frog in your throat


James March and you went back a long time, having met at one of his father’s political parties. They weren’t rich, but James was an excellent entrepreneur, managing to amass a wealth unlike any other. You had fallen for each other when you were younger, but never acted on it, leading to separation. You met nearly a decade later and by the time you fully remembered who he was, you were already stuck in an endless cycle of extravagant gifts and money when you struggled, but didn’t dare tell him.

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Cold Spore- inspired by both a masterful pun and the way fresh fallen snow always looks like a coating of fuzzy white mold to me. fills the sky with its thick, damp, white spores, coating everything in thick white globs. They drain the heat from their surroundings, as well as causing severe cold-like symptoms in those who inhale them, eventually culminating in what resembles severe hypothermic shock. It adopts a “frosty the snowman” sort of persona, encouraging children to enjoy playing in the “snow”

Witch Way / Miss Direction- A cackling hag that manipulates perception, disorienting and confusing her victims. right becomes left, up becomes down, ect.

Gross Michael / Bananapocalypse- Not much going on with this guy other than being hilarious and Horrifically Radioactive when he opens up that hazmat suit. based on a bunch of things that overlap fairly nicely. tried to evoke a very subtle “planet of the apes” vibe

Esofrogus / Halitoadis- based on the expression “a frog in your throat” and biology class dissection day. causes various body-horror shenanigans, from bad breath to getting your face turned inside out

감기에 걸렸을 때

증상 - symptoms 


콧물이 나오다 - to have a runny nose.

코가 막히다 - to have a blocked nose.


목이 아프다 - to have a sore throat.

목이 붓다 (부어요 - irregular conjugation ) - to have a swollen throat. 

목이 쉬다 - to have a hoarse throat [a frog in your throat]. 

가래가 나오다 - to cough up phlegm.


기침이 나오다 - to have a cough.

열이 나다 - to have a fever.


fandom: monsta x
member/reader: hyungwon, female, 
genre/warning(s): smut, hitman!hyungwon, slight mention of death/killing
length: 3K+
summary: [request] in which hyungwon wears a very nice suit and you break one of your rules
a/n: reupload bc i accidentally deleted in my cleaning spree of doom

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chaos pt. 1

no one asked for this but me being me did it anyway. because motivation happens and the Writing Voice must be listened to. ill probably do multiple parts, if anybody reads it at all. so hey. let me know. dont be shy. 

is a fic taking place after a movie that hasnt yet been released weird? yes. will it be completely discounted by the actual movie when it comes out? probably. do i care? no.

peter parker au in which the reader makes a deal for his life during Infinity War

part 1/?

word count: 1.4k


6 months ago Thanos came to earth and brought destruction with him. 6 months ago, someone else came down with him. 6 months ago, you made a deal to save the life of Peter Parker.

6 months ago, he went missing.

You’ve kept what you did a secret. You cried with May, gave the police tons of statements that included almost the whole truth, mourned with Ned and Michelle.

Because while you’re the reason Peter isn’t dead, you’re the reason he’s gone. Somehow, someway, you missed the fine-print on the contract you never saw, and it gave the woman who took him the power to take him away.

He’s alive. You know he is. But you can’t tell anyone how you know.

It’s been six months. And the guilt is eating at you. Maybe, if you told someone, they could find him. Maybe there’s something they could do. Maybe is a lot better than the nothing that’s happening right now.

It is that which brings you to the Avengers building tonight, tapping your feet anxiously as you wait for the elevator to let you out.

One night a week, everyone gathers to watch some movie that takes them ages to agree on. You used to come with Peter, but after the battle, and after he disappeared, you stopped coming to the complex at all.

You haven’t been back here since.

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SPIDERMAN AAAAHH i just saw the movie this brings me so much joy okay peter gets a cough or a cold or something not really that major and mr stark notices but doesn't say anything because he's like 'he'll tell me if he needs something' or whatever then when peter goes to get a drink or the bathroom idk FRIDAY is just like 'Mr Parker has a temperature of .... ' or 'needs urgent medical assistance' or smth

(This is a sweet ass prompt, anon. And I’m all for Tony trying to be a suave dad like “I must test him” and that fails horribly lmao bc Peter is a stubborn’s some more Spiderman! Also u might notice I’ve incorporated the tom holland meme discretely lol)

When Tony first discovered Peter through that YouTube video, he had seen him as a talent. A potential colleague in the future, a team mate and someone he could help along find their footing. But Tony had never anticipated what had come for him instead.

Instead what Tony found was a kid. A kid who was without a doubt, certainly a talent and special, but he was a kid. He was lost, he had issues, he was a misfit who desperately wanted to be like everyone else and didn’t exactly love himself. Peter had been exposed to the horrors of the world too soon; having lost his Uncle, who had been his father figure quite recently. He had daddy issues, and Tony was no stranger to those. In those eyes Tony saw himself years ago, a boy trying to pave his way through a misguided childhood, and trying to come out of it a man.

Tony had people who had helped him along the way, mentors, friends, the like. And for them, Tony would eternally be grateful. Tony could only hope he could be the same for Peter, because he deserved it. He really was a good kid.

A bond had grown between them, and Tony had grown caring and protective. This had not been his plan at all. He was unprepared, making it up as he went. Tony had no clue what it was like, what it took to become a father figure. Hell, how would he know something he never even had? Even so, he had made it a mission to make sure Peter could have something as close as possible. He knew he would come up short, but damn well Tony would try his hardest despite that.

Tony would try and push communication with Peter. What he recognised in Peter was the struggle to reach out to others, in fear of perhaps rejection or belittlement or the fear he would not be understood. When Peter did rarely reach out, he very much held back. Tony wanted Peter to be more open, so he could achieve this connection with others he longed to have.

