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note: dedicated to kaka~( @sanhasmoonbuns ) and completely inspired by this super cute photo so i couldn’t resist writing this

  • at every school there’s that “skater” squad that’s considered really cool & considered popular
    • they would skate to school together, skate down the street to the mall, skate in the neighborhood, basically they just SKATE A LOT
    • and everybody at your school ADORESS THEM
    • “omg the skaters passed by my house this morning and one of the boys WINKED AT ME AIHFOAFIA”
    • “wow skaters r so hot”
    • “have you seen the skaters today ?1!1!! they ditched school omg”
    • “i’m taking skating lessons now”
  • but then you’re just awkwardly there because you really DON’T care
  • i mean yeah skateboards are cool but in your opinion the skaters are just edgy teenagers who are rebellious and you don’t really find any appeal in that

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Can you make scenario for daniel like in snl? Daniel being so cool there hahaha

this is actually such a good idea!! so ive seen a lot of snl ones and its meant to be funny so im gonna base it off daniel laughing at everything like what they discussed in the pre video. omg but idk how to end it like break up or accept (i think i’ll do accept ahaha) so just a heads up everyone this will be different to yo classic bullet point scenario. pls watch some SNL 3 minute boyfriend videos to see what they’re like 

edit after i wrote half this scenario: IM SO SORRY LMAO I DIDNTR REALISE THAT MINHYUN AND DANIEL DID A SKIT OF TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU AND I KIND OF JUST MADE UP MY OWN 3 MINUTE BOYFRIEND ONE….I HOPE THATS OKAY and I WATCHED THEIR PARODY AHHAHA THE BEST im also going to write a to the beautiful you parody version of what where daniel gets together with the girl aka YOU 


  • lets say you’ve been pretty sad recently 
  • your friend has moved schools this year 
  • and so you dont really have many friends
  • you’re really shy and a lil stiff and awkward 
  • and the one thing you suck at is being funny so no one really wants to hang out with you or interact with you :( 
  • whenever you try to tell a joke, no one gets it or they give u the wtf look
  • basically no one has laughed at anything u say :( 
  • so you’re walking home one day at night after academy class 
  • and u see a stall and its like: find your perfect boyfriend to cheer you up!! 
  • and you are like wow this is interesting and u look at all the types and there are so many 
  • from handsome foreign student to gag man to capture in my heart 
  • and there is one that sticks out to u and u literally feel ur heart rate go up ??
  • there is a pic of a boy who mind u is very attractive with the most beautiful and eye smile 
  • and the caption for it was: “your ray of sunshine”
  • and since you’ve been down lately you thought this is what i need !!
  • so u buy it and follow the instructions to create it :)) 
  • the next day you leave your home and u pause bc you see the most gorgeous built guy, with a sweet smile smiling right at YOU 
  • you shyly walk up to him feeling ur cheeks go red and hes just smiling at u non stop 
  • “hello y/n im daniel” he says as he smiles at u patting ur head 
  • “hello daniel” you squeak quietly lmao 
  • you guys walk to school together and he offers to carry ur backpack :)) 
  • and although u guys walk in silence frmo the corner of your eye you can see him still smiling happily and just appreciating life and being positive about everything 
  • he would make comments here and there and they were all so positive and he was just so bRIGHT how can someone be so bright??
  • and u think : yup this is what i need he is a ray of sunshine and this will help me change my mindset :)) 
  • well u two get to school and hes still smiling and its the cutest thing ever 
  • its math class and daniel is sitting next to you 
  • and he’s so good looking and smiling and tbh you guys spend half of maths class just staring at each other and you’re blushing furiously and he’s lowkey playing with you hair
  • and then suddenly your teacher is like: y/n what is 38 + 10 
  • and you obviously dont catch the question at all 
  • so u r like: uhh 10 ?
  • and your classmates are all like wtf is wrong with her 
  • and ur teacher sighs and is like: y/n when will you ever -? 
  • and all of a sudden theres this burst of laughter 
  • …and its coming from daniel 
  • he starts laughing so hard and uncontrollably that tears start falling lmao 
  • you: umm daniel are u ok?? it wasn’t that funny??
  • dan: yes it was !! why are you so funny y/n??
  • and anyways that commotion is over 
  • but daniel is just laughing in his sleeve for the whole day 
  • and when school ends hes still laughing about it 
  • at first u kinda get annoyed at him….and find it a bit embarrassing
  • and whenever he walks past someone he would  tell the story
  • dan to random stranger: OMG DID U KNOW y/n said that 38 + 10 = 10 aaaHAHHAHA
  • and even though he’s smiling and laughing so much about it 
  • and yeah you just give up bc his cuteness wins over you and you think that there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about 
  • and him smiling and luaghing so much gives you this rush of joy 
  • and eventually you start laughing as well and you two are just smiling together how cute 
  • and you’re glad that he can keep you company and bring some more happiness into your life 

omg that was the most anticlimatic ending …. im so sorry everyone forgive me anyways i will try to write a parody of to the beautiful with you with daniel similar to the snl skit which you can watch here  (there are 3 parts btw) 

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*hears Ryuji’s word echoing from far away* “What’s next, hot sauce on ice cream?! Toothpaste with cake frosting!? Some damn things on this plane just ain’t meant to go together!”

