Hello!! My name is Jordan and I’m one of your admins! I just turned 16 on the fifth of August, and I’m going to be a sophomore this school year (which starts in ten days wow). I’m from the U.S. and I really hate the current state of education here!

I still love some of my classes though. I’m really psyched for most of them this year. I like to write, read, draw, play guitar and sing, and I want to go to college for journalism and creative writing. I really love MCR and FOB obviously, but I also really like MGMT, The Beatles, Nirvana, Hole, and Marilyn Manson. I spend most of my time on Tumblr whoops. 

So have fun in the network, guys! I’m glad that you’re all excited!

((followers can ignore this!!))

hi! my name is em and I’m 13 years old and I’m absolutely awful at talking about myself so this is probably going to be very, very dumb.

i love lots of bands, but I’m a huge fan of blink-182, mcr, panic!, fob, 21p, tfb, and rise against!!

I love YouTube, especially roosterteeth and markiplier & my favorite video game is either Alice : the madness returns or heavy rain!!

I don’t think there’s much else about me to talk about?? thank you!!

Hey guys I’m jazlyn and I’m a 16 year old loser. Also sorry if I’m a little late to this. I enjoy making and listening to music and obsessing over band member. My blog is bandom and I am super excited for stomaches and am also sEEinG FRaNk oN SEPTEmbEr 7th. I’m not really good at talking about me but send me a message id love to talk and I’m super excited to be in the network!!

hey friends! my name is Breana (but you can call me Bre if you prefer). I’ve had this blog for about two years now, and although it is a dedicated mcr blog i still love other bands! some of them include real friends, neck deep, the story so far, msi, a day to remember, brand new, and much more! i just turned 17 on august 4th and i will be a senior in high school eeepppp. i live in the USA in California, more specifically in the northern half. i am in marching band and concert band and i am very deep into the music world. i do have a real job that takes up almost all my free time, so if I’m not on and i dont join in some of festivities then I’m either at work or school (so please dont get mad at me lol). so yeah thats basically me :::::))))))

hello! my names anika (pronounced aneeka) or you can call me annie, i’ll be turning 17 on the 27th of august, i live in newcastle upon tyne which is in the north east of england (i hope the time zone doesn’t cause too much of an issue!) i’ll be starting my last year of school in september, i was always good at school but never really interested in it until i took psychology which i really enjoy, i also really like doing embroidery cos i find it relaxing, my favourite film is four lions, my favourite colour is mint green and a fun fact: my hair is so long it touches my butt (i know its cray, i’m getting it cut soon) so yeah that’s it :)

(you guys can ignore this, it is for a network)

hi everyone! my name is Natalie (you can call me nat if you want), and I seventeen (almost eighteen (birthday is oct 3)) years old and I going to be a senior in high school, and I live in the US! I have been a huge fan of mcr for about 5 years now, and I saw them live twice. my blog is pretty much dedicated to mcr (mainly), fob, and patd. some of my other favorite bands are avenged sevenfold, grouplove, the lumineers, and there are a lot more too. I love going to concerts, and on my free time I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, and watching way too much netflix. my favorite shows are bates motel, HIMYM, freaks and geeks, and vampire diaries, and 80s and 90s movies are my absolute favorite! since school is about to start again I will be heavily involved in that, but I go on my blog daily, and especially on weekends c: