Cthulhu may be a dreaded monster of ancient, unspeakable evil, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a great sense of style. Maidstone, England-based seamstress Kaz of Frockasaurus makes these awesome cotton skirts featuring a Cthulhu Damask pattern that says “’Cthulhu fthagn’ is short for ‘In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu looks pretty while he waits dreaming.“

Each fully-lined skirt is handmade to order and features a net underskirt layer. They can be made in any size and the design can include pockets if you’re so inclined. These and many other awesome garments are available via the Frockasaurus Etsy shop, which is currently on a short break through July 19, 2015.

Edit: The beautiful damask Cthulhu fabric pattern was created by Tumblr user rosalarian and is available via her Spoonflower page in a variety of colors.

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my grandma came over today so I thought I’d show her the wonderful moomin dress I commissioned from Frockasaurus, she thought it was adorable! I haven’t seen her smile like that in ages :’D

it also comes in two modes; party princess and adventure-bound cartoonist

I’m simply MAD for this dress! So excited to announce that I’ve joined forces with the incredible pin up dress designer, Frockasaurus! “Alice Wore Blue” and the “Queen Wore Red” have come together in this darling wonderland inspired party dress and circle skirt! Their garments are absolutly beautifully made (better than anything I’ve bought on ModCloth etc) AND they are so unique! I can’t wait to get one myself! More styles to come and all dresses are made to order to fit you perfectly! Order yours now, just in time for your next mad tea party! #aliceinwonderland #alicedress #frockasaurus #leilanijoy #pinup #pinupdress #rockabillydress

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Thought I should post this up here. 
It is my Key Dress by the utterly AMAZING Frockasaurus - or Kaz Hall.
Her Facebook and her Etsy Shop – she does stunning work. 

Anyway, I had this made up for going to conventions and possibly a book launch this year for Book 2 (since I never had one for Book 1) 

Obviously the Key Dress is the front cover of Key. It turned out amazing and I cannot, cannot wait to wear it. 

I love the style, as it’s a bit old fashioned and so cute! 

I also have another one coming which has the front cover of The Hobbit around the skirt, to wear out to formal events (as it’s all black) – so I can still be geeky and formal at the same time! Genius.