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The heartbroken Fuckmonster - Cassidy (Preacher) + Reader Insert

Originally posted by showme-yourfears

ok ok ok this is not Gotham BUT I do know many of you, who could/would/should enjoy some Cassidy smut anyhow !

After a long abstinence from SMUT (yeah you heard me right) I wrote this for @amandajuly81 and @muchsolo

I integrated some lyrics from “Flesh - Simon Curtis” - I simply had to !!!

Tagging: @penguinsweetest, @gothams-darkest-desires, @red-panda-on-the-loose @aya-fay and @queencobblefreezestuff <3

Warnings/TWs.: smutty mature content, rough sex, biting, blood

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Flock Together

Part 2

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Summary: Steady as they go, Revali and Reader are learning. 
Word count: 1773

Ever since the failed pursuit of the shrine in the snowy lands, things between you and Revali seemed different to put it mildly. Surprisingly, your difference of fighting techniques melded perfectly together, but that should be expected as train fighters the instinct was engraved. He was still proud just as much as you were, but since the talk on the cold night, he had been trying his best not to be such a jerk and vice versa. Everyone of the group started to mention how refreshing it was the verbal arguments have stopped. Princess Zelda poured her gratitude and concerns when you both came back after the incident. At the time you would have readily agreed with her and say it really seemed as the two of you had bury the hatch.

Unfortunately, the relationship with Revali was still in the works. Some days hadn’t changed at all, in fact, thinking back to muttering obscenities at him because he pushed your buttons a little too far. Then the one time you just weren’t feeling social, but Revali wouldn’t have it. He used the end of his bow repetitively tapping your shoulder annoying you to the point of chucking his bow off the cliff. To be fair, you were the one to retrieve it, but afterwards, he didn’t speak to you for a few days. It was fine, you told yourself, the cold shoulder was earned so no room for complaints…You didn’t miss him one bit. Nope.

For Revali, if you mention being skilled in something, he had the nerve to interject stating his incredible feats. His vocabulary was, of course, more advanced than yours, and he’d picked on some of your annunciations. Revali had gotten defensive, you recalled, squawking a bountiful of excuses, all incoherent, because you retaliated asking where he received his education both in academics and athletics. That was a hard day, indeed, you just ended up walking away.

However, you were still curious to the extent of his discipline, and in your hopes asking for his guidance would commence a truce to end all the squabbles, and hopes heightened when he agreed. Despite the cute notion, he turned out to be strict, a harsh critic and overall being completely unreasonable. Sure, archery had never been your strong point, your were better with melee weapons instead of range, but you still felt he needed to ease up a little. By your standards, you were improving quite well, but his choice of euphemism said otherwise.

It seemed the only times Revali and yourself could be around each other peacefully was out of sparring and training. When away from all the action he could be charming and, astonishingly, a thrill to be around. His infallible knowledge of literature was mind blowing, and on those rare occasions he would enthusiastically read stories to you, voices and all.  He could be really endearing… maybe he pulled a couple of chuckles from you too..

“Good Hylia, there is nothing in this world that cannot convince me you have the attention span of a moblin on look out. ”

Sigh, then again….

Stretching your lips thin and glancing over to Revali sitting on the railings of the flight deck, he peered down from his beak raising a brow, and flapped his wing gesturing ‘hop to it’. That Rito sure could make your eyes roll in exasperation. So, facing your back to the drop off, you mockingly saluted Revali before letting gravity to take hold. Adrenaline coursed through your veins as you fell backward into the wind swept ravine and quickly pulled your glider from its clasp.

The sudden air draft flung you into the air and you waited for the right moment before letting the glider collapse in itself, a safety line attached to your shoulder strap, and aimed for two bullseyes. You were able to shoot another barrage of arrows before panicking and opening up your glider again. This time around, you allowed yourself to fly a littler higher and attempted another shot, but then felt the sensation of plummeting flooding your senses again, and quickly got the glider out.

The draft allowed you to float back over to the deck and were met with a cackling Rito. Why that feather-brain-- No, no. You told yourself and inhaled while gripping your fists, and then glowered at Revali while he hunched over trying to regain his breath. “Is that what you call poise? My goodness, ah haha, your-your eyes were so wide.” He spread his wing feathers by his eyes mimicking unrealistic proportions. Squinting and curling your top lip, the usual action would be chucking his bow, and boy did you want to, but to show him up you had to be the better person. That meant ignoring his ridiculous taunts.

“Oh,ha ha, mocking-jay,” You allowed yourself that one shot, relishing in it as poor as it was. You then went to tell him to finish teaching when a strong blast of air swept under your glider, casting it to open, and promptly lifted you in the air!

You didn’t have the time to process what the hell happened as the deck, and the stunned Revali, began to shrink from view. By the time that you snapped out of it there was nothing you could do, the safety line to prevent losing the glider was twisting around all the way down wringing along the collar of your shirt. It slowly constricted around your neck, squeezing under your jaw making it difficult to call for help.

Suddenly the draft came to a halt, and the pressure under your jaw lessened while the glider fell after you. With a rush of desperation you clambered for the line and trapped shirt, but were having no pinick in the field reeling the glider in with it whipping about. Thousands of thoughts swarmed your head, panic setting in and wishing a powerful updraft would save you. The whipping line snaked around your wrist cutting off circulation and in that moment all pride to the wind, you began screaming for Revali while falling to the depths of the ravine. Tears of fear began trickling into the air with the only thing on your mind was wishing you had been a better person. “I am so sorry! I’m sorry! Revali! Everyone! I am so sorry!!”  

