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Thief of Space

Anonymous said to classpect-analysis: Would you mind analyzing the thief of space? 

 Anonymous said to classpect-analysis: Thief of space please! (If you hadn’t already)

Oh, it’s good to be back in the analysis game.

The Thief takes their aspect from others and from the universe itself, and uses their stolen aspect for their own gain. Space is about space, creation, beginnings, and the physical properties of objects(shape, size, location, and velocity.) As such, the Thief of Space would be able to steal space itself to boost their speed, their size, or their own abilities.

The Thief of Space would start out with confidence in their abilities, but wouldn’t always be able to see what is in front of them until it hits them in the face. Maybe they’d do parkour a lot, or more likely screaming “Parkour!” before making a jump that’s too big and falling off. Like all Thieves, they’d be powerful from the start, but probably too full of themselves and kind of a jerk sometimes. Underneath it all, though, they’d probably find themselves as feeling stagnant and insecure in who they are, leading them to take on a “reinvention of self” every so often.

As they progressed, the Thief of Space would have to learn the consequences of their actions, and how to really use their abilities for the good of others, not just themselves. Sure, they know what they want, and yes, now they can take it, but they’ll have to learn if and when they really should take it. They would also have to breed the Genesis Frog. If they choose to help the team, or are forced to help the team, their abilities and confidence will make the job of finding the frogs easy.

A god tiered Thief of Space would have some really powerful abilities. They’d be able to steal the physical properties of something and channel it into themselves, like shrinking a house down to the size of a dollhouse and taking that stolen size into themselves for added strength. They could do the same thing with bullets, I would imagine, taking the speed of the bullet and turning it right back around into their own enhanced speed. If they were really a jerk, and really powerful, I could see them stealing the new beginning of the Genesis Frog, and possibly becoming the host of the new universe themselves! Which would probably be bad for them, to be fair. In short, the Thief of Space is a troublemaker with some incredibly powerful buffs in combat.

Hope this helps!

Mage of Space

Understands space, or understands through space.

Mages are the active half of the Understanding class, with their counterparts being the more passive Seers. Mages have a powerful and innate knowledge of their aspect, but the way they interact with it gets a bit tricky. Mages are spared the negative effects of their aspect, but their use of the aspect to help teammates is often self-detrimental.

Space is the aspect of creation, distance, physical matter, and existence. Space is one of the two cardinal aspects - its partner being Time - which are necessary for any chance of a successful session. Space players are often sweet-tempered and physically separated from their teammates prior to (and sometimes even after) entering the Medium. They dream of taking on a new appearance or form, and luckily for them such wishes are almost always granted - though whether they still enjoy their new form after their transformation is another matter entirely.

The Mage of Space would have the ability to understand physical matter and creation. Their understanding of location would prevent them from getting lost - ever - and finding anything they needed would be a cakewalk. This includes, but is not limited to, Quest Beds, denizens’ lairs, and frog temples. Though their attack power is not especially potent, the Mage of Space would be unlikely to get caught in a fight unprepared due to the fact that they would know their enemies’ locations.

The role of a Mage of Space in a typical Sburb session is an active one, and the same role shared by all Space players; lighting the Forge and breeding the Genesis Frog.

Prior to God-tiering they would likely be a well-rounded scholar. Expect them to be very knowledgable in artistic techniques, or a self-taught master of arts and crafts. They would have a good sense of weight, distance, and size, as well as the physical properties of different materials. Their favourite subjects would be chemistry and physics, though they’d likely enjoy geography as well.

Ascension is almost always difficult, and that holds true for the Mage of Space. They could do their job just fine without becoming a God, so they might opt out of Ascension due to fear or an inability to accept their own death. Should they decide to go through with it though, their understanding of distance and matter would allow them to find their Quest Bed in a few moments, easily.

Post God-tiering, their knowledge of Space would increase along with their power. Any information about physical existence that had previously been hidden from them would be uncovered. All Mages lose parts of themselves due to their class, so if it’s possible to put it off, now’s the time to do it. Loss can’t be prevented entirely, but post-ascension they will gain more as they lose less, so God-tier is really the way to go.

The inversion of a Mage of Space is an Heir of Time: one who passively manipulates or becomes decay, inevitability, and destiny.

The land of a Mage of Space is LO(x)AF, or the Land of (x) and Frogs. The second word of a Space player’s land is inevitably ‘Frogs,’ while the first word ('x’) is something completely unique to the individual. 

Nearly nothing is known about the strife decks of Mages, but Space players tend to use large, powerful items that cannot be mistaken for anything but a weapon. Riflekind, chainsawkind, pistolkind, axekind, or flamethrowerkind might be suitable.

Their greatest strength is their intellect and knowledge, but their greatest weakness comes from losing so much of themselves due to their class.

The special power of a Mage of Space is Hyper Tracking. Intense knowledge of locations and physical matter means the Mage of Space could find anything, or anyone that they needed to. You can run, but you can’t hide!

anonymous asked:

Could a post-scratch time player with enough mastery of their abilities be able to go back to before the scratch happened or send items back to prevent doomed timelines?

Nope, because the Scratch isn’t JUST Time. It’s Time and Space. Trying to go back before the Scratch through Time Travel would be just as futile as trying to go back to the Troll Universe by going back in time in the Human Universe. The Scratch erases the Pre-Scratch Iteration of the Universe and everything that’s within, to replace it with a new one. You would need dedicated machinery to reach a point prior to the Scratch that’s contemporary to yours- which there actually is in the Frog Temple. But God-Tier-wise? You would need both Time and Space to make it work.

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Raw fish, octopi, snails and frog legs are low tier strange food ya gotta try scorpions coated in chocolate and cow tongues

I’ve had cow tongue haven’t tried scorpions yet, well besides the kind that come inside lollypops they sell at tourist shops here in Arizona lol!