frog nail art

I’ve been loving OPI’s Frog in My Throat as a way to transform a variety of nail polish colours. This is on top of Sally Hansen’s Grape Going. Commonly used over a black base, but I like the added darkness and grunge like glitter to brighter colours that may not fit my current move. It’s an easy experiment

Do you have any regular nailpolishes you use as toppers?

Poison Dart Frog Nails - featuring OPI’s Brazil Collection 2014

Brazil - The Amazons - Poison Dart Frogs. A very natural progression. These don’t represent any particular species of the toxic frogs, but do have an overall aura of frogginess. Poison dart frogs are aposematic organisms that display bright colors as their warning flag. The most poisonous of them all, the neon yellow one, has enough toxin in its system to kill 10-20 dudes. Nature is so astounding. 

I used Amazoff and Toucan Do It If You Try for this one. 


SHINY THINGS MEDLEY - P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - frog in my throat

  • O.P.I.- frog in my throat
  • pure ICE - superstar!
  • L’Oreal - macaroon me madly, not a cloud in sight
  • Sally Hansen - bubblegum pink, breezy blue
  • Salon Perfect - oil slick
  • Sinful Colors - big daddy

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