However, just when you were about to accept your fate, you were pulled from your descent, but the fear had already set in making the appeal of opening your eyes out of the question. It wasn’t until you felt the tips of your boots touch solid ground did you peek an eye open. At first, all there was to see was feathers and a chest plate, and wiggled your gloved hands against the feathers while you slowly came back to reality. A smooth chuckle resonated above you and were pulled from your savior. Revali cocked his head to the side to give you a taunting look and teasingly baby talked, “My, my…Grieving like that when you are in no danger, but it was so precious calling my nam- AH!”

You didn’t give him time to complete his sentence as you shoved him away. The pounding of your heart still hadn’t ceased while tears continued to weld up and bottom lip quivered. He raised a brow at you looking unbearably offended and snapped, “That is uncalled for, [Name]!”

Tiny beads trickled down your face, and with poor attempts tried wiping them away with the hem of your collar. You were truly miffed, and couldn’t believe how uncaring he seemed to be! So self absorbed! Through hyperventilating and frogs caught in your throat, you croaked out the best you could, “It wasn’t, you asshole! I don’t have the ability to fly like you do! I don’t have that sense of security of-of wings! I like to see you in my place!” Your voice cracked as you continued to let your frustrations out, “I am scared, okay?!”

Silence had fallen between you, the only sounds of the chimes hanging off the rafters and your unsettled breathing. Pitifully, you gazed at his eyes, and shrugged muttering, “I didn’t think you’d save me.”

Genuine surprise shown on Revali’s face while he took a step toward you and attempted to place a wing on your shoulder, but you gently pushed it away. “Why would you think that- no… you would think that.” His usual condescending tone grew sincere, and sighed heavily when he ran feathers over his face, “See here… I know you think I am incorrigible, but I will have you know I am not the person you believe me to be.” He took a step closer not once his eyes wavered from yours, and gently collected your trembling hand, “We do have our fits of competitive streaks, and..yes… be quite childish to each other, but you are my comrade of arms!” He slowly stroke the top of your gloved hand and coughed, “A-and it is only right that I save you. As you saved me.”

For some reason, his words did not sooth you and only created a hollow place in your chest.  All you could do was unconsciously click your tongue looking off to the side. The adrenaline finally simmered although nerves felt frayed. Slowly the onslaught of pure embarrassment started kicking in. You rubbed your hands roughly over your face, smacking your cheeks a few times before staring ahead devoid of emotions. “Perhaps we should call it a day, Revali. I think I had my fill.” Revali went to speak but you promptly started walking off. Each step you took the more the void within your chest grew, and all you wanted was to crawl in your yurt and not think about your entire existence.

Large wings wrapped around your form, pulling you back into a chest. Your bottom lip quivered just slightly when Revali spoke in your ear, “I am sorry. I know that was not what you wished to hear…”  His wings snugged around tighter and you let your head fall back onto his shoulder. “I would have saved you comrade, friend, or even…” He sighed while your heart skipped, and brought your gloved hand to rest upon the wing cupping your side. “I…still cannot bring myself at times to say the things I truly wish to say. I know it hurts you, but I promise one day I will get there.”

“No.” Your tone low, and felt his body jolt in surprise, “One day, we’ll both get there.” He let his body sag on to you and assumed he was pleased at the thought.

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You know which characters + the flu and... On an airplane..? 8 ) -s (why are they on a plane..? Good question)


IiihhPPXNT! Uuh…

Joseph sniffles, digging through his coat pocket for a packet of tissues. He finds the last unopened pack, despite leaving the airport with five. The plane isn’t even close to arriving at the target destination.

“You gonna survive the flight?” Robert chuckles before a harsh fit of coughing.

Maybe taking a flight to visit Val while sharing the flu wasn’t such a good idea. If the two hadn’t already purchased tickets ahead of time, they could have easily rescheduled. Joseph at least trusts Val to understand, although Robert approaches the possibility more cautiously.

Robert doesn’t even want to let Val know he and Joseph are under the weather. Coming from him, he imagines it would be easy for Val to interpret it as an excuse to not see her. He doesn’t even want Joseph to be the one to tell her that, feeling like having him speak on his behalf would make matters even worse.

“Why is the plane’s air on? It’s freezing.” Joseph wishes the blankets he had packed weren’t in the bag that was whisked away into the luggage area, potentially never to be seen again. 

“That’d be your chills again.” Robert places a hand on Joseph’s forehead, but can’t really tell a difference given his own fever. “I think we’re done for.”

“Looks like I’ll have to baptize you with an overpriced airplane water bottle then.” Joseph chuckles, ruffling Robert’s hair. “In all serious, I hope we do feel at least a little better when we see Val.” He takes a moment to blow his nose, comfortable enough around Robert to not attempt to silence himself, but polite enough to be courteous about the noise, considering the other passengers.

“I feel like I might take you up on that offer, though, providing the water’s cold.” Robert removes his coat, but only makes it halfway off before his phone vibrates.

It’s Val.

“Are you picking that up?”

Robert frowns when he discovers Val is calling using the video chat app. Normally he wouldn’t mind this; it was nice to see his daughter’s face, after all, but to put it nicely, Robert is a complete mess right now. He sighs and toughens up, though, since maybe Val wouldn’t notice his glossy eyes or pink tinted nose with a tiny phone camera.

“Wow, dad. Did the Dover Ghost get you?” Are the first words from Val as soon as Robert answers.

“W-Why would you ask that?” Robert tries to keep it cool, pretending he wouldn’t have the slightest idea what she could be referring to.

“You got a frog in your throat, too?”

