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Lost Frog GC #13
  • Nursey: like, i get it, im supposed to explore my identity as a black man and what that means for me but its just hard to marry my blackness and my whiteness and my queerness in a way that truly conveys me as a human, beyond the semantics of these individual communities i belong to
  • Nursey: yknow? and its just hard to talk about without coming off as whiny and marginalized
  • Chowder: i get that. i see a lot of things that make it hard for me to exist in spaces that aren't specifically tailored to chinese-americans. it must be frustrating when you don't fit in a neat little category
  • Dex: Does it make me racist if I was singing along to a song that had the n word in it and I said it by accident?
  • Dex: Oh shit, whoops.
  • Dex: I dropped in at the WRONG time don't mind me.
  • Nursey: chowder how does he make everything awkward
  • Chowder: I dont know. its a gift, really

anonymous asked:

what does ana think about fareeha dating a woman?

Okay so this ask is from like October but if you’re still around: 

  • Ana doesn’t care
  • As a matter of fact I headcanon Ana herself as bi
  • Here’s a fic about it under the cut, with bonus Lúcio
  • Kind of a companion to this

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