get quieter when Naruko came around, especially with his girlfriend, and would try to keepcalm all the while.

Kinjou wouldn’t have liked falling for the girl that Aoyagi was dating, as he wasn’t the type to have fallen for a taken woman in the first place. He’d be sure to not let the situation get in between him and Aoyagi’s relationship - as teammates, anyways - as he wouldn’t try to woo over a woman who was already in a relationship, let alone with one of his teammates’ girlfriend. He’d feel like he was a bit more strict whenever she was around, though - especially to Aoyagi - and he would know he needed an attitude check as it wasn’t fair to the latter, being punished for something he wasn’t aware of.

Teshima would find it irritating that Onoda had a girlfriend, especially that the girl was someone he was pretty interested in himself. He had no idea what to do about the situation, as he had never been in one like this before. He wouldn’t want to be overbearing towards neither Onoda or his girlfriend, since he knew it wouldn’t be fair to the couple for being intruded on for his selfish desires. Teshima would tend to hang around the two a lot when Onoda’s girlfriend came to practice, as if he was trying to analyze her to see if they would’ve made a good match if he was dating her instead.

Aoyagi would feel very uncomfortable falling for a girl one of his teammates was already dating; it was a lot weirder and awkward for him when he found out she was dating his underclassman, Kaburagi. He’d be at a complete loss as to how the younger boy was dating a girl who was the complete opposite of him. In a state of shock, Aoyagi might start acting a bit distant towards Kaburagi, despite the two needing to work together. He’d feel very uncomfortable when Kaburagi’s girlfriend came around, as he didn’t want to see the two being close and giddy with each other; he would think that avoiding them would help him get over his crush the fastest.

Onoda would feel terrible for falling for Makishima’s girlfriend, especially since he looked up to Makishima a lot. He’d be against telling his senpai that he did harbor feelings for his girlfriend, as he didn’t want conflict to arise between them. He’d have a lot of faulty smiles when Makishima and his girlfriend was around, but would try to mask his discomfort anyways; he wouldn’t want to make it obvious that he had feelings for Makishima’s girlfriend, but he didn’t want to back off from Makishima all together, as he enjoyed his company.

Imaizumi would be very surprised, and probably a bit angry, that he had fallen for the girlfriend of Kinjou. He wouldn’t want to cause a problem, though; for one, he didn’t want to have any conflict between him and Kinjou. He’d have a bit of an intense glare directed towards Kinjou whenever his girlfriend was around, anyways, and he would tend to get a bit more competitive with him. It’d be a big issue for Imaizumi, as he didn’t want to seem childish by making it out to be a problem in the first place; he didn’t have any right getting in between Kinjou and his girlfriend.

Naruko would be pulling at his hair in frustration upon finding out the girl he liked was already with Tadokoro. He didn’t want to be compared with the old man in the first place, so he’d get very irritated that he had gone and fallen for his girlfriend. He’d probably, subconsciously, tend to yell a lot louder when she was around - directed towards Tadokoro - and would challenge him more often than not in blind rage; Naruko would act childish over it, but he was just really frustrated that he had to fall for Tadokoro’s girlfriend, out of the whole team.

Sugimoto wouldn’t be surprised that he and Teshima had the same type of girl, but he felt very conflicted when he found out that Teshima was actually already dating the girl. He’d feel defeated the moment he figured it out, as he knew he was no competition for a guy like Teshima, anyways; he was immensely intelligent, very attractive, incredibly charming… everything Sugimoto wasn’t. He’d want to let it be known, though that he did in fact have a crush on Teshima’s girlfriend, so he wouldn’t accidentally cause a problem between all three of them.

Kaburagi wouldn’t believe it at first that Imaizumi was dating his crush, laughing and joking about it before it dawned on him that nobody was joking with him. He’d be at a complete loss as to what to do, since he didn’t want to let his crush get away easily but he also didn’t want to become a home wrecker and get involved with his crush while she was still dating Imaizumi. He’d be obliged to compete with Imaizumi for her, despite the fact… the two were already dating, and the latter had won before it even started. Kaburagi would be aimlessly riding for a while, trying to shake off the fact his crush was taken by someone on his team.

