frog costumes

Okay so I keep reading posts where the kids go out to buy Eri new clothes, which is great, but consider this:

Momo can make all sorts of stuff right? Including clothes. So what if she makes Eri some clothes?

Specifically: Momo makes Eri a copy of everyone’s costume because she saw the class training in them and thought they looked really cool. With that being said, may I present for your consideration:

Eri sticking her tongue out and playing leap frog in Tsuyu’s costume. (Tsuyu hugs her on sight and spends like an hour playing leap frog with her. Eri going “kero kero” is the highlight of her day.)

Running around in Bakugou’s costume going “Boom!” at random things and people. (He tries very very hard not to smile when he sees her doing this, and fails miserably. Then Eri yells out one of his “Bakugou-isms” and he runs over to get her to stop before someones hears her and he’ll get a lecture on controlling his mouth around her. Again.)

Sneaking around in Denki’s costume and zapping people with static while giggling. (Denki thinks this is the best thing ever, “Why didn’t I think of that?” He gets his answer when he tries it on Bakugou. He decides to leave the static zapping to the pros, like Eri.)

And a bunch of other cute stuff I can’t think about right now but imagine, Eri in every student’s costume.  

Today in Brazil we celebrate Carnaval! I had to draw Lúcio because I love both him and this holiday.
I tried to mix the “sambista” image with his original design and I’m happy with the result tbh.

I also drew him wearing a frog costume but I didn’t have the time to finish it

Anyway…Bom Carnaval a todos 😉🎉✌️

→ close-up:

  • Frogs are the only family friendly plague, so frog toys are everywhere at your table.
  • Everywhere.
  • This is true even if there are no children at the Seder. 
  • There are so many frogs you start to doubt the existence of other plagues. 
  • The plague of wild beasts was actually 100 frogs in a lion costume. 
  • The plague of livestock sickness was actually 100 frogs in a cow costume pretending to fall over.  
  • The plague of hail was lots of frogs doing cannonballs.
  • The plague of darkness was so many frogs they blocked the sun. 
  • The firstborns didn’t die, they just ran away to join roving gangs of intelligent frogs. 
  • F R O G S