frist pokemon

im so upset about not gettibg sinnoh remakes yet (if at all) like i know im beinh childish but honestky, like my frist pokemon game was platinum and i fell in love with the games. i just want to relive that in a fresh new way. like sinnoh is so important to me, i know i don’t post much pokemon but it’s so important to me and i cannot express that enough.

[ Smash announcer voice ]


//slapped// anyway surprise!!!

IM DYIN SCOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

itsrebeccaoneill-blog  asked:

Can you make me a cute/funny/sexy ricky dillon imagine please?

“Ricky, I swear to god…if you touch me again, I will throw all your Pokemons in the pool” you threatened

“You wouldn’t” he looked shocked, but he was just dramatizing

“Yes, I would” you said, trying to look mean

“You know I’d be sad…” he then started doing a cute puppy face

“Then don’t tickle me anymore” you pointed his finger right in front of his face

“Okay” he raised his hands in the air, in sight of defeat and you did a little ‘happy dance’

“Can we eat now?” you asked

“Eat?” he started smirking “Oh yes we can”

“What are you doing?” you asked when he picked a bottle of whipped cream from the fridge “Ricky?”

He ran up to you and threw whipped cream all over you

“I’m going to kill you, Ricky” you squealed “But I’ll make you watch me kill all your pokemons frist!” you threatened

“Catch me first” and then he started running.

You chased him for a while but eventually, you got tired so you just stood in a corner, waiting for him do pass by you. When he did, you threw yourself on top of him and he fell to the ground, with you on top.

“Gotcha” you said in a Miranda Sings’ voice and he laughed at your impression

“Okay, whipped cream monster…you win” he said, licking whipped cream off your cheek