I have done nothing but try to make this comic for 3 days.

(I actually intended to make this a proper manga you read right to left but then when I started colouring I forgot I wasn’t actually supposed to and did anyway. Also explains why the second page might seem a bit odd. Luckily I positioned all the panels going down so you barely notice left-right stupids.)

I wanna draw comics, and even if noone likes or reblogs this, I’m proud of myself. I know both anthro cows and TF2 are unpopular now- and that my art style probably doesn’t agree with most people. I can only apologise for the cringe some people might feel from seeing this.

anonymous asked:

Two questions: 1. Are we going to see Spyro in action in a heroic way? After all, it is part of his story too (but I still love your part of the alternative extended end of TLOS: DOTD) and 2. Are we going to see a youth or teen group with Spyro, Cynder, Flame, Ember, Taius, Frisha, Sparx, Elora, Merona and the rest in the comic or the short comic?

Seera: 1. Well of course :) Spyro’s going to get glorification.
2. Teen group? I suppose you could say that.

Im not smart, im not the prettiest person in the world and the only thing i have are my hands. I also draw, mix music and glove and yah. I bite my nails cause im insecure or i get anxious… and my gloves cover them so you cant see my ugly hands lol but this shit makes me happy and that’s the only thing im commited to right meow. my hands look so pretty with the lights and stuff and raving makes me forget about the stress and shit