“Haha! I told you I’m not the only one who says that.” Joseph comments off-screen, followed by another nose-blow.

“This is how I normally talk.” Robert insists, but he knows Val too well to assume she’ll fall for that.

“Just say you’re not feeling well. It’s not that hard.”

Joseph pokes his head in to peek at the screen, waving at Val.

“It is hard. Took until our flu test results came in to even admit to me he’s sick.” He whispers before ducking out. The congestion in his head is too much to keep in phone-peeking position.

“You guys both have the flu?”

“Well, Father Bigmouth let it loose. You caught us.”

Joseph giggles at the ‘Father Bigmouth,’ as does Val.

“When you guys get here, I’ll set up the guest room for a ‘flu bug paradise,’ then. My girlfriend came up with the idea last Fall.” Val lifts up a bottle of brandy for Robert to see. “We got your favorite remedy, too.”

“So the mystery’s solved: we are related.”

“When was that a doubt?”

“When I read about cryptids that stole babies and replaced them with lookalikes.”

“Dad, just get some rest.”

When Val hangs up, Joseph surprises Robert with a nuzzle against his shoulder.

“Your daughter loves you so much.”

“It wasn’t always that way.” Maybe it’s the fever making him emotional, but Robert can feel a warmth behind his eyes.

“Hey, hey… shhh…” Joseph’s voice softens. “Just think about the call you just had. And we’re staying with her for the week. Things are clearly getting better, and that’s what matters.”

“God, why are you so good at this thing?”

“You started your sentence with the answer.”

“Joey, you… Jesus nerd.”

Robert would have thought of something more creative if he was in good health, he’s certain of that. But for now, he’s more than ready to doze off, and Joseph soon follows.



Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary:  Snapshots of your relationship with Steve over the days of the week.

Warnings: implied smut, some cursing

A/N: Woah finished my first series! I thought I would end on some real tooth rotting fluff. Thank you all so much for reading! ~J 


Originally posted by visitgreece-gr

The birds chirping outside wake him up in the morning. He feels you pressed up against his side and he smiles, gently stroking down your back. He looks down at you cuddled into his side and his lips turn into a small smile. He always loved the way you looked in the morning. Face peaceful, hair all over the place, he loves the way you would burrow into his side. He can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years together. 7 of the happiest years of his life.

He can’t help himself when he goes to kiss your forehead, and then along your jaw. He chuckles when he feels you start to stir and hears your groan. He looks up into your bright eyes and smiles.

“Morning darlin’” his voice in the morning never fails to make you shiver.

“Morning” you smile up at him and press your lips to his.

One kiss becomes two, that turn from slow and lazy to more urgent and passionate. Steve draws away from you, kisses your nose before he sighs and sits up in bed. Just in time for the door to burst open and two excited toddlers come rushing into your room. You giggle as you see them try to climb onto your bed and you lift Sarah up with ease as Steve does the same with James. You attack your daughter with kisses as she squeals and tries to roll away.

“What are you two doing out of bed so early hmm?” you hear Steve ask the the four and 2 and a half year olds. They look between each other for a second before they start screaming for pancakes.

“Ok, Ok, daddy’s going. I’m going” he laughs as he settles James into your side and hops out of bed. The children cheering as they watch their father get ready. You laugh at their incoherent babbling and pick up both Sarah and James to get them ready for the day.

As soon as Jamie is dressed he runs down the stairs with you and Sarah on your hip following behind. He runs right into Steve’s legs and whines until Steve grins and picks up him.

“Always Daddy’s little helper huh bug?” he kisses Jamie as Jamie attempts to put more batter into the pan. You pull up a step stool and allow Sarah to help you cut the fruit for the salad, really just letting her munch on them.

You all fall into an easy rhythm, well rehearsed from the many Sundays spent just like this. Jamie and Steve make the pancakes, adding blueberries or chocolate chips in, as Steve also makes eggs and turkey bacon. You and Sarah would whisk the eggs, cut the fruit and set the table. Before long, you were all sitting at the table. The kids wolfing down their pancakes and syrup. Sarah would feed Steve food from her plate as he tried to help her, and Jamie would babble on about the latest babysitting adventure his namesake took him on.  

As soon as the kids were done, they would whine until Steve excused them from the table and they went and played in the other room. You laughed when you saw the bit of blueberry stuck on his cheek from Sarah and boldly licked it off of him.

“Y/N!” he laughed, “save it for the bedroom!”.

You wiggle your brows at him and kissed him with all you had. When you felt him slump towards you, drunk on the kiss, you pulled away and grabbed dishes to put into the sink.

“Y/N” Steve whines as he follows you with the remaining dishes.

“If you’re good. I’ll give you a little treat tonight” you wink at him and his jaw falls slack.

“I’m going to keep you to your word then Mrs. Rogers”

“Be my guest” you say as you fling some suds at him. Before he could retaliate, Sarah comes stumbling into the kitchen with Jamie hot on her trail.

“Beach!” she shrieks as Jamie runs around the island yelling please at the top of his lungs.

“Ok! If you can all be quiet until we get there. No more shrieking” he laughs as he grabs Jamie and flips him upside down.

You smiled as you grab Sarah and take Jamie up to get their swimsuits on as Steve finished the dishes.

Cold water splashing on you woke you from your nap. You gasped as you sat up and saw Jamie giggling as Steve sheepishly rubbed his neck.

“James!” you shouted as you reached for him.

“It was daddy! It was daddy!” he yelled as he tried to get away from you.

“Steve!” you yelled as you raced towards him. Faint “Get him mommy” rang out as you neared Steve and jumped on his bare, toned back. He laughed and started running towards the water. You yelped as the cold water hit you and clung to Steve even more.

