fro art


You keep me grounded. 🌻
Photog: Pat Ryan
Model: Bri Pippens
IG: @bpeppersart
So many more to come, this day was magical ✨
@afrodesiacworldwide @blackfashion @naturalblkgirlsrock


Can’t stop thinking about the Dirty Pair! Been wanting to do another drawing of these two since the last one I did already a year ago, but I’ve just been too busy with my film. Maybe one day someone will do a DP reanimate so I’ll have an excuse to animate them…

Thanks @keilookingpissed and @yurilookingpissed for constantly uploading screenshots of the show. So glad there are others still thinking of these two rascals. Also gotta mention that I’m totally a Kei fanboy. ;D That pink fro…

I don’t think I’ve drawn Promised Day Riza. Whoops

Was listening to [THIS] last night and it spoke so deeply to my boogie woogie soul that I had to draw this funky ghost girl. Her name is Boogie Banshee or B.B. for short.