fritz peterson

March 5, 1973
Yankee teammates Fritz Peterson (right) and Mike Kekich arrive at spring training and announce they have traded families – wives, children and even the family dogs. Peterson, will go on to marry his best friend’s former wife and will have four children. The relationship between Kekich and Marilyn Peterson is short-lived.

photos: Fritz and Marilyn Peterson and Mike and Susanne Kekich 

The biggest baseball trade of 1973: 

In the freewheeling seventies, the divorces of Yankee pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich provided cautionary tales to idealistic wife-swappers everywhere. When spring training began in 1973, the two pitchers announced that, with the approval of their wives, Marilyn Peterson and Susanne Kekich, they had decided to trade spouses. Friends since 1969, the two decided that trading wives was not enough, and that they would swap houses, cars, kids, and even dogs.

The Aftermath: Neither pitcher was the same after the backlash against them. Dan Topping, an executive for the team, said at the time, “We may have to call off Family Day this season.”

As detailed in their agreement, Mike got Marilyn and all of Fritz’s stuff, but the relationship didn’t last through the end of the season. Fritz got Suzanne and all of Mike’s stuff, and the couple remains married to this day.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, both ardent Red Sox fans, are reportedly working on a film adaptation of the events, called The Trade.