punkfrobisher asked:

favorite books you've read recently? favorite fashion designers?

Oooh, I like this!


  • ‘Sweet Tooth’ - Ian McEwan
  • 'The Secret History’ - Donna Tartt
  • 'Deathless’ - Catherynne M Valente
  • 'Cloud Atlas’ - David Mitchell
  • 'The Diviners’ - Libba Bray 

Fashion designers

  • Marchesa
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Moschino
  • Zuhair Murad
  • Dior

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sixbisher, post-apocalyptic au?

The message came in the middle of the night, or at least, it felt like the middle of the night. Sometimes Sixsmith couldn’t tell what time of day it was anymore. Not since the blackout began.

He picked up the reader “(2) MESSAGES FROM R. FROBISHER” flashed across the screen. With a swipe of his fingers the message opened.

(½) Sixsmith: Finally found a place with a roof, for once, and there’s even a generator. Used it to charge the reader so I could send this message. I know you are worried about me, but there’s no need. I will be fine here for now. There is no one in this area as far as I can tell. The silence is honestly the most beautiful music I’ve heard in months. I wish you could share it

(2/2) with me.  Please don’t respond to this. There won’t be enough power left. - RF    P.S. I found a piano here. It still plays.

Rufus stared at the screen in the darkness until it dimmed to black. For moment he felt Robert alive again. For just a moment, he wasn’t receiving delayed messages from a dead man.

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oh my god newt and hermann ♤ (cooking headcanon)

if asked, Newt swears up and down he can cook, but he can’t. He’s the only person in the universe who could fuck up and Easy Bake Oven cake (and he has…). In college, he was notorious for putting something in the microwave, and forgetting about it until one of his roommates discovered it later, and throws it out (or throws it on his desk).

Hermann can cook, and actually bake quite well. while stationed at the Shatterdome he’s often too busy, but he has been known to bake in the middle of the night when something he’s working on is particularly difficult. he doesn’t always finish though because something about the mixing phase usually gets his mind back on track. (the few times he DID do this at the Shatterdome, Newt wandered in the kitchen, and ate the batter out of the bowl.)

omg guys i have cloud atlas on my computer already if you want to see it before may 14th we can stream it sometime

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Fuck Marry Hug: Jared Leto, Jensen Ackles, Benedict Cumberbatch

Oh god. Uhhhhhh.

Fuck Jared, bc come on just look at him can I get a holy jamalama

Hug Jensen, bc he’s married already and I love them together too much to separate them, and marry Benny bc omfg I would love to just listen to him talk forever bc he’s so funny and intelligent and wonderful and also pretty asdlfkjasdlgh