frog zacharie

Just So People Don’t Get Confused About This Silly AU.

at first i thought it would be cool to fill in with that neato style of lines. 0/10 will not do again [tho it will probably happen again.]

anyways this is my half of an art trade with mostgenerousguardian. the request was frog monster zach and since i never drew him like this before i went to town and drew three zacharies >w> i’m really bad at figuring out new things so i hope you enjoy this!

The Toad King was the Guardian of Zone 0. He was corrupted and mean-spirited though, and treated his ‘subjects’, the inhabitants, badly. In the end, the was slain by Zacharie for it, with some help from Sugar/Sucre. Zacharie then made the Toad mask out of the Toad King’s remains, and Sugar/Sucre became the new guardian of Zone 0.

Submitted By: Anon