anonymous asked:

can you help me with blogs to follow?

awh yes thanks! 

some of my favorite blogs that have a kinda similar style to mine are teenstump punkminerals serbain fringeofdestiny soulpunkes spacedates soilbugs funeraljags okpilot youphoric leafygay and comparsa 

(i don’t talk to most of you so sorry if it’s weird that you’re on here!)

hhello !! i haven’t made a follow forever since may when i hit 1k so i thought i should make another,, i just hit 4k which is really cool so thanks everyone that decided to follow me for some reason ur all so rad and stuff , ok  ,  this was really hard to make because i like so many blogs and narrowed it down loADS so yeah ahhh

adnchocolate   aw–yiss   bneakfast   crynge   danlhowell   definitelythor   danhowcll   fforensic   fringeofdestiny   harvestrnoon   horse-san   howelled   howull   infuriatings   iveneverhadnutella   j0eygraceffa   jfchowell   karnukuraizuru   literallylester   lullabycubed   microcute   rnyu   serbain   sisenegoxe   skidroad   spookycatgirl   versacephil

 happy new year !!! ✩