Lmfao my boss just called to check in, since he’s out of the office today and I’m the only one in (other office person is on vacation). He asked if anything exciting happened so far, and I said: 

“Well, Bob was here for like two seconds.” 

“Did he steal another sheet from the printer?”



Bob is the elderly owner of a 3D printing shop next door. His regular computer printer is on the fritz so he’s been using ours to print stuff out, since we share wifi and apparently printer abilities?? So Bob just kinda walks into our office, grabs the paper, and walks out. And like, it makes me laugh so hard because Bob is just PRINTING SOMETHING and he’s nice and friendly and my boss just rages so hard over it. 


After god knows how many attempts I have finally finished my version of the Five Nigth’s At Freddy’s Guards. The kid from FNaF 4 will be coming soon. 

Read the guards bios here Grim-Virus’s FNaF AU


Old and Sour 

Fritz Briem is a beer professor. He teaches brewing and fermentation at the Siebel Institute. He also created a line of beers brewed to historical specifications. 1809 is a Berliner Weisse made of a half wheat grist and never boiled. Hops are added during decoction but leave little flavor in the beer. 1809 is ultra pale, fizzy, and effervescent. It’s lemony and clean. The acidity is balanced with a nice wheat bread undertone. It’s dry with a hint of sweetness in the finish. Very clean, very drinkable.

gaycorundum asked:

mind sharing some stories with me about wendy? i follow her but i didn't know she's got a history. i wanna know if i should unfollow.

YES HELLO YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT FRIEND FOR THIS i’m gonna focus on myself for the most part but if any of my friends want to add on their stories and links to anything feel free but beware this is super long (also this is public bc we need to get the word out)

five years ago madi and i met over deviantart. i admired her for ages and to finally be my friend was such an incredible feeling. i remember waking up 7 am my time and talking to her 5 am her time for hours until she was ready to sleep. at the time we became friends, i had a falling out with a friend that she used to be friends with too. she encouraged me to let my feelings out in a deviantart journal and i did. obviously the friend was very much hurt and i don’t blame her but madi was so obsessed with taking her down, now that i look back on it. i know the friend burned her but it really wasn’t bad enough to warrant her obsessing over taking her down. so around the time the friend’s empire fell, i was introduced to her skype group fully. the first night i came on she had actually left the group over something the night before and she was immediately crying to me about how awful one of the people, adam, was. he ended up coming to me and trying to straighten it all out and it was honestly…strange? anyway the first weekend was a blast. being with people just like me made me so happy on the inside, but as time went on, things went to shit.

i remember two weeks after joining, riley got drunk for the first time and we all had a good laugh about it until madi wanted to get drunk too and suddenly she was an alcoholic? it was baffling but i rolled with it. one night, luna confessed to madi she didn’t enjoy metalocalypse (at the time her lifeblood) and madi got so offended she kicked luna out of the group and began threatening to get drunk and commit suicide. riley came to luna’s defense but was also thrown out. riley later apologized to madi, when madi didn’t deserve an apology. she also ended up having some sort of breakdown triggered by a metalocalypse episode and i helped her recover from that breakdown (not that you’ll ever see her acknowledge that). she began to date alex around that time and displayed some very awful behavior. she also was very clingy to me and my developing anxiety disorder was very much starting to thrive at this time. i started to lose sleep and shake with worry over her.

in november, riley and madi decided to both get drunk one night. as i was out of the house, when i came back to the chat i was shocked to hear drunken laughter. it scared me so bad i left for the night. the next day i approached madi and asked her to not do that again and i told her i was concerned about her well being and she said to me ‘looks like we can’t be friends anymore lol’. i was so hurt and shocked she would say that to me. i spent the week talking to alex and riley instead and we actually got really close so that was a good thing BUT ANYHOO madi found out about our little group chat and pitched such a fit that when i tried to talk to her she demanded i apologize to her. what?

the night before thanksgiving that year was such a drama bomb oh my god. part of the group joined a fandom specific group filled with mutual friends and madi got so offended on not being asked to join (because she didn’t even like said show the fandom was about is why) she managed to not only destroy that group chat she demanded that all of us apologize to her for leaving her out. at that point i honestly wondered why we all kept staying with her. the final straw came the weekend after when she was at a irl friends house and we all were online without her. she logged into skype over there and saw all of us having a good time, once again, got offended and left. we decided at that point ‘fuck it we’re done’ and let her go.