*heavy sigh*

sorry to do this to you buddy but this is a real thing that exists

– kimiko hisakawa


“… …….” His body violently jerked out of a sense of disgust. Not from the fact that someone took their time to put some toothpaste on toast of all things.


If someone out there on this big, beautiful blue planet of ours actually enjoys eating this.

Outsiders 2x8

Lets’ get the best thing out of the way first.

Hasil in street clothes.

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Now lets talk Sasil.

Again, there is value in cell phones. Hasil…get one.

I liked their argument and I’m going to start defending and then talking out of the other side of my mouth regarding both my loves. 

I said it previous post but Sally Anne needs to find a purpose in her life whether that be through a social group, support group, Job,, whatever. It’s going to drive you crazy sitting at home worrying all day. It doesn’t even look like they got a TV so I’m concerned. She needs something else besides impending motherhood. Hasil is a grown ass man and he can come and go as he pleases even if it’s with his crazy ass family. He was coming home to you ( she didn’t know that) and you gotta start trusting him a little more. I was so proud of her these last two episodes showing him she understands the enormity of the decision he made to move off the mountain. He needs you to do more than keep pestering him about where he been. Maybe it’s cause I had to move cross state due to a pregnancy is why I’m being so harsh with her but I’m not about that woe is me life. And please stop calling his family trash (though you got your reasons) in front of him because that’s rude. You don’t have to like them but he clearly loves them and they are important in his life and she has to accept that at some point. He don’t go out of his way to trash your ass of a brother. I’m glad you got family in Cleveland. 

Now, for the other shoe. Hasil, Sally Anne just expressed to you her insecurity with his commitment to her. You know she is insecure about it so you can’t just keep dodging off without a hoody hoo or nothing. That insecurity probably comes frmo being abandoned by her own daddy. The only experience Sally Anne has with your family is awful. Repeatedly. As much as I love my mountain folk, they ARE criminals so every time Hasil gets involved with them he either risks jail or death and that’s not a good place to put your baby mama in. I mean if you were going up for a visit sure but you busting people out of jail like thats not a serious offense. Yes Lil Foster was innocent but the whole things could have went south and then what? Who would even know to tell Sally Anne you dead?  And I hate when people say you don’t know what I’ve been through but then when you asks its…

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And your crew is sloppy as fuck. Dropping the escape map last eppy?. Burn hat shit fool! 

I’m glad she went to Frida. They need more screentime together. The older woman needs to help her. She’s surely seen enough drama in this town to know it in and out by now. Hell, I will just be happy watching them get into trouble together. Make this happen WGN. I adore Frida so much.

I’m glad Hasi; is still helping his family and protecting them and there for Sally Anne. He’s gotta learn to handle both worlds now which is ALOT but if he really sees them the same ( which I believe he does. Family is family) then he just needs to work on better communication and keeping Sally Anne in the loop. Sally Anne you need to be more obliging. You knew what you signed up for…at least you knew with Farrells come drama especially when the town is trying to force them off the mountain. They are here to stay.

Ledda dying and telling her kids she is was so heartbreaking. I champion her so much and I hate that she really is giving up. I wonder if Wade will try to take her up the mountain for some magic healing. Seemed to have worked on someone else..get these in a minute. Wade trying to continue to stop her and telling her it’s not a good idea…

Didn’t you just help a Farrell escape prison. 

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Lastly in town there is Gordon and Hailey. Matt does not exist to me sooooo

Anywho, I saw that coming a mile away. Girl aint got no friends. No frenemies. I honestly don’t know why she is still around since she has no purpose other than to be a thorn but watching Gordon go in for the kill for satisfying. She was looking ready before he asked. When I saw he stole all of her files.

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 SHe played you gurl and got a piece of you in the process. Gordon for the win.

Now Shay Mountain

Big Foster JUST NOW thinking he shouldn’t be Bre’nin?

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You a little late to the conclusion. Your plan made NO SENSE whatsoever. I keep forgetting ya’ll are married so his concern for G’win was irritating. He didn’t even give his mountain magic a chance. I wanted Elon to punch him in the face for being a moron and getting their kin killed; consistently. G’win waking up…

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That’s too bad. Just too bad. I really want to like her and I hope she has come out of this more willing to listen especially to Hasil. They write him off but he’s the only one talking common sense. 

Lil Foster being welcomed home. That s was beautiful. I hope they give him so depth regarding his prison experience. I mean I starting to feel like he’s too precious for this world. So forgiving and committed to his family…I don’t want him not to addressing the shit that happened to him. Yeah I can understand forgiving and letting go of the Gwin drama cause she IS NOT worth it and I can even see him forgiving his father. But he was also an innocent man put in prison. Give me something.

Great episode. 

They are starting to find their pace and delving into the mountain magic. Hopefully we will get more soon. 

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I assume ya have the answer already by fire emblem warriors is out october 20 but pre orders are out now if you're a collector

yeah, i googled it =V not sure i can get it on release, bills and whatnot, unless the gf gets it. notttt sure if she is getting it (or preordering) tho

ngl i’m pretty casual with FE. i like the wives, but i’m not a big tbsrpg fan (FE is the only way i will play it, with dedicated character units and not “Infantry 3″ you buy on the map like in advance wars). she’s been a fan for a lot longer, but i think her only husband that’s playable is chrom, and the gameplay is different

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