Taco Bell Update 5.42.11 Patch Notes
  • Quesarito Combo Nerfed. - Big Box no longer an option for Quesarito, users must now order a Combo 12 if they wish to purchase a Quesarito with drink and taco.
  • Fire Sauce “Blank” Packet Fixed. - Many users have discovered numerous packets of fire sauce which did not have an item description attached and were just left blank. This has now been fixed and all packets of fire sauce will have item descriptions and lore text on them.
  • New Manager “Jeff”. - Hi, Jeff!
  • New Cheesy Triple Layer Beef Burrito ingredients. - Added a little Fritos® to that bad boy.
  • Cinnamon Twists more … Twisted. - Part one of our lore expansion on our dessert menu
  • Rats removes. - No more rats for the remainder of this month!
  • Cosmetic updates. - New pop art added in dine-in to represent the “Liva Mas!” lifestyle. Worker Harold now has braces.

i know i’ve already made more than enough posts about how gay bars, while not perfect or a cure-all, are not the caricatures you see on tv and have their own unique atmospheres and entertainment and are even different on different nights but like, i used to go to a gay sports bar that had weekly screenings of glee back when it was new, and everyone would cheer when kurt and blaine kissed (which sounds like tumblr.txt now but was pretty normal in 2011). i’ve been to a cowboy-themed gay bar where you can bring in any outside food you want plus they have frito pie and the bartenders line dance on the bar. and last month i was at a gay piano bar that was mostly over-50 men in suits eating birthday cake and enjoying the stylings of 70-year-old cabaret singers. these are colorful examples but they’re all real, and i haven’t even been to all that many gay bars. who knows, there might be a gay bar that would be a haven for you, but you won’t find out if you’ve decided you know what they’re all like in advance.