frog sord

Why I Changed Everything

Many people have been following my work for some time, and their confusion is completely justified. Chickensword was originally a project I started working on as a joke at the expense of my friend @ZackBellGames. He worked with a team on a game called Frog Sord that never fully materialized, so I took his tutorials verbatim and created a prototype. The feedback was disturbingly positive.

Due in large part to the high I gained from getting undeserved attention, I revamped the prototype into something that could be a more suitable platform for jokes, but it always felt like I was shoving a square peg into a round hole with the gameplay itself.

A story driven action platformer where the driving force is bad jokes always felt a bit forced, mostly because it was. I always wanted a sense of open world exploration and discovery, so I created a world map. This was another hack solution.

While I enjoyed having a very Chrono Trigger style world-map, it was just another random piece slapped onto a platformer, and it didn’t make either system feel better. 

I also noticed in the mean time that more and more platformers (hundreds) were being made every day that revolved specifically around their action and puzzles in a way I couldn’t possibly emulate since my focus was elsewhere. Rather than compete with these other games and have strange comparisons being made with them, I decided to just say fuck it.

This is what Chickensword looks like now:

It’s a big change, but it employs the perspective and gameplay that I always wanted it to, and it allows for the type of organic exploration and story I craved to write without adding a bunch of weird disjointed systems. Along with this, as well as my switch from GMS to C#, I have begun adding some really cool features that fit better into this perspective, such as…

I understand that not everyone will agree with my decisions, but I’d appreciate if everyone would extend me their trust as I continue to make a game I feel that I can take pride in… about weaponized poultry.