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I believe in you

Note: You’re Kylo’s girlfriend. After discovering that you are force sensitive, Kylo begs you to help train you– you finally give in, but you’re not as thrilled about it as he is.

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“I don’t know about this Kylo…” you said as you reluctantly trailed after him down the hallway.

“You wanted me to train you, Y/N and that’s what I’m going to do,” he said, despite his voice changer, he sounded unusually cheerful.

“Oh please, you are way more excited about this whole thing than I am.”

You heard a snicker come from under his helmet, “You bet I am.”

You turned the corner and as you approached a large metal door, Kylo brushed ahead of you to enter a code into the keypad beside it.

As the doors opened, you felt your heart rate start to quicken. You had never actually trained before. Sure, you had come in to watch Kylo every so often, but you were hardly ready to brandish any of the practice weapons lined against the walls of the room. This was the Commander’s private training quarters, and only Kylo had actually used any of the equipment. What had you gotten yourself into?!

“I believe in you, love,”you heard Kylo’s voice in your head as he tried soothing you.

“You have to say that, this was your stupid idea in the first place,” you said aloud.

“Stupid?” Kylo scoffed, “I’ve not seen someone with potential like yours in long while, Y/N. If it’s stupid to want to help you unlock that beautiful mind of yours then so be it.“

You groaned, “Fine, but if I die, I’m going to kill you.”

“You won’t even have a scratch on your body by the time we’re done, Y/N. It’s going to be alright,” Kylo chuckled as made his way to the first training mat, “Besides, I’m right here, I won’t let anything happen to you… Here take this and ready it ,” Kylo handed you a practice Lightsaber.

You nodded, “Okay, okay. Let’s just get this over with,” you shut your eyes, preparing for the worst.

“Y/N, it’s safe, honestly,” Kylo reassured you once again.

“Sure it looks safe, but watch what happens when I do this,” you said, switching the Lightsaber on.

The saber produced a brilliant flash of red light and you were slightly in awe for a few moments before you heard Kylo clear his throat.

“Perfect, Y/N. Try and get a feel for how it moves,” he instructed you.

Without thinking, you began waving the weapon, surprised at how much lighter it was than you had expected. It wasn’t long before you were prancing around, waving it to and fro.

Kylo removed his helmet, setting it on the floor as he got a better look at you. You moved elegantly for your first time using the Lightsaber, but Kylo had suspected this would be the case. He had more faith in you than you could ever imagine.

But it wasn’t long before you got a little too close to Kylo, caught up in your excitement, and the Lightsaber swiftly struck his arm.

He staggered back slightly, and you gasped, drawing the weapon to a close before rushing to his side.

“Kylo, I’m so sorry, I…”

You trailed off as you heard the sound of his laughter, “No, no. Don’t be sorry. That was wonderful, darling, it really was, you’re doing great.”

You raised an eyebrow, “But I hurt you.”

“It’s a training saber, Y/N,” he lifted his sleeve up to reveal a small cut in his arm, “I’ve had plenty worse than this, it’s just a scratch.”

You shook your head, “Well I don’t want to risk hurting you any more.”

He sighed, “Okay, fine, lets move on.”

You nodded happily, as Kylo took the Lightsaber from you and set it aside.

“Okay, now for the mind,” Kylo grinned.

“There’s no way this is going to end well, Kylo. I can barely keep my own thoughts in order, let alone read someone else’s!”

He laughed, grabbing onto your hand and pressing it to his lips, “Don’t worry, Y/N. We’ll take small steps, no mind reading today. Tell me if it gets too much for you, okay?”

You agreed and he continued, “Okay, let’s start with concentration. I want you to focus on someone or something important to you. Direct all your energy towards that one thing,” his hand stayed entwined with yours, “I’ll be with you the whole time.”

You nodded, your mind immediately thinking of Kylo. But what part of him were you supposed to focus on? His face? Too broad. His hair, then? Or his eyes– or maybe just his voice! No…

Kylo interrupted your thoughts with a slight laugh, “You’re thinking of me– and that’s fine– but it seems as though it’s confusing you too much. Try and think of someone else– someone that’s not in this room,” he added for good measure.

“Okay…” you said, preoccupied as you scanned your eyes around the room, looking for inspiration. What would you think of? Or who? Your mind was racing as you tried to think of one single thing to focus your attention on.

“Y/N…” you heard Kylo caution you, but you were only half listening. There was just so much to choose from, but then again it was just easier to focus on Kylo– Ah, but what part of him?! This was so tricky, you remarked to yourself, how does Kylo even manage it? Your mind was racing faster and faster by the minute, filled with a flurry of different ideas. You found yourself feeling lightheaded, but quickly pushed that thought away.

"Y/N!” You heard Kylo’s voice again and a wave of nausea hit you. You felt yourself falling backwards onto Kylo.

His arms immediately wrapped around you to ease your fall as you rested against him, “What just happened?”

“You started overthinking things, nothing to worry about, it happened to me the first time too,” Kylo said as he lowered down slightly to kiss your forehead. He could sense how anxious you were.

“I highly doubt that you nearly fainted too,” you mumbled.

“You’re right, I didn’t… But I understand how difficult it is to learn. Honestly, Y/N, what happened just now, it’s fine,” Kylo assured you, half laughing, “your mind was just overloading with information and it got to be too much, nothing to worry about.”

You sighed, burying your head in your hands, “I knew this was a bad idea, I’m so sorry.”

Kylo lifted your head out of your hands gently and raised your chin so that you were facing him.

“Don’t you dare apologise to me, Y/N. I was half expecting you to faint anyway. If anything, it shows you how much potential you have.”

“Potential for what? To pass out whenever I exert any mental effort?” You scoffed.

“No, no, of course not,” Kylo said quickly, “You’re a curious little thing, Y/N… I told you, from what I’ve seen of it, your mind is beautiful… and it just isn’t accustomed to that level of inquisitiveness for long periods of time.”

“You’re saying that to make me feel better about nearly fainting on you,” you crossed your arms.

He shrugged, “So what if I am?” Kylo pressed his lips to yours, “I told you, I believe in you, love, and I won’t stop until you start to believe in yourself too.”