froggy is minho

10 (actually, 5) Bias tag

I was tagged by @infinitebabymonsta​ to do this 10 bias thing (but I don’t really have 10 biases… so I’m listing 5). 

1. Sungjong, my beautiful little bby star, whom I love very much and will protect forever. 

2. Woohyun, the one who makes me want to bang my head against the wall (because I love him so much).

3. Myungsoo, my adorable little froggy. I only have love in my heart for him.

4. Minho, my soft love. 

5. Kei. Certified Cutie. 

Bonus. There’s also Woohee (an actual angel tbh):


GUYS LET’S DO THIS!! Imagine going on google on May 25 then seeing SHINee’s logo instead of google’s regular logo? THAT’LL BE SO FREAKING SICK.


Hi my name is (your name). I’m a shawol which is the fandom of a very popular K-Pop group SHINee. SHINee’s anniversary will be held on May 25th, we request you to help us surprise them with changing your Google logo for their 9th anniversary. We hope you will help and support us.


if this is not enough receipt that choi minho can sing then you’re just being rude. i love him mom ☹️😭



I love you. I will always believe in you guys even if you stopped believing yourself. Through the good and the bad, I will always be here. I will always love and support SHINee. You’re the best a fan could ever have. And you can trust me, trust us, your shawols, that we will never ever leave your side. Just like how we’ve been trusting you to never leave ours. We love you, we believe in you, we are right by your side. SHINee World is the best world. Our world. We love you so much boys, even if the whole universe disagrees with it, we love you. Always have and always will. Until our 99th year.

I am beyond thankful for being your shawol because meeting SHINee is the miracle in my life.

Keep Shining!