So yesterday afternoon I decided to fence fight with the Yorki behind us. I jumped up at the wooden fence and got my toenail stuck. I then panicked and ended up ripping my nail backwards, but not completely off. I went limping and crying inside to mommy, who then panicked and had daddy drive us to vet. Mommy cried a lot. I bled all over mommy, the table, the floor and the car. Now I am doped up on pain meds and antibiotics. It’s okay though, cause mommy has been carrying me around and loving on me. We’ve spent the past 24hours watching TV on the sofa, cuddled up in our nest of blankies.

Don’t worry about the dried blood on my bandage – I bled through at the vet but they said not to worry. It comes off Sunday morning. Then I will be getting two foot washes a day by mommy until I am all better.

Still Hurt

Update on my health:

As you know, a few weeks back I was fence fighting with the yorkie behind me when I broke my nail. The vet left it on and wrapped my foot. A week after I got the bandage off I snagged the nail on my daddy’s coat and ripped the nail at a right angle. It was yucky and my mommy almost puked.

We went back to the vet, saw a different doctor and she took the nail off then wrapped my foot. I had my bandage changed a week later, and then removed a week after that.

Last Sunday my mommy said my eyes looked bad and smelled weird so Monday we went back to the vet. Turns out I have an infection in both eyes.

So now my foot is better but I have to have antibiotic ointment squished into my eyes three times a day.

I have been having a bad Month.