Dear Kimberly Kimbo Burgertower,

When you wake up this morning you’ll be a year older and you can finally & legally eat space brownies while hanging out by the Varkenssluis. I know you smoke pot, and being a /loose/ European that you once claimed to be, you probably are also an expensive escort who only eats caviar and take Visa for payment. But it’s ok because you can draw and you draw really well.

Sometimes you can be a grammar Nazi when you feel like it and it scares me because my fic is full of HAHAHA and ORLY, and if you were my editor I would run away from you and rather feeding myself to an alligator than facing your cruel judgment. But then again, it’s okay because you challenged me and made me want to write better.

Your brother is so hot and the last time we talked you said your mom likes me so if you like me as much as she does, I don’t mind being adopted by your family, or better yet, be your sister in law.

If not, that’s fine too, because if I was your family I don’t think I can be freely making fun of your Junho-stanning style. I never understand how you never wanted to do bad things to Junho, quoting you “I want to be friends with him”. Like, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? That’s why on your next birthday I will be sending you estrogen pills; they’re expensive but that’s why I’m taking an extra part-time job right now. Yes, kimbo…just for you. You better love me.

Last but not least, you know we suspected that you watch ghei porn and now that I remember what you said last year, the first time we started chatting:

I am convinced that you do no matter how hard you deny it. Just like Eminem said, I love the way you lie lulz (oh, and the answer is JUNSU, Kim…Junsu is the straight one.)

So I hope you had a great, marvelous day and an amazing year to come. You know we love you and how trolly you are. I love your face and legs too, no homo, and I hope someday you will release that ballet video of yours where you were the bumblebee. 

Say hello to Robin, ok? I’m always single for him keukeukeu

badlydrawnmoon asked:

heyo~ this is froggster

1. First impression:
Moony introduced us because she thought you were going to the VIXX showcase in Berlin too. I friended you on the car ride there and honestly my first impression was “She has a nice dp…” And i thought you must be an artist.
And ofc I was v happy about EUROPEANS because previously i only had Mika…

2. Truth is:
You’re cool. We don’t agree on a lot of stuff (Like actually most stuff) but I think that’s not a bad thing. Spices up tlist tbh lmao.
You’re a great artist, just as I thought, and you have a nice vision that comes through in your costume and make up too. I like what i’ve seen of your photography too (even tho I haven’t seen much yet…)

3. How old do you look:

4. Have you ever made me laugh:

5. Have you ever made me mad:
I don’t think so…

6. Best feature:
You have a v nice face in general tbh lmao but your hair is rly nice too. :

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:

8. You’re my:
european ch…ch…chingu?? (idk if we’re same aged but it feels that way)

9. Name in my phone:

10. Should you post this too?
You already diiiiid~


Froggy said badly drawn art was the best.

So here’s for Froggy aka Badlydrawnmoon.

By LaDragonaria.

Aka Worselydrawnmoon


I made the artistic choice to give the moon arms as the moon is a being of frivolity and cheerfulness. Also because the moon needed arms to eat. That’s how I see it.

I will also call this moon…

Peanut Butter Moony Time.

Remaining Drabbles

Okay I’m mostly putting this here because I’m freakin’ dangerous with my inbox and I keep deleting messages that I shouldn’t. And I have the memory of an elephant with Alzheimer’s so it’s easier to put this here. XD

I have 4 remaining drabbles.

1. Wondybutt’s :D - Basil and… Lots of characters. Like a lot. XD Like so many and I’ll be butchering characters right and left.

2. Froggy’s :D (…Froggy. What was your request? I think it was Vlad and Gwen. But I think I’m wrong. FROGGY MY MIND IS GOING. ;o; )

3. A sensual massage given to Julian by Vlad after a hard mission that turns sexual

4. Roy preparing for a night with Brian (I think that’s what that one said. You know who you are, so if I got it wrong, just resend it to me because I don’t remember exactly.)

I seriously need to stop clicking the wrong buttons all the time.

Watch on

Dedicated to one of my followers.




So. Yeah. Cinderella in Dutch, y'all. 

Olive Branch - Gwen vs. Vlad



“Frankenstein’s monster.”




“Ugly duckling.”

“I believe the term is ‘gold digging whore’, correct?”

The two continued to bicker back and forth in the outside café. From the outside, and perhaps from very far away, it would have seemed as if the two might have been on a date to a casual passerby. However, upon closer inspection there was no love lost between the two who sat face to face.

“Enough of this, Vladimir. I’ve come to you for a reason.”

“You need assistance in burning your horrible wig? Please, allow me.”

“Oh, you’re quite amusing. I’d say you must have found a joke book but I’m fairly certain a caveman like yourself never learned how to read. So I suppose your young tight boyfriend must have read it to you.”

“I would appreciate it if you did not bring Julian into this, you wretched woman.”

Vladimir abruptly moved his hand up to grab Gwen by her wrist. She glared and most of Vladimir’s hand became encased in ice. Under normal circumstances, Vladimir would have lost a hand but because of his super tough skin, it was more an annoyance than anything. He pulled his hand back, frozen, and slammed it against the table. The table shook and the legs almost buckled as Gwen gingerly lifted her teacup just in time as the ice shattered off of his hand, leaving his hand cold but no longer encased in ice.

“Then don’t interrupt me and I’ll tell you what I want.”

“Whatever it is, it must be a rather sizeable request to come to me of all people.”

“If it weren’t I wouldn’t have come to Mr. Potato Head.”

“It must be hard to look at yourself in the mirror only to see such a hideous woman inside and out.”

“And it must have been hard to look at yourself in the mirror when you looked like one of Picasso’s paintings!”

“Well, I do not know who Picasso is!”

Vladimir replied with a superior smirk, proud of himself. Gwen simply rolled her eyes at the giant’s idiocy.