“Don’t you dare” but you were interrupted when Steve dropped your legs and your whole body fell in.

When you surfaced you couldn’t hide you smile as Steve laughed and pulled you in for a kiss. You both continued even as you heard Jamie’s ewws from the shore.

You hear little giggles and Steve’s high voice as he tried to mimic Cinderella as you walk up the stairs. Leaning on the kids’ bedroom door, you see Steve, Jamie, and Sarah all cuddled around the book he was reading. Sarah fussed with her wet hair and Jamie’s dripped onto Steve’s shoulder. You smiled as you reached for Sarah, pulled her into your lap and started to braid her hair.

As the story drew to a close, Sarah was already asleep, sucking her thumb as she laid on your chest. You looked over and saw that Jamie was yawning and fighting to keep his eyes open, but as soon as Steve closed the book, he was out.

Steve chuckled as he tucked Jamie in and pressed a kiss to his soft forehead. You gently laid Sarah on her big girl bed and did the same, before the two of you switched.

Shutting the door and closing the lights on the way out, you reached up to cling to Steve’s neck. Instantly, he started carrying you to the bedroom while leaving open-mouthed kisses on your neck.  

He put you down as entered the bedroom and you moved out of reach.

“Y/N” he whined “I’ve been good all day”.

You laughed as you pressed a kiss to his pout and walked towards the closet.

“Wait right there. I promise you it’s worth it” you wink.

Steve, never listening to you, decides to tidy up the room. Picking up the toys that Sarah and Jamie brought in and putting them on your dresser, cleaning up the clothes that were on the ground and the wet towel that Sarah dropped when she ran away from Steve.

He felt you tap his ass as he was bent down and his jaw dropped when he looked at you. You had on a red lacy bra with sheer matching panties.

“Ta-da” you sing as you stretch your arms out.

Steve stares for a minute before he breathes out a wow and attacks you.

“Y/N” you hear Steve whisper. After two rounds of passion and another round of just fucking, you were worn out. You let out a hum but keep your eyes closed as your head lays on his strong chest. You feel his fingers stroking down you back and his gaze on you.

You look up to see his bright blue eyes pouring into yours.

“Thank you” he says with so much emotion that you feel tears forming.

“For what?” you say as you try to dislodge the frog in your throat.

“For this, for everything. For being the best and hottest wife. For our children who are amazing. For this life that makes me so happy my face wants to split from the smiling” he says as he earnestly looks you in the eyes.

“For so long I thought I wouldn’t have this, but then you showed up and I couldn’t stay away. And I’m so glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have Sarah and Jamie and just this amazing life. All because of you” and he kisses away the tears that had started to roll down your cheeks.

“I love you” you say into his lips.

“I love you too” he says as he goes in for round 4.  

Cat got your tongue

Have you ever been better
Writing down each letter
Not the kind that you mail….
Forming words that prevail

Fat frog stuck in your throat
Fumbling that muted note
Inner voice trapped within
Pain hides behind your grin

Ride your bike while in tears
Fresh air has helped for years
When truth you yearn to know
Might water pain that grows

Have you ever been quite better
Penning a paper letter?
Spoken words color you blue,
Gripping your throat, choking you

He Promised

Originally posted by johns-boyega

Requested: By some evil anon that wanted to rip out my heart. (Thank you :))

Pairings: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: Scarif may be done for, but Y/N has a few last words for the love of her life.

Warnings: angST, character death, Rogue One spoilers

Word Count: 1,034

A/N: I don’t know what happened. This is that fastest that I have ever written an imagine, and I almost made myself cry?? This man is going to be the death of me.

This wasn’t happening.

He was the best spy that you had and even when he went away, you knew in your heart that he was going to come back. He promised.

He was strong. Strong willed, strong minded. He was supposed to come back to you. “Cassian?” you called into his ear piece. You had never been so grateful for them. You had thought that you were thankful after all of the countless times that you guided him through Empire territory, but now, you were thanking whatever god that there may be that you were there for him.

“Y/N?” he was out of breath. You knew that he had been injured, but at this point he sounded like he was floating away. “Is that you?”

“Yes, Cass it’s me.” You felt the tears streaming down your cheeks. People all around you were breathing quiet sighs of relief. The plans had made it through, you had just an inkling of hope again. It was exactly what the rebellion needed. But you needed him.

“I’m so sorry.” He said quietly. His voice was so soft that you almost couldn’t hear him.

“It’s okay, Cass. You don’t have to apologize.” The tears were coming harder now, but there was no way in hell that Cassian was going to be able to hear them. He needed you now, and by all means you were going to be there for him.

“I just want to say-”

“Don’t act like this is goodbye.” You said, the words coming out more harshly than you had expected. “I can’t handle it if you act like this is goodbye.”

His breathing was growing heavier. This was bad. This was very, very bad. You had been praying in the back of your mind for a miracle, maybe since the day that you had met him. Just one crazy miracle of your own. That both of you were going to make it through this. That you were going to walk out the other side with Cassian’s hand in yours.

But there is a reason that they are called miracles. They don’t come around often.

“Y/N?” Cassian’s voice called you back to reality.  

“Hmm?” you hummed, knowing that if you tried to form words he would hear the frog in your throat. You weren’t going to tell him that you were crying. You were going to give him one last grace while he was still in this universe, if it was the last thing that you did.

“If this isn’t goodbye, then what is it?” Leave it to him to make you laugh at a time like this. But it wasn’t a laugh that lifted spirits. It reminded you of the tension that was making your body seize up.

