frog prince anyone

Tiana falling asleep in random spots around the house or the restaurant because she’s been working herself too hard and Naveen carries her to bed if they’re at home or if they’re at the restaurant he just puts his coat over her and wakes her up when it’s time to go

Now, one day it happened, that this golden ball, when the King’s daughter threw it into the air, did not fall down into her hand, but on the grass; and then it rolled past her into the fountain. The King’s daughter followed the ball with her eyes, but it disappeared beneath the water, which was so deep that no one could see to the bottom. Then she began to lament, and to cry louder and louder; and, as she cried, a voice called out, “Why weepest thou, O King’s daughter? Thy tears would melt even a stone to pity.” And she looked around to the spot whence the voice came, and saw a Frog stretching his thick ugly head out of the water. “Ah! You, old water-paddler,” said she, “Was it you that spoke? I am weeping for my golden ball, which has slipped away from me into the water.”

“Be quiet, and do not cry,” answered the Frog; “I can give thee good advice. But what wilt thou give me if I fetch thy plaything up again?”