frizz tips


A tutorial I made quite a while back, when nursing a wig I had back to health.

1- Tools used: hair straightener, hairbrush and hairclips;
2- The wig as it was, all messy and tangled;
3- Take a small section of hair and clip the rest away, so you can work each section at a time;
4- Carefully brush your wig, starting from the tips and slowly going up. This prevents the knots and tangles from getting worse, if you just brush from up to down, you’ll probably get your brush stuck in a knot and make it pretty ugly and even harder to deal with;
5- See the huge difference already? The knots went away, yay!;
6- Notice the frizz on the hair? Yeah, even though your hair is now tangle and knot free, the hair looks like straw, right?;
7- Close up. Ugly, isn’t it? Not silky smooth at all :c
8- Towards the tips is even uglier. Lets just get rid of it!!;
9- Using your hair straightener on a low temperature (when buying a wig, always check whether it’s heat resistant or not. If you don’t know, take a small section of hair that is hidden and test your straightener on it, always in the lowest temperature setting), start by the tips, where the big majority of the frizz is focused on;
10- When you succeed in taking away most of the frizz from the tips, work your way up, till the whole section of hair is straightened and pretty;
11- See the difference? On the top, is a section of hair that was brushed, only. On the bottom is a section that was brushed and straightened;
12- If you need, compare this picture to pictures 6, 7 and 8. MUCH better;
13- Comparison again! If I had my wig on, this is how it’d “fall”. Left is straightened, right is brushed only;
14- Final result! Silkyyy. Pretty much good as new! 

anonymous asked:

Any tips for frizz?

All I know is

1)Don’t separate your hair too much after you do a twistout,braidout,etc. 

2)Lately I’ve been seeing this thing in tutorials where when they take their hair out of twists and braids with a oil on their hands they’ll twirl/coil the separated pieces around their fingers to minimize frizz~D

anonymous asked:

Girl, I need you. My curly hair is a mess. I don't know how to make it not frizz. Any tips?

Girl!!!! Let me tell you girl. A mixture of water, aloe, coconut or organ oil, and glycerin will give your hair shine and control. I put it in after my deep conditioning. Helps a lot