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I’m only going to answer it once. Sorry guys.

How long I’ve been in the fandom (if at all): A year or so I think, I discovered it really late actually. 
My favorite male character: Mngh. I find this very difficult because I love Bel and Fran share my heart. Let’s leave it as a tie ok ^^;
My favorite female character: I don’t like many girls from khr, but I’d say Shittopi. He is so unique and she is so proud of herself and accepts herself as she is and she is strong too.
1 OTP: Well, I guess this isn’t anything new. I LOVE B26. And yes it needed to be said in caps. I fell in love with them the first time they interacted in the future arc. And have ever since. I like how they complement each other. Like Bel is so easily angered and is always grinning and laughing and jumping to throw knives at Fran, but Fran is the opposite. He always wears an expressionless face and looks so calm and he would rather use his wits to adress an argument and “burning” the other person. I also like that Bel can be calm and relaxed around Fran, but they can also argue or join forces and be the best team ever. 
1 NOTP: Reborn with Lambo or Tsuna. No. Just no. I’m sorry but I just can’t see Reborn romatically with any of them. It disgusts me. I can only see them as a sorta dad and son relationship and something deeper is a no. Sorry.
Funniest character: Fran. I just love his big mouth and how he uses his wits to make a fool of people, specially Bel. I also like how he can act childish sometimes with that straight face.
Prettiest character: Squalo. Have you had a good look at his hair? Damn it’s so gorgeous and pretty and I bet I’d get my hand cut if I tried to, but I’d love to touch that hair, really. I don’t know if you could say it’s pretty but I love that sword attached. 
Most annoying character: Lambo as a kid. I know he’s just a child, but his voice is sort of annoying and how he teases everyone even in the most inappropriate situations gets on my nerves. (I don’t hate him ‘though)
Most badass character: Tsuna. I love how he is so moe, but at the same time he gets through all the ordeals he faces. I love how he can show such a determined face and awesome skills when he is down to it, specially if he wants to protect his friends, his famiglia. Even if he still has fears, he is able to change from being and feeling a coward good-for-nothing into a brave and determined young man for his friends. Let’s not forget he is still a teen and being able to develop so much at such an age is really badass.
Character I want as my best friend: Tsuna. 
Female character I’d marry: Nana Sawada. She is so beautiful and caring and loves and accepts everyone. She is so precious. I want her to cook for me and smile at me as I come home from work. It’d be beautiful.
Male character I’d marry: Fran. I love his calm demeanour and his funny comebacks and he is just so precious just give him to me. 
Least favorite character: Dr. Shamal. I just don’t like this type of man that flirts with all girls.

  • 8. Describe your crush

ok uhm…. ths little shit give me way too much feelings, is way too cute and way too much for me and I totally do not deserve their attention at all but whatever I did to get it I did it well! So good for me!

also cutie…damn cutie.. fucking cutie just ugghhhh cutieeee (and a little bit sadistic but hey so am I!)

  • 13. Do you get jealous easily?

You’re talking to someone that on her 21 years of life have never dated anyone before so I’m not sure about this, but thinking about it yeah… damn jealous… but I wouldnt show it.

  • 43. How long was your longest relationship?



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Judging by your posts, you seem like someone who's really freakin adorable and cute and idk...? Clumsy? Not the word, but like just really cute~ oh, and a huge fangirl~

sLDKJF SLDKJf n oO oOO O ah but I am kinda clumsy though (NOT DINO OR TSUNA STATUS THOUGH OMFG) ‘cause I trip a bit more than sometimes bUT I NEVER ACTUALLY FALL TO THE GROUND OR ANYTHING;;

unfortunately I don’t really show the fangirl side of me much 'cause my IRL friends aren’t as into anime/manga like I am weh /sniffle