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Boys + Lucette Theme Songs? </3

We couldn’t think of theme songs but these songs remind us of the characters.

Lucette: Say by John Mayer
Waltz: Counting Stars by Coldplay
Fritz: Echo by Crusher P. (Feat. Gumi)
Karma: Karma Chameleon by Culture Club 😜
Rod: Mermaid by Train
Rumpel: We don’t talk anymore by Charlie Puth

Take a look at the difference between the first image of the horse standing at rest and the horse standing in a proper “halt”.  A square halt performed by an upper level horse should have his hocks engaged, meaning that he’s ready to strike off in any gait the rider wishes.  “Hocks engaged” happens to make him look sickle hocked.  Therefore, you cannot judge a horse’s conformation from the square halt when ridden.  Stahp it.

The drawings above are from, Dressage for Beginners, by John H. Fritz 1976, p.28

You will find in the house of Hades, on the right side, a spring,
and standing by it a white cypress.
Do not even approach this spring!
Ahead you will find from the Lake of Memory,
cold water pouring forth; there are guards before it.
They will ask you by what necessity you have come.
You, tell them the whole entire truth.
Say, “I am a child of Earth and starry Sky.
My name is ‘Starry.’ I (masculine) am parched with thirst. But grant me
to drink from the spring.”
—  From a grave of 350–300 BCE; now in the Volos Museum. The tablet was
inside a richly decorated Attic bronze hydria (representing Boreas abducting Oreithyia) that contained the ashes of the deceased. (Taken from Ritual Texts for the Afterlife by Sarah Iles Johnston and Fritz Graf. P. 34 - 35.)