Photo: Frode Sandbech

Yo Ståle, what’s good man, what are you doing right now?
Right now I just got home from a super fun weekend in Zurich at the

How’s your upcoming season looking like?
Don’t really know yet, but I’m sure I will ride a lot of contests, and I really want to film a bunch as well.

Anything you’re looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to the good times up on the hill with my buddies. Bluebird, powder and lots of fun!

So how was your summer? Any embarrassing stories?
My summer was pretty good. It rained a lot in Norway which kind of sucked, but the summer had its good times for sure. I also went to New Zealand and Bali which was super nice. I also jumped out of a plane! Not sure about any embarrassing stories, I probably wouldn’t remember any.

Best party you went to this summer and why?
It has to be the last night in Bali, it was just super good vibes with lots of friends and we had a lot of fun.

What would be your ultimate shred trip and who would you pick to join you?
That would be somewhere with some good powder, and super hot chicks! I would bring Aleksander Østereng, Torgeir Bergrem, Kevin Backstrom, Sondre Tiller and Pamela Anderson.

Do you have anything you absolutely need to pack in your bag before shredding and what is it?
The best would be to not bring anything besides what you need to ride.

Let’s talk about innovation, how do you stand out from the crowd these days with so many good riders? Do you got any super secret moves you’re working on?
I just try to ride and enjoy it as much as I can while trying to progress at the same time.

Are you stoked on your gear, who are your sponsors?
I’m super happy with what I am using right now, and it works really good! I ride for Oakley, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Rome, Burn and Session board shop.

What’s your Method?
Terje Håkonsen, of course!

Any last words?


Armageddon Coleur - Frode & Marcus/Igor Zimmermann

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