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concept: harry (in early 20s) being a cutesy little waiter at this cute milkshake and bakery type shop that’s all frilly and pink and they wear roller skates and serve the people there and harry is in cute high waisted shorts and an adorable crop top with a cute little bow tie along with his knee high socks and he’s roller skating around to serve people their cute baked goods and stuff and one day louis’ little girl begs him to let her rent the entire place out and throw her seventh birthday party there and so fast forward to the day and it’s just Louis chaperoning all these little girls with Liam and they’re wearing silly feather boas and tiaras because that’s the attire for the party obviously and Harry comes rolling in with his pretty shorts and milky white skin and glitter eyeshadow and lipgloss and he’s all like “hi! I see we have a birthday girl today!” And Louis who obviously looks hella daddy and scruffy in this moment in his early 30s is staring at Harry like oh my god let me take you to the nearest bathroom stall and have my way with you and Harry KNOWS it can feel it and God he’s being extra giggling and lingering around the party more and smiling at Louis and batting his eyelashes even bending over a bit too slowly to pick up that empty cupcake wrapper to show off his cute little ass and the party is fairly nice until one of the kids spills a drink on Harry’s thin little crop and Louis sees an outline of a lacy padless bra pressed against Harry’s chest and Louis is GONE
He shoots up immediately and darts for the bathroom to try to get himself together
Harry comes after to fix his shirt and possibly change but once the two are alone in the bathroom they stare at each other for a long while before Louis grabs Harry and yanks him over, Harry squealing and rolling over in his skates and then they’re kissing like mad, breathing heavily into each other mouths and groping each other. It gets so bad Louis practically grabs Harry’s thigh and lifts it up beside his hip as they’re just making out and getting more and more sexually frustrated and it’s so so hot and Louis is hella horny but hey there’s a party outside so no can do kiddo so they part after a while and Harry rolls back to grab his spare crop he’d brought with him and he changes his shirt while looking at Louis the entire time showing off the pretty real bra he had on before pulling the crop on Louis watching the entire time before Harry giggles and balls up the wet crop after fiddling with it for a while and playfully tosses it at Louis with a cute smile before skating out of the bathroom leaving Louis with a crop top with a little number written in sharpie at the very base of the shirt near the hem rip

who wants to hear the story of fratboy harry with daddy louis? :~)


There once was a fratboy named Harry Styles who was all stereotypical boy with the wild parties and sports and dumb jokes. At least that was his shell. Everyone adores him though they think he sleeps around with a bunch of girls because at house parties he’s always dragging them into a bedroom but little did they know it was only to give them water and crackers and let them sleep so they can sleep off their drunkenness and not get taken advantage of by gross boys. So he stays in the rooms with until they are sober enough to leave or something of the sort. Rumors spread and Harry is just the guy that loves to sleep with girls every chance he gets.

The week before spring break us pretty wild because Harry is so hectic and excited because his LOVE was coming to get him. Harry was very discrete about who his love was. He’d never specified the gender or anything. Simply kept having the biggest heart eyes and just going on and on about how excited he was to go to on a Spring trip with his love because they were finally free from work and and they both could be together for break.

Everyone is whispering and wondering which girl was lucky to be Harry’s love and why she didn’t attend the same Uni and who exactly was she.

The day Harry’s love was supposed to come, the boy was decked out in his jeans and v neck and flannel shirt and backwards snapback with converse looking so fratboy-like with all of his bags. There’s a going away party being held at the house but Harry has been cooped up in the corner reading text after text and sending texts and giggling and blushing like an idiot and boy this girl really has Harry gone.

Soon enough an expensive sports car rolls up in front of the house and Harry jumped up so fast and made his way through the crowd with his bags and everyone at the parties rushes over as well to see who the hell is this mysterious person

And there’s a sexy man with sunglasses and expensive but casual clothing and aviators leaning against the car with his arms folded and Harry drops his luggage outside and squeals out The biggest “DADDY!” And rushes over to Louis and Louis grins and hugs Harry just as tightly, spinning The boy around and kissing Harry all over.

“Hi princess. Missed you,” Louis mumbles Ito Harry’s cheek before pulling away and resting his hands on Harry’s bum all protectively and in love. “They’re staring.” He tells Harry as he sees everyone gaping and just surprised. Not only was Harry’s love NOT a girl but he was also someone’s sugar baby!

Harry simply giggles and shrugs. He doesn’t care. He has a pretty pair of panties on under his jeans that he’s ready for Louis to pull off with his teeth on the plane ride to their spring vacation.


Hello friends!!! Welcome to another round of makeup Harry! It’s about time you think? I figure you want to know what’s going on in these pictures too, yeah? Well let me tell ya. 💜

Photo 1: It’s the morning of one of Louis’ big championship footie games and Harry had to make every effort to be there. It’s not everyday your boyfriend who’s captain of the team plays a big championship game so Harry made sure he came dressed for the game in his proper sporty attire (though he’s not the sportiest or best at sports at all) along with bringing a few extra pals along the way. They may have been the loudest group in the stands cheering every time Louis or Liam scored a goal and and laughing at some dumb joke Niall made about the way Liam runs across the field while they shove sour candy in their mouths and take a number of selfies with each other and almost everyone in the stands. It’s what being young is all about.

