Inspired by FritesandFries, who posted about this earlier this week, I have a handful of foods that I wish I liked, but my tastebuds just do not want to agree.

  1. Coffee
    I love the idea of coffee, but I can’t get past the taste. I just drink tea instead, but mostly I don’t need the caffeine kick in the morning.
  2. Eggplant
    I’ve hated eggplant as long as I’ve been alive. Wanna know what’s the worst thing though? When you think they’re serving lasagna in your college cafeteria, but it’s actually eggplant parm that isn’t marked as such. Blech.
  3. Swiss Cheese
    Just can’t do it. I love a ton of other cheeses, but Swiss just tastes like licking cardboard to me.
  4. Peppers
    It’s like just eating crunch. Not a fan.
  5. Spicy Foods
    I have 0 spice tolerance. Like, chipotle on a bad day will set my mouth on fire. Funny story, one time I had extra spicy guacamole at a holiday party, and I was literally crying. My coworkers laughed. Another funny story? I’m marrying a man who is half indian in 8 weeks. Haaaaaa.
  6. Buffalo Wings
    I feel like everyone in the world likes buffalo wings but me. Not that it’s like, a really super healthy food or anything, but oh well.
  7. Orange Soda
    If only to say that it’s not only Kel who loves Orange Soda. And I love those Fanta commercials.
  8. Yogurt
    Bland. Lumpy with fruit. It just… I can’t. I can’t do it. I want to do the healthy breakfast just grab a yogurt. Ugh.
  9. Beer/Wine
    Cheap date? Nope.
    Fancy date? Nope.
    What do I drink you ask? Whiskey. Rum. I’m actually a pirate ;)
  10. Celery
    I said a few months ago, Celery is just punishment. I really want to like it, but when I bite into it, it just gets stringy, I can’t ever add enough hummus or peanut butter to it.. I just.. I can’t. I want to. But it wont happen.

And there you have it… but there’s one more that I don’t like to talk about, because.. well, just read on…

11. Bacon
I know, you hate me. I like bacon in one instance only, and that’s when my Dad makes it with pancakes for special occasions. I don’t like it when there’s chewy bacon on my sandwiches, or crunchy bacon on my salad, and don’t get me -STARTED- on bacon in my chocolate. I appreciate the fandom that bacon has, but I am not a supporter myself.

Alright! Leave me comments with your favorites/least favorites. And seriously, don’t think less of me cause I don’t love bacon. </3
<3 bakerhi

fritesandfries  asked:

If your iron skillet has a silicone handles, they can go in the oven. The temperature varies depending on the manufacturer, 400F to 500F in many cases.

Someone else also recommended wrapping the handle in tin foil, so that might be worth trying. I am pretty sure it is made of silicone, so if that’s the case it should hold up in the oven! It’s worth a try anyway since like I said I have like way too many dishes so if just one gets ruined it’s no great loss lol


i couldn’t find a way to message you, but: it hurt a lot!! more than any piercing i have had. there is a lot of cartilage right there so there were two very loud distinct crunch-pop sounds. initially it is not so bad but it settles very quickly into a loud pain that envelops the whole side of your head! today it feels fine though, as long as i don’t tuck my hair behind my ear. all in all v worth it, would recommend, but would recommend going to a very good experienced piercer who can do it pretty quickly!