The pain of Stanford Pines

Those frames cause me a lot of pain, just watch as he suffers from the actions that weighed him to that point in history.

He tries to deny them, he tries to evade them, he tries to convince himself that he can still encortrale a solution to his problems, but even in his dreams his mind has no peace because he knows the gravity of his actions.

And laments what things are currently, he was betrayed, hurt and he hurt those people he loved, the people with whom he developed affective bonds. He knows that his attempts to be someone better and to ignore the councils of his friends and those who love him are the actions that make feel bad,sad,hurt and weight en the deep of his mind.

For everything he spent, who would not have nightmares constantly, just look what the memory scanner says, the poor man needed to overcome those problems.


“Are you done?”

“Just a moment”

“You said that at least five moments ago.”

Bilbo squinted and hissed when Ori gave another little tap to the chisel he hovered in front of the hobbit’s chest. Bilbo couldn’t believed it. Only a handful of months before he wouldn’t have even thought about being shirtless amongst other people. But there he was, sitting on the hay of Beorn’s house, waiting for their ponies, shirtless in front of Ori and his inked chisel, receiving the first tattoo of his life.

“Don’t worry master Boggins, you’ll like it.” said Kili nodding to his brother. Of course the two rascals were present and part of the whole incident, they were the ones that convinced Bilbo to do that unbelievably inconsiderate madness and the ones that, with Ori’s help, decided what to tattoo on his skin. What would have everyone said  once back at home with longer hair, skinnier belly and a tattoo on his chest? Lobelia would have probably chased him away with a broom.

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