This is a before and after self portrait based on froggieslightroom tutorial as seen here. His new tutorial YouTube page is pretty good. The first one is out of the camera, the second the default Lightroom B&W, and the third is the “gritty” edit.

Overall I’m happy with it. I think I would’ve used a slightly deeper DOF as my nose isn’t quite in focus. I also need a shave. Once I get some flashes I should have an easier time getting one without the glare from the windows in my eyes. I also learned that shooting with glasses is just impossible.


Practicing some techniques in Lightroom:

  • I used the lens correction and updated the color temp. 
  • I lightened the shadows so you could see under the tent a bit.
  • I also did some burning on his face to add even more focus.
  • I burned his irises and increased the vibrancy a bit. I know it’s goofy but people love it.

anonymous asked:

What happened to froggieslightroom?

We have transformed from a room to an entire school!

Frogman’s Light School!

Now with 8 contributors and one apprentice. More photos. More tutorials. 

We did a soft launch this week to build up some content. And next week I will be annoying people with pretty pictures to promote it!

I think you will be floored by the talent I have collected and I think people will learn a lot. 

Also, my apologies to anyone who went to the old froggieslightroom url. I was going to reclaim it and setup forwarding to the new site… but it seems that someone already stole it and forwarded it to porn.