“It’s… see you later.” You said after a moment of thought. If the force was real, and you knew in your heart of hearts that it was, then you would be seeing each other again.

“I better not be seeing you for a long time.” He said, his voice still soft, but a new edge of determination had peeped through.

Of course, even at a time like this, he was trying to protect you. To make sure that you were going to be okay. Next to the rebellion, he cared about you. Sometimes he would lie and say that you came before the rebellion, and sometimes, you like to pretend that it was true.

“I love you.” you said, before realizing that you hadn’t said anything loud enough for him to heat you. The tears were coming in hordes now, and you had to take a moment to catch your breath. “I love you.” you said again, wanting to be sure that he heard it.

“I love you more,” he said, and you could hear the smile in his voice. Maybe that was your miracle. He was smiling. Not as big of a miracle as you had hoped for, but you were grateful for what you were granted. If the universe gave you a smile, you were hardly going to turn up your nose at it.

“I love you most.” You replied.

“Just this once, maybe let me win?”

It was the same joke that he had made countless times before, insisting that there was no way that you could possibly love him more than he loved you. He had taken his hand in yours, laying it over his heart. “You feel that?” he would say. “It’s all yours.”

You laid your hand over your own heart now, reminding yourself that it was still beating. “Alright, Cassian, you love me most.”

“Of course I do. All yours love.” You knew that his hand was on his heart as well. You couldn’t explain how, you just knew. “Promise me that you are going to-”

“Cassian?” Your heart was out of control. “Cassian?” You asked one more time. But you knew. It had only been a matter of time.

The blood was roaring in your ears, and you knew that there was no reason to stop the tears. They flowed freely, racking your body with sobs. You felt yourself shaking, unable to stop yourself. You felt helpless.

Cassian was gone. They were all gone. ‘Rogue One’ as they had named themselves. Their mission had succeeded, but what of those that left on it.

Every single one of them was never coming home. Never going to kiss their loved ones again. Never going to make a snide comment about the Empire, or cause you a headache with all of the whining. Everything they had ever been and ever could have grown to be, had just been obliterated.

You were spiraling down a dark path. One that Cassian would have hated to see.

So, even though you wanted to lay down on the floor and cry until you ran out of tears, you wiped your cheeks and removed your earpiece.

You had two options, you could have yourself a pity party, or you could get to work. You knew which one Cassian would have chosen. You had the death star plans, but better yet, you had something that only Cassian could have found a way to give you.

You had hope.

Get Well Soon

Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader
Words: 610
Request: Hi!! I’m SO(!!!!!!) happy you do poly ham fics, because I think I’ve read every single one 😂 Can I ask for one with a seriously ill reader, who keeps like putting it off as I’m fine (when she’s very obviously not)? Thank you, much love! 

I’ve uploaded a lot today bc i won’t be able to upload tomorrow. I scored a job interview and i’m gonna be stressing over that aka no time for writing. i hope you’ll all understand.

enjoy! requests are always open


You had just returned from your production rehearsals, and you were beginning to notice that the tickle in your throat was becoming more like a frog. You took a seat on the couch, yawning loudly and turning on the TV.

Lafayette emerged from his room, smiling when he saw you. “Mon amour!” He exclaimed, climbing over the back of the couch and sitting next to you. You smiled, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Hi Laf. Where are the others?” You asked, starting to scroll through Netflix.

“Toujours dehors, je crois,” He stated, wrapping an arm around you. (Still out, I believe).

You sneezed loudly, sniffling slightly. You wiped your nose on your sleeve. “Mon amour, are you getting the fever?” He asked, pouting slightly. He pulled off his jumper, attempting to force it onto you. You giggled quietly, shaking your head.

“It’s just a single sneeze Laf, and I’ve got a bit of a tickle in my throat. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix,” You stated, giving Lafayette his jumper back.

“I don’t think that you should be taking chances, mon amour. You’ve been rehearsing a lot lately, and the best thing you can do is rest.”

“Yeah, don’t be like Alexander,” John said. You jumped, turning to see him leaning against the door. “How long have you been here?” You asked, raising your eyebrow. John shrugged, sitting in your lap.

“Doesn’t matter, what matters is that you recover from whatever’s ailing you. Whether it’s sickness, health, or whatever else you’re supposed to deal with in a relationship, we’re gonna make it better,” John said, grabbing your hands. You rolled your eyes.

“I’m not sick. If you’re all going to treat me like I am, I’m going to bed,” You stated, pushing John off and storming off to your room.

But as usual, your lovers were always right about your health.

You awoke the next morning with a burning in your throat and an extremely wet nose. You slowly got out of bed as your alarm went off, slapping the off button with you hand. You went out into the kitchen, smiling when seeing Alexander by the coffee machine.

“Long night?” You croaked, going to the cupboard and grabbing the cereal.

“I haven’t slept in a week,” Alexander replied, taking the mug once it was ready and beginning to drink the caffeinated drink. “You don’t sound so good yourself.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine. I’ve just gotta-“ You interrupted yourself with a loud coughing fit.

“(Y/N), that doesn’t sound fine to me. You need to stay home,” Alexander said, putting his cup down and wrapping an arm around you.

“But I have so much to get done, I don’t have time for a break,” You stated.

“Are you still trying to pretend you’re not sick?” John asked, walking into the kitchen and taking the cereal box off you. He wrapped you in his arm, pulling Alexander into the hug with him. “We wanna take care of you.”

“But I’m not sick! Please, just let me get to work,” You whined, pushing away from Alex and John. “Why won’t you listen?” You started to cough again, grabbing onto the bench.

