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More Tiny Haikyuu!!’s !! Tumblr’s resizing is not kind to them, but I guess We’ll have to live with that…

Noya with bolt hair was an awesome concept that @flanelltees came up with! I had to use it me too!

Identity Crisis

I can’t be the only one who does this. That is, imagining certain palette swaps as completely different characters. As shown here, I sometimes jokingly refer to purple Charizard as Ridley. Green Greninja is Kermit the Frog, white (Light Suit) Samus is a storm trooper, and so on.

What perplexes me, though, is that characters like Lucina and Dark Pit began as alternate costumes in Smash before becoming their own separate character, yet Daisy hasn’t received similar treatment.

Oh well, perhaps in the next game.

  • Gajeel: (staring at Rogue's phone screen) You put a GPS on your exceed?
  • Rogue: I attached it to her frog suit, yes.
  • Sting: Why don't you just chip him like a little puppy?
  • Rogue: Okay, fine, you know what? I might not be as brave as you guys, but at least I know where Frosch is.
  • Sting: You should be happy. Frosch is heading out of school. Just like you said, but she's... uh... going towards Cherry Street... which is...
  • Rogue: that-- that's the wrong way...
  • Gajeel: Yeah, well, she's probably, ya know, talking to her friends or chasing a butterfly.
  • Sting: 35 miles an hour?
  • Rogue: Frosch is not that fast--
  • Rogue, Sting, Gajeel: (stands up and runs out of the room to follow the GPS signal)
  • Frosch: (enters the room through the back) Fro made it back home!
  • Frosch: (looks around and sees no one is around)
  • Frosch: Hello?

I took a nice dream to hang out with all the cool frogs in Froglake!! 10/10, I would visit again! Dream address: 6900-5392-2829 by jinglefruit  *:・゚✧ ☆

anonymous asked:

Why are Aquatic Mobile Suits the best designed?

Because the Zeon engineers conceived most of them by dropping acid in a Red Lobster. (In all seriousness tho, I feel like it’s because they pull a balancing act between clunky practicality and monstrous outlandishness - sure, they look bizarre and imposing and strangely cute, but it feels like you can look at each part and have a reasonable guess as to why it looks that way and what function it serves.)