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Karanomori Shion ・  唐之杜志恩 Codename Labo

Just to remind you, this profile is a combination of the one from Official Profiling 1 and the one from Official Profiling 2 respectively. I translated both and combined them to make one complete profile. This being said, there is basic info, updated info and new info. An example of updated info is desired item section. There are new sections like favorite type of girls/men and character preferences and background related questions. The info is sorted by date: November 2112 and July 2116, spoilers-free.

ID: 00475-AEUW-06859-3

Kanji name: 唐之杜 志恩

Romaji name: Karanomori Shion

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Analytical Laboratory

Occupation: Analyst

Date of birth: May 25, 2085

Age: 31

Blood type: A

Physical Examination: N/A

Emergency contact’s address: Tokyo-to, Meguro-ku, Yuutenji Minami, A-36-8

Karanomori Takuma (relation: elder brother)

[Education and Career]

March 2101  ・     Graduated from Science Academy, Junior High School Department (general education curriculum)

April 2101  ・     Entered Toyama High School, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Major in Life Science

March 2105  ・     Graduated from Toyama High School, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Major in Life Science

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The first time you sleep together :)

Ashton: It was the day when you found out that your boyfriend of two years has been cheating on you for the whole time with your best girlfriend. You were at a club and they both went to the bathroom at the same time. The thought of them… doing it.. while you were all out, it never crossed your mind. Someone ran into you and spilled bear all over the front of your shirt so you went to the wash it off and you saw them both coming out of the women’s room. That’s when you knew it was happening. You made no noise and ran out if the place and called you best guy friend. “Ash,” You said sniffling, “can you please come and get me? I’m not well enough to frive myself.” He answered “Of course (y/n). Stay there I’m on my way.” Ten minutes later his car was in front of you. You looked at him and he looked like he just woke up. “I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?” You asked felling so bad “Yeah, but that’s fine. I’d do anything for you (y/n).” A few minutes later he asked where he was taking you. “Can I stay over at your house please. They are gonna come and look for me but…I just can’t now.” He tok a glance at you then back to the road. “Yeah of course you can. You wanna talk about what happened?” When you got to his house he gave you some of his clothes to wear and he left the room to give you some privacy. Once you were both changed he came up to you and said “Okay I’ll take the couch and you can have my bed.” He tucked you in bed and kissed you on the forehead, he turned out the light and before he closed the door you called out “Ash… Can you come and sleep with me..please?” He walked back into the room and climbed into bed next to you. He wrapped hi arms around you and brought you closer to him. “You don;t have to tell me what happened, I kinda figured out what went on.  I never like the jerkoff anyway. But I’m here for you.” You both feel asleep in each other arms.

Michael: You too were having a late night date. Which basically consisted of pizza, video games, movies, and more pizza. “Haha look at this I’m beating the master of games, Michael Clifford” you flat out yelled becuase things like this never happen. “Listen babe, I’m just letting you win trust me.” But he wasn’t everytime I was in the lead you could hear the little profanities leaving his lips. You were leading once again and he was done. He pushed you over on the last turn of the race, you lost your grip on the controller and it fell to the floor. “YES! Haha (y/n) I beat you!"He yelled once the race was over. You pouted "I thought you were going to let me win.” This is a time when being able to cry on command came in handy. You were going to make him feel so bad. The tears quickly came your eyes and you sniffled. He finally turned his head to look and you and his smile faded. “Ah don’t cry babe. I’m sorry I was just trying to make you laugh.” A tear feel frim your eyes and he scouted closer to you. Once he was close wnough you pushed him off the couch and he fell to the floor. Then you taclked him on the ground. “You little bum! You were joking?” You laughed and he saw the oppertunity to roll over so he could be on top. He kissed you deeply and said “Sweetheart I’m sorry that wasn’t fare. I’ll let you win next time I promise. Now come on lets watch a movie.” He helped you up and he put the movie in. Half way through, somehow he ended up laying down on the couch with you on top and that’s how you slept. Your hands on his chest and head burried where his neck and shoulder meet. His hands around your waist. You both had the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Luke: The first time you and Luke slept together was after the first time you had made love. You were both completely in love. It started out by him taking you out to a fancy dinner. So fancy in fact that you had to dress in dress and him in a tux. You usually didn’t go to places this expensive. You didn’t like him to spend too much money on him.  He looked very nervous and you had no idea why. “Luke what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He looked up from his hands in his laps “Yeah babe, why do you ask?” “Oh no just look nervous.” He shook his head. “Nope I’m fine (y/n).” Once dessert was served you saw a princess cut engagement ring. You look at him in disbelief but he was already next to on one knee. “Baby, I love you so much and I don’t ever want to spend another second without you. (y/f/n), will you spend the rest of your life with me by marrying me?” You had tears in your eyes, the happiest ever. “Of course I will Luke!” He got up, as did you, and you covered his whole face with little kisses. All of a sudden the room erupted into applause. You too left immediately and went to his house. That night was filled with love, passion, meaningful kisses, and beautiful gestures. You woke up in a tangle of limbs and even more in love than ever thought imaginable.

Calum: It was during a thunder storm. You hated thunder because it brought you back to terrible time when you were a kid, and her knew that. As soon as the weatherman predicted thunder storms he was at your door. “Hey babe, I heard we were having a storm and I know you are home all alone this weekend and I wanted to keep you company.” You were so happy he thought of you during our time of need. You hugged him and let him inside. The whole day went by with rain and dark skies but no thunder yet. Only when it was completely dark outside did it start. You jumped so high you even scared Calum. “Baby, come here it’s okay I promise.” He told you softly and bringing you into his arms. “I got it! how about we make a fort. Under all the blankets you won’t be able to see the lightning and you won’t hear the thunder.” “Cal, thunder is loud we’ll be able to hear it under think blankets.” You told him. “Nope I have an idea. You and him brought all of the chairs from the kitchen to support the blankets. Once it was done the thunder was at it’s loudest point. ”(y/n) I’m gonna run up and get the tablet and some headphones. You’ll be fine and I’ll be fast.“ He was back in twenty seconds tops. You both got into the fort and sat on all the blankets and pillows. He sent up the tablet so I could see and took out his phone and plugged headphones in. "Okay we are going to watch the same thing and the volume is going to be so loud you won’t hear anything.” He picked the movie and he was right you couldn’t hear anything. You only remember half the movie because you fell asleep. When you woke up up heard the birds chirping. You trued to move but someone pulled you back. “Good morning baby.” He said voice deep from just waking up. “Calum thank you so much for helping me. I love you.” He kissed your forehead and you both went back to sleep. 

Me on the outside: FOUR is a great album, it shows how much the boys are grown as artists, songwriters and people in general. Their sound is more mature, targeted to an older audience and even though it’s not meant to distance itself from their previous albums, it surely surpass them in terms of quality of its songs  and depth of its lyrics.