John rolled his eyes, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder. He took you into Hercules’ room, tucking you into bed next to him. Hercules shifted beside you, wrapping his arms around you. You pouted. “Guys, I have things to do.”

“It’s your sick day (Y/N). We’ll take care of you, we promise,” Alexander said, pressing a kiss to your forehead. John finished tucking you in, pushing a strand of hair out of your eyes. “Get well soon, (Y/N).”

anonymous asked:

How bout an angst scenario where Teba's hylian s/o is willing to help him defeat Vah Medoh but due to a selfless act of self sacrifice the s/o is killed in the process dying in his arms (wings?) which is why Teba is so serious and determined to defeat Medoh. :')

[A/N: I shouldn’t have listened to this song while writing this ;A; I changed it to a ground fight against bokoblins as I was having trouble figuring out how Hylian!reader would even be able to fight against Vah Medoh without having to rely on Teba. I’m sorry it’s not exactly what you wanted, but this worked better for me! ;~;]

Sacrificing yourself for Teba

 They were coming in hordes, bokoblins and moblins alike, surrounding the Rito Village. Teba had been taking the offense in the sky and shooting down each enemy with his trusted bow. He was injured from their own aerial attacks and one attack had brought him down with a catapult, but Teba was relentless and powered through his growing pain. He flew down to with his other fellow warriors, each of them worn for wear as well.

 “You three will need to take the South End. You four, I need you back at the village, cut down the bridge! Protect the children! I’ll stay here.”

 “What can I do?”

 Teba whipped around staring wide-eyes at you, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here, [Name]?!”

 You gave him a stern gaze and held your ground as he came to hover over you. You held your shield and sword at your side, puffing out your chest to fight his harsh glare. “I am here to fight.”

 His eyes grew sharp, “No. You. Are. Not.” He leaned in close with his wing going to grab your shield and you pulled away. “You will be in the way! Go back to the village, I need you there!”

 “I am not leaving you! You are injured! You won’t last long out there!” You yelled back, taking a step away from him to show him that you were not going to obey.

 He growled under his breath and pinched the bridge of his beak, “This is not a game, [Name]!”

 “NEITHER IS YOUR LIFE!” You bellowed, one foot stomping on the ground while your voice echoed over the ravine. He looked taken back, never seen you so upset before. You clicked your tongue and flung a knife behind him, stabbing a moblin right in the mouth. You gave him a hard stare, letting your shoulders sag, “Don’t think you’re some big shot who has to fight everyone alone….”

 Teba did not know what to think, but he knew he certainly did not want you here; even if he sent all his warriors to protect the village leaving himself to fend off the oncoming attacks. He gripped his wing in frustration and shook his head. “I know you think I am being hard headed, [Name], but this time will you please listen to me?”

 You weren’t staring at him, leaving him confused by your startled expression. When he turned his head to look behind him, his own eyes widened. A clutter of flaming arrows was raining down your way and adrenaline kicked in. Teba went to turn and fly away only to stop remembering you were there. However, before he could turned to save you, your voice screamed out


 You grabbed him by the scruff of his armor and with every strength you could possess, tossed Teba over the ravine and away from the barrage of the arrows. Teba watched frozen in a state of shock as he fell, the cliff side blocking his view as the arrows came down. He could hear you cry out and it shook him from his stunned state and flapped back up. To his horror the arrows laid waste to most of the grass and animals nearby. His eyes came to your form lying upon the ground as fire enveloped your body.

“[NAME]!!” He screamed out in alarm and swooped down towards you and used his wings to smother the flames. Once he made sure your body was free from the element, he gathered you into his arms. He cradle you while being mindful of the arrows protruding from your shoulder and…and the one in your neck. His warriors witnessing the whole event, ran by to fend off the bokoblins in hopes Teba could carry you away.

 “[Name], you foolish thing! I warned you!” He wanted to scream. He wanted to lay waste to every single vermin that did this to you. That brought this horrific and nightmare filled reality, but he couldn’t even bring himself to stand up to carry your injured body away. The blood pouring from the arrow in your neck, he did not want to admit it, but he knew this was it. He shut his eyes trying to prevent the onslaught of tears. He brought your hand to his beak and he nuzzled it. “Don’t leave me…” He whispered desperately.


 “Shhh, please don’t speak….save your energy. I’ll get you back to the village-”

 “No…” You meek voiced cut him off. The shine in your eyes was becoming dull and the pain you felt was melting away along with your vision. “Please….listen…Teba..please.”

 His throat clogged as he nodded his head, “I’m listening. I’ll always listen to you from now on, just please, stay with me.”

 “I want you to fall in love again.”

 Your words hurt him deeper than he could ever imagine and he almost let out a sob in retaliation. He shook his head, burying his face in the palm of your hand. “I can’t.”

 “You must…” Your eyes welled with tears, streams flooded down your cheeks. “D-don’t stop your life because mine is ending.”

 “It’s not. I won’t let it happen!” He spoke in a hushed voice, his voice beginning to crack.

 “Teba…I’m dying, p-please don’t be foolish. I feel it. I see it, please. Oh Hylia, please protect him.” You voice waned as you looked to the sky. It felt like the blood flowing through him stilled as he felt your body become limp. His breathing escalated, denying everything.

 He held your face and sobbed out, “I can’t throw my life away, but you can? Oh Hylia….why..”

 The village had won and days later everyone was preparing burials for those who had fallen. Teba stood above your grave, looking over the feathers and flowers left there from others. Part of him was having a hard time accepting your death, and each moment he hoped he’d see your smiling face. He swallowed the frog in his throat as he knelt and hung his head while placing his wing on top your tombstone.