red on the other hand was actually grounded all throughout this so when he came back in march or so he stuck with madi for a while. red unfortunately lost us as friends for a while due to madi’s manipulation, until last year when madi decided because he was uncomfortable with bronies she was done being his friend. red did nothing but defend and stick up for madi and got treated as the lowest of the low in return.

this hasn’t even happened to just us, though. madi has always been abusive to her friends and once you get in with her, there’s literally no escaping. she will demand you every second be on her and if you stray for even a moment she will threaten self harm and accuse you of not caring at all about her. she will make you sick with anxiety and gaslight you to where you don’t even know if your name is your name anymore. fiction will take precedence over reality in her heart and if you don’t act in a specific way, she will berate you. i can’t stand being called silly now because that was her code for ‘you pile of shit how dare you’. she did nothing but hurt us with her so called friendship and if she tries to embrace you, run and never look back.

also anyone trying to claim trans men invade female spaces aren’t even worth dirt in my book and if you want any other sources pls contact beaky-peartree, herboverkills, twylaboogieman, and/or scabiez!! they have their own stories and pov on all this too.


Lars Kemnitz . Neumarkt 17, Zürich //

Als ich im Juli in Zürich zu Besuch war, entführte man mich spontan in einen Laden, der als “ungewöhnlich” und “abgefahren” angepriesen wurde. Dass es sich dabei um eine Zürcher Institution handelt, die es seit über einem halben Jahrhundert gibt, war mir nicht bewusst. Die Adresse Neumarkt 17 ist gleichzeitig auch der Name des Geschäfts für zeitlose Möbel und Lampen. Doch die Designklassiker geraten allzu schnell zur Nebensache, wenn man durch das undurchsichtige Gewirr an Gewölben und Ebenen streift und die Architektur entdeckt, die sich hinter der unauffälligen Fassade verbirgt.

Ungeahnte Perspektiven erschließen sich beim Streifzug und, sobald man den Betonschacht betritt, der als Erweiterungsbau hintan hängt, braucht es etwas Mut. Denn im Schacht, in den von oben das Licht einfällt, hängen grobmaschige Metallroste an Ketten über einem verspiegelten Wasserbecken. Der Blick nach unten könnte bei jedem, der es mit der Höhenangst hat, Nervosität auslösen. Doch so unvermutet dies ist, so spektakulär ist es zugleich. Ebene um Ebene winden sich die Metallroste nach unten, bis man den Boden erreicht hat. An anderer Stelle im Laden führt eine kleine Wendeltreppe in die Tiefe oder öffnen sich plötzlich Durchgänge in neue Räume – einen rechten Winkel sucht man teilweise vergebens.

Warum dieser Laden so ist, wie er ist? Sein Gründer, Fritz Schwarz, war Architekt und hatte sein Büro im Haus. Er baute die Räume nach seinen Vorstellungen komplett um. Sein Sohn, Andreas Schwarz, führt das Erbe weiter bis heute. Ehrensache. Als Geschäftsführer steht er Kunden mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.

Ich konnte nicht anders, als ein paar Fotos zu schießen. Sowas begegnet mir nicht alle Tage. Und als Liebhaber sowohl von Design als auch von moderner und außerordentlicher Architektur, war ich sofort hingerissen. Wer also in Zürich ist und dieses Paradies am Neumarkt 17 nicht kennt, dem empfehle ich dringend einen Besuch. Ist besser als so manches Museum. Im Ernst.

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Click here to support Jerry Lynn's Medical Fund by Brian Fritz
After a 25-year career in professional wrestling, our good friend Jerry Lynn needs our help. All of the years of taking bumps have paid a toll on his body and, after consulting his physician, he is in need of several procedures. Jerry has been experiencing chronic neck pain as well as pain in h...

One of the true nice guys. If you’ve got a few extra bucks, this is a way to give back to someone who gave a lot for wrestling fans.

After a 25-year career in professional wrestling, our good friend Jerry Lynn needs our help. All of the years of taking bumps have paid a toll on his body and, after consulting his physician, he is in need of several procedures. Jerry has been experiencing chronic neck pain as well as pain in h…
Dash Commentary

Erik wan’t to kill me with his bare hands or his knife.
Fritz want’s to shoot me.
Laura wants to throw books and or shoot me.
Snyder is still hunting me down.
And now Nefarian want’s to poison me…

How many people dont want me dead!?