frog is frog

Hello! 😀🐸😀🐸
Escaping is not yet a top 10 Stickyfrogs talent, they usually escape AT the warm tree rather than around the warm tree….
The Stickyfrogs do enjoy escaping by squeezing out the door crack when the doors are already wide open! Jens demonstrates!


A captive Dhofar toad [also known as the Oman toad, Bufo dhufarensis or Duttaphrynus dhufarensis depending on the reference] swims in its enclosure in Arabia’s Wildlife Centre in Sharjah in the UAE. This setup is more aquatic than I would have expected, and I wonder if this is to prevent the toads from aestivating, or slipping into a hibernation-like state while they wait for the return of seasonal rains. 


Noonie Lalunie and the Bom-Bom Frogs : Concept art for Noonie and Ragglefluff the Bushbeard

We’re working full swing on Noonie Lalunie, which means that there’s a lot of really fun concept art paintings to get done. Here’s our working concepts for our titular character, Noonie Lalunie, and a panicky little chap called Ragglefluff the Bushbeard, who stormed into my mind with such clarity as I was doodling that I had to get him down on paper quickly. What followed afterwards was an entire race of creatures called Pin Caps, which feature in their own little section later on in the game.