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I wanted to switch unions in order to be in a party with my friends! But I'm not sure if I should because on top of making me spend 100 Gems (A Hefty Price) It makes me lose my Weekly and Monthy Lux Count. So my question(s) is(are), What is Weekly/Monthly Lux Count and how do I check what it is currently

Lux is only tallied weekly, not monthly. 

You can view this on your profile: 

What your end rank is will be calculated into a letter grade based on how well you did compared to other players in your Union. (A through E in the English release was S, followed by A through D in Japan.) “A” Rank is always roughly the top 10,000 players in each Union. 

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(While I'm Well aware that this isn't a question lol I'm saying it anyway) JIMMY KEPT THE QUIFF! ALL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!

I really like the way my hair looks right now. I probably will get it cut like this at least one or two more times. So the quiff will stay.