 His fellow warriors and neighbors mourned for Teba’s loss. He was never the same after that, but he eventually found love again in Saki and had a child just like you wanted. He went on with his life, although there were times it felt hollow, but he was happy to have your blessing in the end. He doesn’t know where he’d be without his wife and child. He sometimes think he wouldn’t been able to go on if it wasn’t for them.

 But he still very much missed you…

anonymous asked:

Okay what about a scenario where Keith's s/o goes missing for a month and they meet up on a planet while his s/o is fixing the ship they were flying in and they're both just overcome with emotion because they've only got each other and they just hug each other and everyone in the team is happy to have them back

is it too much to ask for fluffy keith and s/o??? thank you so much!!

You dropped the wrench, ignoring the harsh sound it made as it clattered to th ground.

“Keith!” You sobbed, jumping onto the red paladin.

“You’re alive, my god, you’re alive,” Keith whispered, more to convince himself than anyone else.

You tried to choke back a sob, but to no avail. A tear ran down Keith’s cheek and dripped onto your shirt, leaving a dark mark on the worn fabric.

“Oh, Keith,” You croaked through the frog in your throat.

“I’m never letting you go, I promise,” Keith sighed, lips pressed against your cheek, vibrations leaving a familiar chill.

Lemme know why I almost got sent to Figgins for texting during class. I think these teachers live in a naive world if they don’t think we’re always on our phones. Sorry your class is boring, maybe make it more interesting and stop talking like you got a frog in your throat and then maybe I’d pay attention. Getting threatened to get sent there is such an empty threat at this point.

apocalyptichorsmen-deactivated2  asked:

Could you do a Pyro x Reader where he leaves the reader to join Magneto, but he comes back and he comforts her when she cries if that makes sense? thanks love !!

Title: Pretty When You Cry

Pairing: John Allerdyce/Pyro x Reader

Warnings: Crying, abandonment, cussing.

Author’s Note: I was listening to Pretty When You Cry why writing to this, so, of course thats the title.  I’m also going through something pretty similar to this, so thats why its kinda long. I got really into it.

He had left. It wasn’t the first time he left you, but this time hurt the most.

It hit you hard. The other times it didn’t phase you, and you had no idea why this one did.

Maybe it was because you knew he probably wouldn’t come back.

You were in your room, holding onto one of his old shirts he left. You held it close to your chest as tears trickled down your cheeks, biting your lip.

You buried your face in it, letting out a choked sob. You jumped as you heard a cough, whipping your head up to come face-to-face with John, standing in the doorway.

“Damn, you sure missed me.” He chuckled, but you had no response. You looked back down at the shirt, then throwing it at him.

He quickly dodged it, eyes widened, his hands flowing up in the air. “Well you’re sure pissed.” 

“How could you?” You finally spoke, your words shaking, taking in a large breath.

“You keep leaving. You keep, keep, leaving. I’m sick and tired of it. I love your stupid ass and it hurts me, don’t you ever think about my feelings? About how I feel about this shit?” You raised your voice, which caused his features to change into a surprised, but hurt, look.

He slowly sat next you on the edge of the bed, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. “I realized how much of a ‘stupid ass’ I am. Thats why I came back. I can’t stand it without you, Y/N. You have no idea what you do to me. I love you too.” 

His words made a sudden wave of butterflies fill your stomach, and your hands rubbed your thighs as you thought for a small moment.

“I still- I still don’t know if I can trust you again.” Tears fell down your cheeks, which he rubbed off with his fingertips.

“Please, baby, I’m sorry.” He said in a whisper, his face inches away from yours.

You couldn’t say anything. There was a frog in the back of your throat. You gulped, your eyes averting to the ground.

“Plus, you’re super pretty when you cry.” He said, which caused you to let out a small giggle. 

“Not that you’re not always pretty, though.” He said slowly, leaning in closer.

“I forgive you, Allerdyce.” 

I’ll wait for you, babe, thats all I do, babe
Because I’m pretty when I cry


Request: I saw this in an imagine castielxreader. castiel taking advantage of an obedience spell that was temporarily cast on you

A/N: I LOVED this request but I feel like this came out so terribly. I couldn’t come up with a single thing to write. It was one of those things where you could imagine it perfectly but couldn’t find the words to put it together. This also reminded me a lot of the movie Ella Enchanted haha. Anyway, I hope you like it anyways and feedback is always welcome :)

Author: Emily

Pairings: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Summary: A witch puts an obedience spell on you, and Castiel takes advantage of it.

Words: 1,015

part two with dean


You know something feels different the moment the witch finishes chanting, wicked fingers curled in your direction with a wide, toothy (albeit disgusting) smile across her face. This was a witch born with powers, and she was one of the uglier ones. You waltzed in with Castiel, ready to defeat her, with a mouth and a mind of your own.

You didn’t realize what she casted on you until you heard Castiel’s voice.

“Y/N, are you okay?” He demanded. It felt like there was a frog stuck in your throat, threatening to escape, and you couldn’t stop it. Your eyes drift hazily to the witch’s body laying in a lump on the floor. “Answer me!” Castiel demanded, worried eyes drifting over your body as you ran a hand down your throat.

“Yes,” you croak, but your eyes widen with fear. “There’s something wrong with me.”

Castiel walks over to you, confidence in his stride. He grabs your face and looks you up and down. “Stay still. This will hurt.” Suddenly, you feel your body to stiff and still, like a statue of some sorts. Castiel’s hand suddenly disappears inside of your abdomen, and you feel pain course through your entire being. You groan, face screwing together with pain.

He brings back his hand, with a soft pant. “An obedience spell.” He mutters, looking you up and down with distraught blue eyes that pierced through you.

Keep reading