fritzi wagner


Happy #InternationalWomensDay, Fritzi Wagner, Ginny Ryerson, Jessica Stanley, Sarah, Meg Brickman, Natalie Keener, Stacey Pilgrim, Katherine, Rosie, Courtney Babcock, Diana, Janet, Beca Mitchell, Jill, Lindsey Lewis, Erica Wexler, Jenny, Lisa, Cathy Hiatt, Nina Collins, Cinderella, Alicia, Martha McKay, Rebecca, Jillian Stewart, Alice, Danna Cummings, Poppy, Eloise McGarry and Anna Kendrick!


Anna Kendrick musical roles:

  • High Society (as Dinah Lord, 1998, Broadway)
  • Camp (as Fritzi Wagner, 2003)
  • A Little Night Music (as Fredrika Armfeldt, 2003, New York City Opera)
  • Pitch Perfect (as Beca Mitchell, 2012)
  • Into the Woods (as Cinderella, 2014)
  • The Last Five Years (as Cathy Hiatt, 2015)
  • Pitch Perfect 2 (as Beca Mitchell, 2015)

Anna Kendrick || Camp (2003)

My fellow Kendricks/AK47s:

I have a thing

Last night I went to a 10th anniversary screening of Camp, Anna’s first film, and it was held at 54 below which is a cabaret/dinner club in Manhattan. And they named one of the featured drinks of the night after Anna’s infamous line/one of the best parts of the movie

“She’s fucked, I’m ready, and the goddamn show must go on…so let’s get cracking, shall we?”