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Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 9) Senior Year: Tango & Whiskey

Bitty prepares himself for his speech, all crisp in linen shorts and a nice shirt, cue cards tucked into his top pocket. “Are you sure this shouldn’t be you and Ransom?”

Holster, lounging on Bitty’s bed because it’s the comfiest one in the house, peers at him over his glasses. “Bro. You got this. It was never Jack greeting the frogs in our day, it was Shitty. The Haus isn’t about like, authority and junk. It’s about making the baby-faced bros feel welcome.”

Bitty peeps out through the window. “Here they come. Oh,they’re tiny! Holster.” He whirls around, looking utterly fierce. “You must not make out with any of them. They are babies and I won’t allow it.”

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have a fairy tale themed wedding. drop breadcrumbs instead of flower petals. have talking birds be the entertainment. everyone gets their own frog to kiss. everyone gets eaten by a wolf at the end