well, it’s a huge milestone i didn’t see coming, particularly since it got this high in less than 24 hours of being posted, but i guess an appreciation post is due so thank y'all for lovin this & I’m very glad I entertained your day if only for a little bit

ok no more posts about this I need to finish my essay

froankie-deactivated20130715 asked:

4-8 i'm genuinely curious of those for you

4: Have you ever changed for someone? hmm, yes but this was actually for the better. see, this crush of mine loved theatre & through him I got really into theatre too so I guess it wasn’t really a forced change? in fact it’s thanks to this that I went on to change my major to theatre so it was really a good thing. but I’d never change to something I don’t feel comfortable with just to please someone else. like if I’m interested in someone who hates Apple or Gaga or something I love I’m not gonna stop loving those things (or in the opposite case, start loving things I actually hate) just for someone I’m attracted to physically. if the personalities aren’t in sync, meaning mutual likes and feelings about issues and such, I’m not interested in forming a relationship greater than friendship, if even that.

5: How is your relationship with your ex? exes? what exes????

6: Have you ever been cheated on? no really I’ve never been in a relationship ever

7: Have you ever cheated? never ever (nor would I)

8: Would you date someone who’s well known for cheating? hmm now this one’s interesting…because I do believe that people can change and grow from their past selves and better themselves, but because that hardly happens it would be very difficult to trust someone who has such a negative reputation. the fact they even have a reputation about this at all already throws me off, so more likely than not, I wouldn’t.

y'all can send more [personal] ones *winks*