So the other day I hit 1,200 followers, thanks so much guys!! I thought I’d make a little follow forever to celebrate and say thanks to some of my favourite blogs for making my dash a lovely place!

(I’ve bolded my absolute favourites and good friends :)

a - b




f - m


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r - y

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also many thanks to the phandom network

Sorry if I missed anyone, you all really are super cool and have made my time here (exactly 6 months woop) absolutely amazing!! xxx

hhello !! i haven’t made a follow forever since may when i hit 1k so i thought i should make another,, i just hit 4k which is really cool so thanks everyone that decided to follow me for some reason ur all so rad and stuff , ok  ,  this was really hard to make because i like so many blogs and narrowed it down loADS so yeah ahhh

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 happy new year !!! ✩