Photo 2: Harry was certain this dumb trip to his stepdad’s beach house in this incredibly tiny town was going to be a waste of time. Plus he was incredibly scared of the ocean after the tragic event of what happened to his father when he was at sea. He never wanted to go near a beach let alone set foot on one. He was perfectly fine just staying at home for the summer nowhere near the beach and where at least a population of over two thousand existed. He does meet one person though. A life guard named Louis. It’s his job for the summer and they don’t actually meet at the beach, no it takes a while before Harry is actually comfortable with stepping in the sand and letting the water lick at his toes on the shore. He enjoys this charming older boy who shows him around his tiny town with secret spots hidden deep within the forests and artifacts only his town could ever have and meet the people who watched his stepdad grow up when he lived here. It’s nice and calming and one day after the two shared their first intimate night on the bed of Louis’ truck under the stars, Harry allows Louis to take him to the beach that night and it’s comfortable. He feels safe. He trusts Louis. And then they go again and then the next day and the next day and the next day… The summer love burning so bright.

Photo 3: It sucks just a little when your dad is a world famous fashion photographer and you want nothing to do with the fashion industry. At all. Harry might be just a tiny bit judgmental and stereotypical towards the models that come and go from his dad’s studio and he rolls his eyes every time one of the models tells him how pretty he is and how lovely he’d look behind the camera and how long and perfect his legs were and how he was just BORN to model. Yeah… No. Unfortunately that doesn’t stop the group of girls taking photos together to pull Harry up and into the makeup studio to do his makeup during their break one day. He protests oh how he protests but once he sees his face he’s just a tiny bit speechless at how pretty he looks. He never saw himself as anyone interested in the whole beauty and makeup scene but he honestly didn’t mind it in this moment but of course he fixes his face so no one else knows this. It’s even worse when his dad comes in to see Harry all made up and the mischievous glint he gets in his eye as he grabs his camera. “Aw come on Haz. Just one photo love!” And then somehow one photo turns into twenty.

Photo 4: Harry wasn’t at all certain as to why he even brought himself here to Niall’s stupid New Years party. His boyfriend had broken up with him two days ago and he was still trying to completely recover and just get over it and this atmosphere most certainly didn’t feel like the place to be. People were dancing so close being incredibly couple-y and the drinks were all watered down and Harry couldn’t even find Niall anywhere amongst the crowd. So he’s just sat in the corner sort of wallowing and trying not to vomit when the countdown starts and everyone is cuddled up ready to kiss their partner into the new year and he wants to punch himself in the face. He should be home. The countdown continues and there’s a flash coming from across the room and apparently someone’s taking pictures. Harry counts to himself in his own world. Three… Two… One… FLASH. He feels the flash of the camera hit his skin and he didn’t even realize he was staring into a camera the entire time too lost in his thoughts. Everyone cheers as Harry blinks and meets a pair of fond blue eyes. The boy across from him pulls the Polaroid pic that comes out and he grabs his sharpie from his pocket and opens the cap before writing ‘Harry’ across the photo with a little smirk. He hands Harry the photo as everyone screams and cheers for the new year. “Happy New Year,” the boy says over the shouts before giving Harry a sweet smile and soon disappearing into the crowd. Harry stares at the picture for a long time wondering how the gorgeous boy knew his name and if he was a friend of Niall’s. If he would see ever him again.

Photo 5: Famous ballerina Harry Styles out after a huge show. It was his first show at that and he’d been incredibly nervous but he’d pulled through. His family was incredibly proud of him as well as his current instructor and his childhood instructor who had been in the crowd nearly in tears seeing her prized pupil on stage being as graceful as can be. He meets a little boy outside who’s running ahead of his parents who are jogging after him out of breath. “I’m your biggest biggest fan Harry! You make me not afraid to be a boy dancer,” the little boy says eyes so large and full of endearment. “People say ballet is only for girls but you prove them wrong and I want to be just like you! I can be like Harry can’t I?” He asks his parents behind him. Harry almost feels his heart practically burst because he was just living his dream and enjoying the moment. He didn’t know he was actually inspiring so many young boys who were being put down for just doing something that they loved. The boy asks for a picture which Harry of course agrees to take and he’s trying to hold back his happy tears as he smiles into the camera leaning down so he’s leveled with the small dancer as his father takes their picture. “You inspire him so much,” the boy’s mother tells Harry and Harry has to gently wipe at his eyes before shaking his head. “He inspires me,” Harry says truthfully with a warm smile.

Photo 6: Harry always found a way to make things seem a least a little more terrible than they actually were growing up. He’d say it was it anxiety fussing with him, putting him the most uncomfortable head spaces. He turned to YouTube as his escape, at first being a spectator and simply subscribing to people and following up with videos and being a fan and seeing that some of their struggles with self love and acceptance weren’t so different from his own. He wasn’t alone. Soon enough he started to make his own videos talking about self love and acceptance and beauty tips and healthy ways to take care of your body and basically being the person he always wanted to be growing up: confident and a leader. He was simply sharing his story and his methods and ways that helped him be better and reaching out to others as well. He hadn’t expected to gain a huge following and yet he did. He gained thousands and thousands of fans from around the world, was invited to seminars to help talk to kids, teens, and even older adults about important messages and topics and spoke up about equal rights in a number of communities and acceptance all the while still being true to himself and staying on his own path. When he’s invited to a banquet to accept an award for all of his hard work and help it’s so surreal. As a number of fans and photographers surround him he has to actually take it in and he’s truly blown away. He was almost certain his depressed, anxious fifteen year old self would never believe he’d be in this place today and yet here he was making a difference and making new friends around the world everyday.

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3/24/2012 One Direction showed up to a meet and greet in Frisco, Texas and Harry was flushed bright and rosy cheeked as well as being super glassy eyed. It is thought that before this meet and greet Larry banged, specifically Harry got banged something other worldly. 

And that’s what happened in Frisco