frog get

Harry Styles being interviewed but every time he says “um” it gets faster

imagine wizarding universities tho

  • dodging ppl landing/taking off on their brooms
  • also the assholes that fly too low
  • muggleborns that still prefer skateboards/bikes
  • floo rush hours
  • when ppl stand around in the fireplace instead of immediately moving out of the way
  • running late but not being allowed to apparate bc several hundred times people miss their mark and land right in the middle of a class
  • being near that one person that smells v strongly like the magic equivalent of weed
  • when ppl bring their kids and they fuck shit up have accidental magic
  • muggleborns taking ge muggle studies and wanting to fight the outdated instructor
  • so many oral exams good god
  • you mourn the fact that time turners were destroyed while you’re trying to finish an essay 10 minutes before class
  • buying your own potions ingredients?? $ y $ i $ k $ e $ s $
  • trying to find books for research but they’re always floating around and incorrectly reshelving themselves
  • accio was banned in the library but everyone uses it anyway
  • ppl just have to practice constant vigilance to avoid the books flying to the spellcaster
  • the magic fucks w the phone signal and wifi
  • half the teachers dont accept typed work
  • getting lost on campus but the maps keep telling you different things
  • trying to have a snack but the chocolate frog gets away
  • accidentally bringing weasley’s wizard wheezes as a snack
  • comes to class 15 minutes late with pumpkin frappuccino

Please. I need it. I beg of you.

pledis: have more hidden male trainees to send to produce 101 (edit: pledis will send nu’est members to pd101)   

seventeen:  to appear on one fine day for the second time    

pristin:  will probably debut in march    


Look, chowder definitely is the type to take a picture of you whenever you’re in an embarrassing situation and it is the bane of nursey and dex’s existence they barely have time to process it before chowder’s phone is in his hand and he’s always so??? Cheerful?? When he does it??? They don’t even know why he does it because it’s not like he sends them to the group text or anything, but they know….. that if chowder ever got mad enough he has more than enough to blackmail the hell out of them

Bitty buys a kigurumi.

It’s a rabbit.

Face it. They live in draft central and Bitty is cold all the time. And those things are cute as hell. It takes him two days to find the courage to wear it downstairs, but one particularly cold morning, Ransom and Holster find him cooking in a fluffy bunny one-piece suit.

They freeze. Bitty glares.

‘I y’all start chirping me for this I swear to god I’ll-’

‘WHERE.’ shouts Ransom.


‘WHERE CAN WE FIND THAT’ yells Holster.

‘Huh, on the Internet?’

‘Does it come in purple??’ squeaks Ransom.

‘Boys. Boys. It comes in UNICORN.’

Holster and Ransom explode simultaneously.