Friday Five
  1. When I was around 9 or 10 years old I was really into a series of books and I can’t remember the name of them at all. Maybe you guys can help me out? The protagonist was a boy around 12 yrs old. He was sort of a loner and he had an old man for a friend. He solved mysteries and they were always on the scary side. And I think the series was set in the recent past (50′s, 60′s, maybe 70′s) but I don’t think they were written then - I think they were written in the 80′s. These were aimed at 12-14 year olds (I read all the time and way above my grade level). Any ideas?
  2. I started running (via my 5K runner app progam) and food tracking (Lose It app) and I’m down 2lbs since last week. I figure it could all help with the next embryo transfer to be more healthy. I’m not getting stressed or obsessed about it though, just more aware. I started my estrace yesterday. 
  3. I’m all about fresh basil. I bought a basil and a mint plant a couple of weeks ago and am using the basil regularly. Not quite sure what to do with the mint. They are both in pots, but I think I may plant the mint in the garden? Other than adding it to tea and sniffing it like a weirdo I can’t think of a lot of uses. Anyone? 
  4. June is crazy packed with goings on. I’m hosting two parties (graduation for hubs and a friend’s 2nd baby sprinkle shower), we are going to parties and events and day trips and there’s still t-ball and so much to do around the house. I want a nap whenever I think about it all. But I was smart and put in for time off from work the days before the parties at our house so I could clean and prep. 
  5. Picking up the knitting needles again. Making baby booties and hat for the friend’s new arrival at the end of September. I’m making pumpkin themed stuff since he’ll be an end of summer baby and the family are Halloween nuts.