the frank iero network!

i’ve decided to start a frank iero network since hes a little flower punk kid who doesn’t have a network yet c: so basically this is for anyone who loves frank.

  • we can do tinychats, group skypes, play cards against humanity (i love that game so yeah), or have group chats on kik if you guys have it!
  • we promote positivity! this means selfie reblogs and help if needed because we’re all friends and everyone is important!
  • you should totally join for the fun of it and share a mutual love/frustration for frank iero B)

rules n fun stuff

  • gotta follow me and the network blog! it is optional to follow co-mods: kris, tessa, and macy
  • fill out this survey right here
  • reblog this!! get the word around yknow
  • i will be picking 30-35 members because i know a lot of people love frank, so i gotta give everyone a fair shot
  • i will post on the network blog when this will end, but it will most likely be saturday or sunday!

have fun!!! the tags gonna be frnknetwork


Hey guys!!!

To cut a long story short, I’m following Gerard and Frank on tour in the UK (I’m doing like 14 dates because I’m lame)

But I live in Ireland and I’ve gathered as many funds as I can, and I’m still about €60 short (I think that’s like $80 or £40 but I could be very wrong)

So I’ve set up a little gofundme account! If 30 people donated €2 each then I’d be stress free and on my way to see my heroes in no time! It’d mean so much and I’ll probably send you something as a thank you (I make little chokers and stuff!!)

So, if you’d like to donate please go to

If you actually donate I’ll probably cry and if you message me and let me know your address Id love to send you something as a thank you!

Also, if you’re attending Frank/Gerard’s dates in the UK and have a couch I could borrow for a few hours to have a nap on I would pay you in McDonald’s!

And if you’re just going on the tour I’d love to see you guys and hang out in line!!!!!

members of the frnknetwork!

kaz ツ bxlletsembrace


skylar soulpunkies

elizabeth comecleanwiththecl0uds

edie falloutboy2013

tiffany ierosmcr

daisy donniedarkosequel

zoe frnkieroisrad

claire crankiero

avery staticradiation

jodie ツ mcrmakesmesad

cameron ツ daethsplls

sara fobgivesmelife

bri ツ ladispwte

summer cubicls

muranda gerardcest

khadijah pvramoree

eva dangergaysfrank

lauren dxmolitionlovers

kali officialiamagraveyard

im sorry to those who didn’t get in but don’t feel bad!! im sure i’ll be making other networks too c: