frog kitties

I remember people always questioned me as to what really made the two kinds of Slickers physically different other than poisonous/not poisonous.

The features are actually pretty distinguishable, if you were to happen upon them in the wild you’d be able to tell them apart pretty quickly based on their looks.

Poison Slickers are naturally slender, lithe long bodies. They are more flexible. Their heads are longer, ears point in towards each other and usually are longer. The bridge of their noses are longer helping pull their face down towards the chin. Their eyes seem to usually be more almond shaped and slanted. They rely on their sneakiness, posing and waiting for their prey to come too close to them… Ready to pounce in a flash!

Common Slickers are normally bigger. Sometimes twice as big as their poison cousins. Their faces are naturally more square/rectangular shapes. Shorter and perkier noses to pull in more scents. They are big hunters, they will hunt and chase down their prey so they developed bigger muscles to track, chase, and attack. Their ears are normally set outwards and are shorter while their large round eyes are sharp.

Differences between genders? Not much at all actually. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a male and female unless you noticed their enlarged throat. Males can sing and croak to attract a females attention or get the attention of other slickers in the area. Normally Slickers chirp at each other.

If you ever wanted to quickly compare their personality to an animal imagine them acting like spastic Sphynx Cats!

Here are the few sketch’s i cleaned and put together. Elle my lake monster has another new friend called Maple who i adopted from

I love frogs and cats. So a mix of them i just couldn’t help it. X3 I have a little story in my head on how the two meet, but like always i either forget and start on something new or just forget all together. 8I

But the little fella species is called a Slicker (aka frog kittie) and their are two types. A common slicker and Poison slickers. I had adopted both kind but this one is a Common slicker. I let him keep the name because i suck at coming up with ones. XD

Go on and adopt some! They’re adorable and have wicked designs!

I’ll color these later. 83

I had always intended to make a Poison Slicker for myself. I decided to make a Female Poison Slicker named Josie. I kept seeing yellow/black poison dart frogs and had to try mocking a babe up for myself.

Unlike common slickers, poison types are much more sleek and slender. They are long in the face and have a single color for eyes. Their Iris takes up the whole visual of the eye unlike commons where you can see the sclera (whites).

They have a mucus like substance that coats their flesh in poison to protect themselves from predators and other slickers. Commons will pick on them if they have the chance too since they’re bigger and bulkier than poisons. They also have venom, much like their flesh only it’s a LOT more condensed and will effect it’s prey much much more quickly and most likely be a lethal dose. They don’t like to waste it so rarely will they use it unless absolutely necessary.

They also groom obsessively. Making sure they’re always coated protectively and looking fine as hell. Poisons generally are a little vain.


Amazing 4th with my love. Went out to the country a bit to hang out with his family. Did some swimming, played with kitties, chased around frogs and paratroopers, ate brownies, then ate real dinner food after 3 brownies, did some more swimming, bounced on a trampoline, went on some swings, and finished off the night watching fireworks on the trampoline. Not the best idea because we got hit with all the cardboard and crap from them… Also one went askew and burnt holes through the trampoline net so it exploded about 3 feet from us… Then we went back to love’s house for some awesome neon and glitter sparkles which we lit off a tiki torch. Then chugged chocolate milk and watched scream 2. And now it’s 2:45AM and I am in bed. Happy 4th or uh 5th now I guess.

Name meaning: cat
Age: 38

Description: she’s very affectionate towards things she likes (for example: her friends.) she also can get very protective over her things. she acts like a typical cat and has the ability to transform into a cat and other animals.

Weird fact: although she’s cat-like she doesn’t like seafood and loves giving people nicknames. Also she has an irregular large tail.

Nicknames: co-co, neko-chan

Finally getting down the anatomy of these nutty creatures. Slickers are smooth skinned with gorilla-like limbs where the arms are thinner but the hands/paws/feet are very enlarged and thick. Makes for easier swimming and climbing. They can even stick to stuff and climb up walls and stuff.

Willis got a minor design update. Mostly just changed up where the markings went and took off a couple of things I didn’t think were necessary.

All in all, I like it. I’m finally getting back into drawing their faces/heads how I want too. Now I just have to use Josie to draw the poison body type!